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  • The Whole New Side to Kanye that the World’s still shocked To See

For the longest time Kanye has been your regular, angry talking, twitter ranting, pissed at paparazzi, odd fashion wearing rapper but not recently.

No. Recently he’s been quiet on twitter, friendly to paparazzi and has been wearing… okay that’s pretty much stayed the same.

In fact, a lot about Kanye has changed and here’s how.

In 2013 Kanye released his controversial album Yeezus which as you can imagine, rubbed Christians the wrong way..

Kanye Yeezus


But that was old Kanye. New Kanye? Fast forward to 2016, and new Kanye puts a jam in his album that’s got a 2 year old (I think) preaching in the beginning and that features one of the biggest names in the gospel industry, Mr. Kirk Franklin.

Kanye and Kirk

Then, back in 2010, via a blog of his, Kanye West (who hadn’t joined twitter) once posted screamed … “EVERYTHING THAT TWITTER OFFERS I NEED LESS OF.”

Yeah yet as we now know, new Kanye is very much on twitter. Perhaps too much even, as we can point out from the number of rants he’s had.

Then there’s the paparazzi situation.

Old Kanye would have had them all burned at the stake if it were up to him and why not, they invaded his privacy in the past and on one occasion, made him bang his head on a sign post.

Kanye Paps 

Kanye Paps 2

But hey, it’s a new dawn for Kanye cause this new Kanye has shockingly been spotted taking time to answer paparazzi, hugging the paparazzi and oh this one was my favorite, taking a lift from a paparazzi.

See? Kanye done changed! I guess we just don’t know what to expect with him.

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