Thor: Ragnok The Movie, Is It Worth The Time?

This I think was one of my funniest Marvel movies to watch at Imax, well at least after Guardians of the galaxy (Vol2).

How the mythical-hammer-wielding Thor (played by Chris Hemsworth) is portrayed as Mr. Funny Man by the screen writers differentiates this installment from the rest.

Without giving too much away, rest assured that it spirals in to a comedy filled sci-fi adventure and you will see an overpowered villain, the token clown who starts by being a villain and ends up as a nice guy and a ‘hella’ blood thirsty sibling who kills just about anyone who doesn’t bow down to the “goddess of death.”

Prepare to meet new characters such as the Grandmaster (played by Jeff GoldBlum) and to be entertained as you watch Thor and Hulk face off, who wins? No spoilers here fam 🙂

You will see more action as Thor takes on Ragnarok (Thor clone’s strength) and his antler head villain sister Hela (played by Cate Blanchette)

There are certainly a couple of  dark turns at times encompassing a troubled past, selfish rulers and a foundation about to be obliterated.   

The downside, I felt was how certain scenes that demanded seriousness and emotion were treated as a joke. Apart from that, Thor: Ragnarok is definitely a movie worth checking out.