Video! Tiwa Savage Hangs Out With Jay Z

Now a week ago, I shared a few insights into Tiwa Savage’s then rumored Roc Nation deal.

Word started going around that the ‘Kele Kele’ singer was signed to Hovi Hov’s label when word of her meeting with Roc Nation representatives started to spread.

Tiwa had made news in the recent past thanks to her anything-but-pleasant split from husband/ former manager T Billz and this definitely puts her in a more positive light.

Click here to watch them hanging out. 

Congratulations Tiwa!

More Light On Tiwa Savage’s Roc Nation Deal

It appears this ‘Kele Kele’ star has found the light at the end of her tunnel having only just recently come out to the world about her failed marriage.

Tiwa Savage’s calm demure personality took a back seat for what was, to simply put it, a heart breaking interview which revealed just how deeply broken her marriage had been but that has quickly been overshadowed by news of her signing onto Jay Z’s ‘Roc Nation’ label.

The news have been floating around online as a rumor with some sites claiming it as official but nonetheless it is great news for the star who’d only just released her sophomore album.

It’s reported that Tiwa inked the deal last Week Wednesday after long talks but is yet to formally announce it herself.

2Face Reacts to Tiwa Savage Cheating Rumors

It’s been the talk of the African entertainment scene. Last week, Tiwa Savage’s husband Tee Billz went on a social media rant calling his famous wife out for allegedly having affairs with the male singers in her record label Mavin Records.

The rant which triggered Tiwa Savage’s decision to end the marriage (as you can watch via this tearful interview of hers) caused quite the stir and although most of the male stars Tee had listed as some of the celebrities Tiwa cheated on him with chose not to respond, 2Face has.

Posting on twitter, 2Baba wrote:

“I’m so disgusted at some people who have been making distasteful jokes out of people’s real life heartbreaking predicament. GOD forgive you.”

Could Elani Have “Stolen” Their Jam From Tiwa Savage?

Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams were slapped with a lawsuit by Marvin Gaye’s children for copying their song Blurred Lines from Marvin’s hit, (full story here), Jermaine Dupri claims Ciara’s “I Bet” is no different from Usher’s hit “U Got It Bad” and locally we may have some suspicion about Elani’s track, “Elani”.

If you listen to Elani’s “Nikupende” which was their first single from 2015 and Tiwa’s “Olorun mi” and especially the chorus, there’s little to no difference.  Maybe they thought it would go unnoticed because compared to other Tiwa Savage songs, this wasn’t as popular.

I don’t know. I could be wrong but listen to the jams below and you decide.

Did Elani errr… copy Tiwa Savage? Drop your thoughts/comments below!

Tiwa Savage’s Pregnancy Won’t Stop Her From Doing This!

She may be three months pregnant but she will definitely not stop delivering mind blowing performances as she did in Uganda this past weekend. What did you think she was doing?

Tiwa Savage UG2                                    Tiwa Savage UG

Tiwa Savage was performing in Uganda this past weekend at the Airtel Inspiring Women concert and it was nothing but electrifying! Pregnancy or not.

Tiwa Savage UG3                               Tiwa Savage UG4

She is one of Nigeria’s most followed singers on twitter and is expecting a baby with her husband come manager  Tunji “Tee Billz” Balogun.