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  • Thirst Thursday: Ladies, Here’s How To Pick Up A Guy At A Club

So last week I gave the guys a couple of tips on how to pick up a girl at a club, this time, it’s all about the ladies. 

In this day and age, it’s not a big deal for a girl to hit on a guy. Hell, people do it all the time and guess what, guys like girls who come up to them and initiate conversation. 

The club is the perfect place to pick up a guy and have fun doing it. Here are a few tips on how you can pick up a guy in the club without seeming desperate or trashy:

Wear something flattering or sexy

If you want a guy to be attracted to you, you’ve got to look the part. you don’t have to wear something super short. If you’re comfortable;e, go ahead, if not, just find something flattering and comfortable for you.


Once you see a guy you’re interested in, share quick glances at him and smile, just to let him know that you’re interested.

Sit next to him

If you’re confident enough, get away from your girls for a bit and go sit next to him. Just don’t be a creep and sit there doing nothing. Say hi, and if he’s interested, he’ll pick up the conversation from there.

Be confident

Confidence is key when it comes to this. As much as it is nerve racking, try act as confident as you can. Flirt a little, ask direct but not very personal questions that will make the guy uncomfortable. Relax and let the conversation flow. 

Compliment his look

This could be a great conversation starter. If you notice something he’s wearing that you like, compliment him. Everyone loves a genuine compliment. 

Spark interesting conversations

Don’t approach a guy and turn out to be boring company. Crack jokes, share your interests, ask him stuff about himself, basically just have a good time. If you notice he’s boring, you are free to politely walk away.

Don’t drink too much

This should be fairly obvious. If you are drunk, you are not going to use your best judgment and sloppy drunk people aren’t very cute anyway. Pace yourself.

Don’t go home with him

Don’t go home with a guy unless you are looking for a one night stand. You can exchange numbers. You’re not going to call him (right???). If he wants to talk to you again, he’ll call.


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