What REALLY Happened at the Tekno Concert

It was set to be the experience of a lifetime and you know, with Camp Mulla reuniting, The Kansol staging one of the most thought out performances by a Kenyan act and many surprise artists including Fena and Jump Off Freshman Tunji performing, it was mostly that! An great experience.

The thing was though, that the main act, Naija star Tekno is said to have performed for less than half an hour and that even that performance was riddled with issues, among which were security.

Now while we are so very excited about the return of Kenyan BET nominated crew Camp Mulla, that was sadly not the reason why this concert, ‘The Wave’, trended for a whole two days.

Since the event, social media posts by a number of revelers exposed other shortcomings including the fact that the event in itself started of too late, that getting access to the event was a headache in itself and that at some point Tekno and Creme seemed to have a bit of a run-in mid-performance.

Speaking  exclusively to the The Jump Off crew Corine Onyango and Jinx, event organizers Tele and DJ Creme de la Creme talked about the show revealing candidly that the blame may have in fact been on Tekno who showed a certain lack of professionalism.

“I’ve been a deejay and an emcee for a long time. Events are not a new thing for me and I feel as though even when there IS a problem between artist and deejay, you should NEVER let your fans notice. You’d rather sort it out back stage”, said Creme.

He was referring to the moment during the performance where Tekno threw his hands and agitation and walked towards the deejay booth where Creme was at.

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 22.12.05

Creme was reportedly asked to deejay for Tekno ten minutes prior to this ‘Pana’ star taking the stage and noted (as other fans did) that most of the set was being lip synched.

As for the poor handling of things at the event, Tele  said that they were glad about the turn out but agreed that the security they hired let them down.

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 22.07.27

Considering this was the first of its kind, we definitely hope this proved to be a learning curve so that any sequels will be much better handled.

As for whether Creme could consider working with Tekno in the future, he said;

‘I could consider it. It would be a good way to make up for what happened at the concert.’


So were you at the event? What were your thoughts about it?