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  • Forbes Releases The Top 30 Under 30 Highest Paid Celebrities

Taylor Swift has had a pretty successful year and now she has been named the world’s highest-paid celebrity under 30 by Forbes.

Taylor whose 2016 earnings are stronger than Adele and Madonna’s combined, earned $170,000 this year boasting an estimated net worth of $250 million USD.

According to Forbes’ list, Swift’s “1989” North American tour grossed $200 million, and her world tour made $250 million. Aside from her wildly successful tours, Swift, also earned a pretty penny through endorsements with the likes of Apple, Diet Coke, and Keds.

The pop singer replaced One Direction who came who are runners-up now after acquiring a collective $110 million.

Argentine soccer star Lionel Messi takes third place on the list, with $81.5 million this year making him the only soccer star on the list.  

Adele, 28, is fourth on the list, earning $80.5 million from her arena shows and album sales. Her latest album, “25,” sold a record 3.38 million copies in its opening week.

Rihanna made it to the top 5, bringing in $75 million from her album sales, tour, and deals with brands such as Samsung and Dior. Justin Bieber came in sixth with $56 million.

Here’s the top 10 list:

  1. Taylor Swift ($170 million)
    2. One Direction ($110 million)
    3. Lionel Messi ($81.5 million)
    4. Adele ($80.5 million)
    5. Rihanna ($75 million)
    6. Justin Bieber ($56 million)
    7. Novak Djokovic ($56 million)
    8. Kevin Durant ($56 million)
    9. The Weeknd ($55 million)
    10. Jordan Spieth ($53 million)



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