Wonder Woman Premieres At Imax Cinema

You already know that IMAX unleashes the best blockbusters and in all matters movie premieres they certainly got you.

So, the exclusive premiere of the movie Wonder Woman went down at the Imax Cinema along Mama Ngina Street recently, filled with great entertainment, food, laughs, prizes and folk.






Evil is at large and most Men (both genders) would rather stay safe, far away from the ‘evil’ but not Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) Her late aunt Antiope; taught her (in my own words) better ready than sorry.

The evil here has a name and it is Ares (the god of war); Wonder Woman’s half brother who their father Zeus defeated and cast out and now walks the earth corrupting morals of mankind, hence the hate and the wars.

Here, Wonder Woman also Gal Gadot, is nothing like she was in Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice; she is courageous yes but emotional and naive though in a moving way.

I must say that the scene where the German soldiers invade the island of Themyscira and battle the Amazon women using guns yet all they had were bows, swords and arrows got me reminiscing about The Maji Maji rebellion for a minute.

Here’s where Diana’s and Steve Trevor’s paths cross and they become allies almost till the end trying to end a war that they both understand differently but one thing you should know Wonder Woman faces off with Ares twice and the plot twist will blow your mind.

That old tale about the sword that her father left her, boy was I sold.

Does Ares die? Did Diana, Steve Trevor and their some what able gang stop the fatal war or looming massacre? Well, tell you this, it is one action, plot pact and thrilling movie that you cannot afford to not catch in 3D at IMAX Cinemas.

Needless to also remind you that the  Patty Jenkins directed movie is currently Box Office giant, read: WONDER WOMAN MAKES HISTORY

I for one cannot wait to watch what transpires in the next sequel; I can bet that she defends good and all in the city of Paris where she now lives as a super hero and that she’s pregnant!






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