Meet Trabolee; A Force To Reckon With In The Game

One of the first MCEE’s to grace our studios for Freestyle Fridays is TRABOLEE, a performing artist who conveys his creativity particularly through the genres of Hip Hop and spoken word poetry.

With three stellar projects under his belt- THC (2013), Occult Lore (2013) and All Roads Lead Home (2015), numerous singles and collaborations as well as participating and winning the Aarban Cypher competition twice, Trabolee has established himself not only as an EMCEE but as an all rounded artist and a force to reckon with.

In a brief interview with the artist, we got to comprehend a lot more.

So who and what does TRABOLEE mean?

Under the pseudonym of TRABOLEE, the encoded meaning is Truth Reigns Above But Only Love Exists Eternally. That’s profound! Please elaborate… Tra is Art that mirrors my innermost reflections when I’m creating. I’ve always been amazed at how the mundane nothingness of life can be transformed into a canvas, especially if one is in tune enough to see the patterns and connections that are always presenting themselves in the now.

Your freestyle was tight by the way. In relation to J. Cole releasing his newest album KOD today, what are your thoughts? Are you a fan?

Yes, I’m a fan. I love the intent of his music, being a pioneer of this new generation he really takes upon himself to direct the conversation of the culture from a vulnerable but pure place. In this age where there’s a deliberate attempt to dumb down content, a middle ground is needed.

As an artist, what are your thoughts on the current Kenyan rap scene?

The Kenyan Rap scene is growing and mainly due to the diversity of the artists and their ability to collaborate. The spirit of unity will definitely be a major ingredient if guys are to elevate.

What do think of avenues like Freestyle Fridays by Homeboyz Radio and the impact they have on the culture?

It’s a valid avenue. It encourages cohesion and a meet up of different caliber of artists so that boundaries are dissolved allowing room for necessary conversation and giving unsung but talented artists a good platform.


STORY BY -Charity Mwathi