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  • Thirsty Thursday: How You Take Your Whiskey Says THIS About You

The old saying that ‘Real men drink whiskey’, I believe is somehow exaggerated, but whom I’m I to judge?

If you’re a whiskey lover, you are most likely a girl who prefers hanging out with guys or a guy who believes whiskey makes you look manly and mature (which you could or could not be any of that). Either way, how you take your whiskey says more about you than you know. Time to find out:

Drinking straight from the bottle

Drinking any kind of alcohol straight from the bottle (except beer, of course) often means who have a lot in your mind and you’re desperately trying to get away from it all. Drinking straight from the bottle does not make you a man. It makes you look like a beginner who’s trying to prove something. Plus, let’s be honest, most of us aren’t buying the type of whiskey you drink neat.


On Ice

People who know their whiskey drink it on the rocks. It shows you are drinking with a purpose and appreciating the booze for its painful nature, and ability to take the edge off. If you’re just getting into the world of whiskey, this is basically the kind of whiskey drinker you need to be.



If you can’t stand whiskey on the rocks, then mixing whiskey in your cocktail would be a great alternative for you. It shows you are the kind of person who has some taste (especially if you order a Manhattan). It will make you drunk just as much as taking the whiskey neat but at least people won’t think you are a douche.


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