Zimbawe Locals Viciously Mock Recently Unveiled Robert Mugabe Statue

Here I though our KOT was the only one known to be vicious on the twitter streets.

Turns out there’s viciousness in every nation’s twitter like in Zimbabwe where locals didn’t take too well to the newly unveiled statue of their ever news-making president Robert Mugabe.


Sculpted by one of Africa’s most celebrated sculptors, Dominic Benhura, who is also a native of Zimbabwe and unveiled by the President himself in the company of his wife, the statue was trolled online with some pretty scathing (and mostly laughable) tweets.

Some of them read:

“Mugabe has been given a middle finger; this is a mockery of Africa’s oldest Statesman,” @Sibok

“When you know the sculpture ugly, so you ask your wife to dress uglier, just to confuse the haters.” @nomie

All the while it seemed the head of state thought different, showing his appreciation for the statue saying;

“To see oneself reproduced this way, it’s something that should be more appreciated than just by saying ‘thank you’,”

Dominic Benhura who is world renown defended his work of art in his own statement that followed a near viral social media trolling by posting;

“That sculpture was never meant to look exactly as the President’s image. I do not do exact figures. Some artists do exact figures, but I do something that makes my work different.”

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Rae Kiragu
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Rae Kiragu
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