Vera Sidika’s Pregnancy Was NOT An April Fools Prank

Vera Sidika announced on instagram that she was pregnant, a day before April Fools and most people thought that it must have obviously been a prank.

The famous icon posted an ultrasound picture, captioning it with a long explanation of why she’d been posting old photos, why she’d quit snap chat and why she doesn’t go out anymore.

Vera Sidika’s post read;

Yesterday, I got a call from a media house informing me that they received an anonymous tip, that I was pregnant and asking me to confirm or deny. I refused to comment and they told me that they’ll publish the story in the coming week. I knew they would publish the rumours with or without my confirmation and realized that I can’t hide for too long. I honestly thought I possibly could but it’s hell. Your movements are limited and very difficult especially being a public figure. My doctor makes house calls cause walking into a hospital without being recognized would have been impossible 😩 keeping up with social media has become a myth because my growing tummy will be a topic 😩 so I had to stay off Snapchat, post old photos on IG, To avoid suspicions. I always wanted to have a baby before I hit 30. I’m turning 29 this September and this was the perfect timing. I’m very grateful and the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. But kept it lowkey cause I wanted a stress free journey. Away from paparazzi and nosey people. But we can’t control the media. Somehow they always get to find out and beat us on our own game. So just before you read it from the blogs, this is me confirming, I am pregnant and just can’t wait to have my bundle of joy. I feel so blessed 🙏🤰 Cant wait for my gender reveal/announcement party 🎉😁
P.S; I’ll share videos of my journey so far. This coming week.

Vera Sidika made her debut on the Kenyan music scene as the vixen in P Unit and Collo’s ‘Dendai’ music video, later becoming a well known socialite but eventually building and exploring her entrepreneurial side and making a success off of it. 

Congratulations Vera! 

Beef Alert! Khaligraph Jones Take Shots At Vera Sidika (Video)

Khaligraph Jone’s move to “bleach” has got him beefing with a couple of people. This time, it’s socialite Vera Sidika.

The beef started over the weekend when the self proclaimed OG posted a picture on IG with Vera Sidika when they were both black and captioned it:

 “Late TBT hahahahahaha, watu walitoa Tint. With Vera Sidika Raaahhh#KingKingKing #respectheogs


As expected, Vera got offended and decided to enlighten the “Mikasa Sukasa” rapper about the difference between skin lightening and bleaching, taking aim at Papa Jone’s masculinity.

“Everyone has been sending me screenshots of this boy posting a photoshopped pic claiming “tulitoa tint pamoja” first things first; My dear hujatoa tint bado! TINT yako bado imeacha ma traces nyuma coz ulitoa manually badala ya automatically. What kind of man bleaches!???? Bleaching and skin lighting is for women. Not men. Cause it’s like make up. Men don’t apply make up. Oh plus we ain’t the same bro! Skin lightening and bleaching are two totally different things… Stay on your lane Prissss!” Vera captioned.

Of course Khaligraph wouldn’t stay down. He on Sunday dropped a freestyle on Instagram dissing Vera’s reputation and appearance.

Have a listen below:


Might Vera Sidika Be Pregnant?

Careful what you post on social media because people are always watching. That said however, the Kenyan socialite with one of, if not the, biggest behind in Africa just took to social media saying, “Congratulations on your bundle of Joy @zarithebossladyHappy For you doll 🎊😍❤️You just raised my baby fever from 50 to 100 😩 sigh!!! Maybe I’m Next 🤔.”

She posted a picture of Zari’s new born baby with the caption so who knows, maybe Zari’s new born may just be the inspiration Vera needs to finally pop. Emphasis on maybe.

Queen Vee, as she calls herself, has however been busy getting that paper by recently launching her new tea named Veetox, almost concurrently with her ‘rival’, Huddah who also launched Slim Tea. She recently started to show off her new man to the world so who knows, maybe, as she said, she is next!

Socialite Chronicles: Corazon Splurges on 2nd Mansion

She’s a girl of large ASSets, if you catch my drift.

You may think she is all fun and play thanks to a couple of twerking videos online but as it turns out, while you may be sitting on the sidelines hating, she is living la vida loca.

This 23 year old already owned an 8 bed roomed mansion as claimed in her online post and has now moved on to buying yet another one because he, you can never-r have too much twerking space.

It’s news that’s been making the rounds and if ever this inspires you to follow in the footsteps of other not-so-self made socialites, then please indulge in our hilarious piece on how you can start.

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