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  • Tallia Oyando’s Busy Signal Exclusive (Watch)

Popular dance-hall artist Busy Signal served a memorable and show stopping performance over the weekend during his concert dubbed the “Free up peace concert” at KICC.  

Alongside his band, the Turf president performed for 2 and a half hours with concert goers enjoying every minute of it.

During his amazing performance Busy announced the release of his new single which he only gave to #UptownNights presenter Tallia Oyando aka  Chululups (as he calls her)

Watch his announcement below:


The song is a cover of Burning Spear’s “Great Men” which will be officially released in October but you can hear it play every day EXCLUSIVELY on #Thejuicehbr which airs from Monday to Friday from 11AM to 1:00PM and also on #UptownNights every Thursday from 10:00PM.

He doesnt do covers, he pays homage to artists who have come before him.

 Read also: http://hbr.co.ke/how-talia-became-chululups/



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