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  • Ruby V Clears Up The “I Hit It First” Comment About Rapper Steph Kapella

Miss Ruby V whom you know from HBR’s Kenyan hip hop show ‘Hip Hop Culture’ which she hosts alongside DJ FinalKut, was on #TheJumpOffHBR this evening where she talked about her new project ‘The Un Cut Cypher ‘which just went down at the Dream Lounge (along Ngong Road).

The event which was a first of its kind in the 254 saw some of rapper big names intermingle with upcoming stars who were given the stage to showcase what they’ve got backed by original beats produced by heavy weight producers from Kenya and beyond.

While discussing some of the new acts she feels we should all watch for, Miss Ruby talked on ‘Got the sauce’ rapper Steph Kapella saying “I hit it first’.

After laughing it off, Ruby explained her comment by saying that it’s that she’d worked with him long before radio played him and put him on her earlier Un Cut sessions.

So no. You can just go on and reel your mind back from the gutter it had wandered off to just now.

Steph is of course no stranger to HBR having had an exciting interview and freestyle on afternoon show #Class124 and as for Ruby’s Un Cut cypher, she talked about seeing a growth in female rappers and that should any upcoming talent need to a chance at the spotlight, they need only follow her on her personal social media avenues. 

Next Un Cut Cypher premiers some time in June.

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