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  • Most Bizarre Eating Habits Of Celebrities

Celebrities with all their glamour can be pretty weird. These guys can afford all they amazing chefs but for some odd reason, they choose to follow some of the weirdest diets ever. Let’s take a look at some of the oddest celebrity eating habits:

Steve Jobs

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs practically lived on carrots for weeks! He reportedly turned orange due to this. Jobs believed that his vegan diet helped keep odors away enabling him to bathe just once a week (gross).

Mariah Carey

Mariah is known to be a diva which is no surprise that she does this thing called the “Purple Diet”. For three days each week, Mariah eats things that are purple in color, like grapes, eggplants etc. Celebrities…smh.

Nicolas Cage

Now this is hilarious. Actor Nicolas Cage does not eat pork because he thinks they don’t have dignified sex! Yeah, you read that right.

Mark Zuckerberg

In 2011, the Facebook C.E.O made it his personal challenge to only eat animals that he killed himself. Not bad for a billionaire considering he killed a pig, slit a goat’s throat and slaughtered a chicken, something that some Kenyans can’t do.

Hugh Hefner

Playboy Mansion founder Hugh Hefner only eats food made from Playboy Mansion kitchen, even when dining out.


I think this is the hardest one yet. So Madonna does this thing called the air diet whereby she gets whatever food she feels like eating, but instead of eating it (like a normal person would) she ‘eats’ the air above the meal to try and trick her brain into thinking that she has actually eaten the meal. Yeah, no thank you.


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