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  • The Film That’s All The Rage At This Year’s Nairobi Film Festival

Each Nairobi Festival brings with it a wave of Kenyan productions that later become a must-watch. Since the barrier breaking ‘Nairobi Half Life’, we have had quite a few our 254 productions make it to international screening, with Nairobi Half Life being nominated for an Oscar in the international film category.

While the list of films at this year’s festival is quite long, we have definitely caught the ‘excited to watch’ bug for the movie ‘Supa Modo’.

Starring young actress Stycie Waweru, Supa Modo is an epic film that tells the tear-jerking story of a 9 year old girl and a village that makes one of her biggest dreams come true by working together.

Won’t be giving away too much but it might be a tear-jerker for the more emotional of us but what it definitely is, is a excellent representation of what a perfect society is.

Created by Likarion Wainaina whose film ‘Between the Lines’ became the first Kenyan film to be projected on an iMAX screen, ‘Supa Modo’ enjoyed a world wide debut at the Berlin International Film Festival this February and is now available for us to watch at the ongoing Nairobi Film Festival. 

The film is a product of Kenyan film making company One Fine Day films. 

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Rae Kiragu
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