Nonini Reacts To ‘Mchezo Ndio Ganji’ Cover

Nonini is currently working on two incredible music projects set for release this week and we caught up with the ‘Genge Godfather’ via a phone call regarding an acoustic rendition to ‘Mchezo Ndio Ganji’ that was recorded by ‘The Cover’ winner Raaay!

Nonini said he loved it and wondered when the next season would be.

This ‘Tudunde’ rapper is currently shooting the video to that Didge collabo (something you can read about here) and as for Raaay! well he is currently working on his first EP with Homeboyz Music studios.


Two Awesome Renditions to Bruno Mars’ ’24K Magic’ From #WBWR

It’s the one show where you can get to sample amazing renditions to your favorite jams and this Saturday (October 29th) we featured Bruno Mars’ ’24K Magic’.

Bruno quite effortlessly brings back that 80s funk sound while somehow remaining cool.

24K Magic is such a banger that we went ahead and made it record of the week on Homeboyz Radio during its first week of release.

Well you know the original (and if not then click here to refresh your memory) but here are two renditions to it, the latter being the one to have won ‘Under Cover’.



Under Cover:  A feature on the the show ‘Weekend Breakfast With Rae’ where two cover songs go head to head with the listeners getting to vote for and crown the one they most prefer.

Things Heat Up on #TheCoverKe as Bensoul Leaves The Competition

He was a favorite for three straight weeks. Ben Soul who is a singer, song writer and instrumentalist came onto the show with a positive attitude and gave his all in each week’s performance.

Sadly, his first time in the bottom two proved bad luck as he wound up losing to fellow singer and friend Raaay on Episode 4’s hip hop challenge.

The challenge which was judged by Patricia Kihoro, Tallia Oyando and guest judge Corine (representing for Homeboyz Radio’s hip hop family), was probably the toughest yet but also the most rewarding as it gave us a chance to listen to exclusive renditions to jams like Nonini’s ‘Mchezo Ndio Ganji’ (covered by Raaay) and Nyashinski’s ‘Now You Know’ (covered by Bensoul).

You know what this means right? The grand finale now stands 6 days away (from today 2nd October) and while the anticipation over who between Raaay and Cheruto takes home the win, here’s a look at Bensoul’s incredible covers from the show.

Everything You Need To Know About ‘The Cover’

Born as part of HBR’s Weekend Breakfast (#WBWR) show, ‘The Cover’ is an acoustic competition where up and coming artists compete for a chance at having their first EP produced at Homeboyz Studios.

After hosting the show for a good year and beyond, it’s occurred to me that we have a lot of talent hidden outside most radio airwaves. Most singers will have great voices, ability to play guitar (or other instruments) but lack the resources to produce great quality radio singles and even then, lack a platform on which to showcase them.

Well that’s where ‘The Cover’ comes in.

Born out of the idea that plenty of musicians start off online doing beautiful covers to popular singles, ‘The Cover’ is a first of its kind radio-based show that’ll allow artists to show YOU the listeners, how creative they are by performing acoustic renditions to songs we already know and love.

None of the said performances are to in any way be monetized and original creators of said singles will be credited in line with copyright policies!

The performances will be used as a way for these up and coming artists, whose names are deserving of being mainstream, to show how creative they can get.

Love the sound of that? It gets better! These artists will have to do the most creative renditions using as little backing as possible i.e. no playback instrumentals and not more than two instruments.

Do you know someone who’d be perfect for the cover? Well listen to Homeboyz Radio (HBR) all day for more details about the show.

The 5 episode radio show will be hosted on HBR’s Weekend Breakfast Show (on Saturdays and Sundays from 6am to 9am) and will air starting September 10th and run until October 9th.