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  • #TBT: Come and Celebrate The Ol’ School At #IndustryNite

Remember how the music scene was in the early 2000s? When it was Genge vs. Kapuka? Way back when Nonini was still a bad boy and was asking that Manzi Wa Nairobi (Girl from Nairobi) to go to his keja (house)? See what I did there?

Jimw@ ruled the airwaves with his jam “Under 18” and Big Pin was everywhere. Luo flow rap king, they called him. Back then the Buzz part of Sunday Nation had lyrics written in some column so we didn’t have to miss anything our favorite stars were singing about. When bandanas and baggy jeans/ vests were the in thing… do you remember? Good tumes, huh?

Well Industry Nite wants us to reminisce on these great times so it’s bringing a special throwback month edition to you. For the first week, we’ve got Jimw@ and Big Pin on stage, assisted by headline acts such as Pascal, Raj and CMG’s 67 Karatz.

This is a night you cannot afford to miss.

The venue is Galileo Lounge as always, entry is absolutely free and this is one night this week where you are allowed to look like a throwback yourself. Come decked in some baggy jeans, dangarees and bandanas and let’s have fun!



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