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  • About That One Time Wahu Wanted To Commit Suicide

In a post put up via the singers IG page, Wahu’s life was far from great. The ‘Yeye’ singer is constantly posting up inspirational posts via her social media whether it be about being a mom or about life in general.

According to the post, she suffered depression at 19 to the point that she actually wanted to take her own life.

Though she doesn’t detail the cause of it all, the quite lengthy post does end on a positive note about how to deal with such instances.

She posted;

When I was 19, I suffered from depression. I thought my life was meaningless. I thought I was such a failure and a massive disappointment to my parents. I wanted to do myself (and the world) a Favor and just die. I remember walking past my dads medicine cabinet and just thinking how easy it would be to just “end this”. I remember thinking that I would never live to celebrate my 25th birthday, and if I did, I’d be nuts. Like literally a Mathare case. looking back now all I can say is the devil is a liar!! Look at ALL what he didn’t want me to enjoy! A career that I love, a family I adore, and an opportunity to encourage so so many young people. Don’t believe the -ve whispers that sink you into depression. Don’t believe them at all. You have to know that your future is absolutely bright. And the bigger your struggle appears to be, the greater your future is. So give thanks even in times of hardship because success and happiness is just around the corner. I love you all, and wish you all the very best that life has to offer.

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