Hip Hop Veterans’ Influence On Fashion And Style

They did not just kill it lyrically but when it came to fashion as well.

It was an official fashion take over in the 80’s and 90’s from these Hip hop legends inspiring many of us fashion wise up to date.

The Bandanas, caps, baggy jeans, printed shirts, dungarees, the glasses, they were not pioneered by this generation, those who came before us especially in the hip hop scene put their best fashion foot forward.

So the next time you wear a denim on denim or a camo combo and think you invented the look, honey think again, we’ve all been recreating looks that they brought to life.

From Diddy, TLC, Missy Elliot to Tupac, the list is endless.

The Migos have also stated time and again of how Biggie’s and Pac’s style inspire how they dress most times. Now I know we all cant afford them Versace but we all agree they look pretty good.

















Now we all laughed when he plated his hair and held it in pig tails, who’s laughing now?









Pac and Aliyah’s style was just on another level, words are not enough.























Two women who I would say are in their own leagues are Lauryn Hill and Missy Elliott.












Some TLC too without a doubt.

Top 5 Best 90s Rappers

Today we celebrate the veterans of the Hip Hop game and no better years to recall than the 90s. Various rappers brought us the best rap songs of all time and their music influenced and ushered in a new generation of rappers.

Let’s take a look at 5 best rappers of the 90s:


It’s impossible to mention 90s rappers without Tupac Shakur making the list. Despite his death back in 1996, Tupac has remained to be one of the most influential rappers in history. He rapped about everything that mattered to him from gang wars to civil rights and drug addiction but most importantly, he was a remarkable storyteller – something that few rappers to date have been able to live up to.

Notorious B.I.G

Biggie is also referred (by some) to as one of the greatest rappers of all time. In between drug dealing and trying to support his family, Biggie released a sprawling masterpiece Ready to Die in 1994. Few years later, he dropped a double album Life After Death, consisting of sprawling, diverse, incredibly ambitious collection of songs that took us a while to digest. His lyrical talent, complex rhyme schemes and uncompromising flow is what made his music so great.

Snoop Dogg

If you ask me, Snoop is one of the coolest rappers of his time. His run kicked off with his 1993 album Doggystyle that was masterminded by Dr. Dre. His instantly recognizable voice that is supplemented with a flow so smooth is what made his music so dope in the 90s. Some of his most memorable tracks include: “Drop It Like It’s Hot” ft Pharrell, “Whats My Name?” and “Still a G Thang”.

Jay Z

Jay- Z is one of the few 90s rappers who hasn’t fizzled out despite his retirement. He started his remarkable run with the 1996 release of Reasonable Doubt. His mafioso rap blueprint brought a different kind of energy to the game. His charisma, wit, and skillful wordplay quickly pushed him to the top with albums like In My Lifetime, that went platinum, Hard Knock Life and Life and times of S. Carter 1999 that was certified 3x platinum.


Nas started off Illmatic , an album that is arguably the most influential record in rap history and it was just the beginning. His second album It Was Written, became Nas’ most commercially successful album. He sold millions of records and maintained his fan base thoughout the 90s.


Tupac Shakur’s Nude Pic Up For Auction

If you are a die-hard fan of Tupac Shakur, then there is more merchandise you can purchase. This time, it isn’t his lyrics or a love letter.

A picture of Tupac’s private parts along with other throwback snaps of Tupac in Marin, California in 1990, are available for purchase for at least $15,000. You can view the censored image here

According to the description, the photo was taken by Pac’s friend. Apparently Pac would drop his pants every now and then to surprise his friends. “On this particular night, when a friend was about to take group shot, he did it again!,” the description reads. “She told him that she was going to zoom in if he didn’t pull his pants up fast, but he just smiled at her and didn’t budge. And so, she took the picture!

Unsolved: The Murders Of Tupac And The Notorious B.I.G. Miniseries Trailer – Watch


There’s been a noticeable rise in true crime shows and biopics of prominent figures, and USA Network has one of those for us.

The network released the trailer for Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G. miniseries, months after giving the green light for the series to be produced.

Unsolved is a fictionalized true crime series, created and written by Kyle Long. Directed by Anthony Hemingway, who worked behind the Emmy Award-winning The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, the show will feature actor Marcc Rose as Tupac while Biggie will be portrayed by Wavyy Jonez.

Josh Duhamel stars as Detective Greg Kading, Jimmi Simpson as Detective Russell Poole and Bokeem Woodbine as Officer Daryn Dupree. Additional cast members include Jamie McShane (Bloodline) as Detective Fred Miller, the partner of lead investigator Russell Poole; Brent Sexton (The Killing) as Detective Brian Tyndall, a robbery-homicide detective who worked with Poole in 1997 and Greg Kading; Luke James as Sean “Puffy” Combs, Aisha Hinds as Biggie’s mother Voletta Wallace and Letoya Luckett as Sharitha Golden, the estranged wife of Suge Knight.

It will shed light on the investigations surrounding the murders of the rap industry’s most legendary players, Tupac Shakur, killed on September 13, 1996,  and the Notorious B.I.G., born Christopher Wallace, who suffered the same fate on March 9, 1997. 

Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G. is scheduled for debut sometime in 2018 on the USA Network.

Check out the trailer below:



Check Out Tupac’s Biopic “All Eyez On Me” New Trailer

We won’t get to watch Tupac shakur’s biopic “All Eyez on Me” till June 16th (what could’ve been Pac’s 46th birthday) but we getting another sneak peak in a new trailer.

The minute-long clip features a brief look at the West Coast legend’s friendship with the Notorious B.I.G. and an emotional speech by “The Walking Dead’s” Danai Gurira, who plays ‘Pac’s late mom Afeni Shakur.

Demetrius Shipp, Jr. plays Tupac, Jamal Woolard as Notorious B.I.G. — a role he famously held in 2009’s Notorious — and Dominic L. Santana as Suge Knight. Kat Graham (“The Vampire Diaries,” The Parent Trap) will star as Shakur’s longtime friend Jada Pinkett, John West Jr. (“Southland”) will play Naughty by Nature’s Treach, and Grace Gibson (Black Nativity) will play Faith Evans.

Check it out:

Read Tupac’s Explicit Love Letter Due To Sell At $25,000

Anything Tupac owned are valuable enough to be sold at a pretty high price and this includes a love letter he wrote back when he was in Clinton Correctional Facilities in 1995. The steamy love letter being auctioned by Goldin Auctions is expected to sell for at least $25,000, according to TMZ.

The letter is in response to a love letter he received from a woman and contains some pretty explicit lines.

“U ever been tied up and & blindfolded, stripped down naked & washed from head to toe in a bubble bath? Ever been oiled down and massaged to the sounds of slow sensual music? Ever been tied to a bed post and licked like a lollipop?”

This is not the first time that something from the “California Love” artist was auctioned for a high price. Back in Oct. 2016, TMZ reported that the late rapper’s pendant was being sold for $125,000.

It’s no surprise to see that people are willing to cough up large chunks of change for Pac memorabilia. He’s a legend, and his charisma and knack for making emotionally charged music ensured that he’d always have a passionate fan base.

Peep the handwritten letter for yourself below:

Tupac’s Biopic “All Eyes On Me” Finally Gets A Release Date

After the release of Tupac’s biopic “All Eyes On Me”, Tupac’s fans have a reason to smile as the film finally has a release date.

We’ll have to wait a while though.

According to a video posted on IG, the highly anticipated flick will be released on June 16th, 2017 what would have been Pac’s 46th birthday.

 Dominic Santana, who’ll portray Death Row Records co-founder, Suge Knight said they’re on track to meet the film’s debut, despite the controversy that has surfaced since dropping its trailer earlier this year.

“We’re all anxious for it to come out but people gotta remember it’s a major film and there’s a lot of process to releasing major films,” he wrote. “Because it was Tupac a lot of buzz was created word of mouth even while we were filming which usually doesn’t happen until a movie is about to come out. This was no regular movie so you’ve been hearing about it since we started.”

Benny Boom is the film’s director, and although he doesn’t have as much experience with feature films, he has directed some seriously lit music videos. Notably, he directed Nicki Minaj’s “Beez In The Trap” and Waka Flocka Flame’s “Hard in Da Paint.”

Pac’s birthday this past year was used as a news-making moment as well as the film’s first trailer was released on that date. The second trailer was released on Sept. 13, the 20th anniversary of his death.

If you haven’t already seen the trailer for “All Eyez On Me,” you can peep that below:



Tupac’s Original Demo Recording to ‘Dear Mama’ Uncovered after More Than Two Decades

Last week the hip hop world was mourning the loss of Tupac’s mom Afeni Shakur. She sadly passed on a week before mother’s day and just this weekend, one of Tupac’s original deejays DJ King Assasin released the original recording to ‘Dear Mama’.

Made famous of course by the fact that it’s a jam this West Side rapper famously dedicated to his mother and released over 21 years ago, it’s interesting to listen to this version which featured legendary rapper Yo-Yo, who’s track “Wouldn’t be a damn thang without a woman” was taken from the original song from Ice Cube’s ‘This Is A Man’s World’.

Check it out;

World Mourns the Passing of Tupac’s Mom Afeni Shakur

At the age of 69, reports just in say that mother to hip hop icon Tupac has passed away from what is suspected to be a cardiac arrest.

Afeni Shakur was a former political activist who had been a member of the historic Black Panthers and inspired Tupac’s incredible hit single ‘Dear Mama’ which by the way, featured a clip of her talking in the beginning. 

After her son’s passing, Afeni remained the custodian to Tupac’s $900,000 a year worth estate and has during her life, been working as Executive Producer to Tupac’s not yet out biopic.

Most stars are currently remembering her in their social media posts along with the rest of the world.