Wyre Drops Video To His Most Emotional Song Yet (Watch It Here)

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Over a year ago, Wyre dropped his album LION live on Homeboyz Radio, an album he took years to produce and put together.

This reggae and dancehall crooner released that body of work in a first of its kind Radio launch which included a prelude of his life in music complete with interviews from his manager and artists who have been on the music scene as long as he has.

Among the collection of songs, was one that brought tears to his eyes (quite literally!!) during the LIVE radio launch and that is the jam whose video he has now released.

Named after his son, the album’s title track ‘LION’ is an emotional homage to the single most important person in Wyre’s life and is aptly shot to depict the depth of the feelings behind it.

Have you seen it yet? Here you go.

Wyre’s radio album launch preceded his nomination for multiple reggae awards both within and outside the country and was a three hour affair featuring interviews by G Money and DJ John. 

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Rae Kiragu
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Rae Kiragu

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Rae Kiragu
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