OKHI Celebrates 100,000 Deliveries To People’s Doorsteps With It’s ‘Location-Based’ Solution

OkHi, a Nairobi-based tech startup, has launched a new consumer mobile app to allow people to easily own, customize and share their location with the people and businesses they trust.
This will enable 100,000 deliveries in Nairobi in food delivery, ecommerce providers, and even ambulance services to bring critical services to people’s doorstep eliminating the constant ‘uko wapi’ constraint. 
“Our goal is for OkHi to be the solution that empowers people to be found, and as a result be included iny the new digital economy. OkHi addresses location in a completely new way, allowing people to own, update and customize their location to share with the people and services they want, without the frustration of battling the ‘uko wapi’ challenge” explained Co-Founder and CEO Timbo Drayson.
OkHi The free-to-access app for consumers enables them to save multiple locations including home and work, and to share directions to these locations in a hassle free manner.  All this is done with the highest attention to the privacy and security of data – app users are able to control who gets access to their locations at the tip of their fingers without worry. Key functionalities also include the ability to order an Uber directly from the app as well as access a host of services such as food delivery and more. 
Co-Founder Timbo Drayson  further highlights, “After research and testing, we learned that normal directions continue to be one of the largest constraints. The battle of identifying a location by speedbumps and trees is still commonplace. Access to services hinges on accurate location identification, so we’re now giving users a better way to own their location and control who accesses it.” 
The versatility of the model means that it is not just limited for use to consumers. For instance small business owners, retailers and large corporates can use OkHi to give directions for meetings or to serve as a tool to draw in new customers.

YouTube Gets It’s Biggest Makeover In History

YouTube is getting its biggest makeover yet!

The company, has made some major changes, the biggest one being changing the company logo.

The logo which previously focused more on the word ‘Tube’ has now shifted onto the play button which makes much more sense.  The updated logo consists of the YouTube icon — a red tube with a white screen and a red play button — followed by the YouTube wordmark in black. 

The logo can now be seen much easier even when space is limited, for instance on smartphones. Besides this, YouTube has brought a new feature called gestures that allow a user to double tap on the left or the right of the phone screen to fast forward or rewind a video for 10 seconds.

Another awesome feature that will soon be introduced to the YouTube mobile app will enable users to watch videos at the pace they want. You will also be able to view a row of suggested videos while watching in full screen.

You will also be able to change your desktop theme to a dark version which I bet many people will prefer since it’s been all white for the longest time.


Ushahidi’s New Ios And Android Apps Help People Capture Reports Anywhere

Kenyan-born tech company Ushahidi released apps today for iOS and Android devices that bolster its mission to empower anyone to gather reports from anywhere, anytime.

With support for offline data collection — including videos and photos — Ushahidi for iOS and Android helps people quickly complete surveys from their smartphone in any location, with or without an Internet connection. The app saves data that contributors collect with it, including detailed GPS location data, and sends the report to the appropriate Ushahidi deployment once it can be reached.

Safecity uses Ushahidi to crowdsource personal stories of sexual harassment and abuse in public spaces. Its chief executive officer, ElsaMarie D’Silva, said the release of Ushahidi for iOS and Android will help reporters in India more quickly and accurately submit that data to Safecity.

D’Silva runs multiple Ushahidi deployments, including “Women Speakers List,” which collects the profile and location of women who contribute to speaking panels.

Ushahidi for iOS and Android streamlines her effort to manage and contribute to multiple deployments by providing a menu to quickly navigate between them. And a simple search-by-name tool makes it easy to add them.

An Ushahidi deployment is a comprehensive software tool that allows people to collect, monitor, visualize, and respond to data in a single place. It helps you build custom surveys, import data from third-party services (like SMS and Twitter), share it publicly in a map or timeline, and triage response with your team. Anyone can create an Ushahidi deployment at ushahidi.com.

Once added to the iOS or Android app, a deployment’s survey data is available to explore in both map and timeline views.

Any of the 5,000-plus deployments already created at ushahidi.com can be added today to the iOS and Android apps. A forthcoming release this spring will extend support to deployments that are installed on third-party servers.

You can download the iOS app today at the Apple App Store and download the Android app at the Google Play Store to contribute to an existing Ushahidi deployment.

To learn more about Ushahidi and create a new deployment, visit ushahidi.com.

Facebook Set To Launch New App – Facebook TV

Facebook is set to launch an app that lets users watch the platform’s video content on television.

As long as you’ve got an Apple TV, Amazon’s Fire TV and Samsung’s Smart TV, you will be able to watch Facebook’s user-generated videos directly on your TV.

This comes after Facebook launched the Facebook Live feature that allows users to live stream events.

The move could allow it to eventually better compete with the likes of YouTube and traditional television channels for advertising revenue.

Facebook also announced a few more videos updates on Tuesday:

  • Videos will play with the sound on by default in the News Feed, as long as your phone’s sound is on. If your phone is on silent, videos will still be muted until you tap into them. This change comes after Facebook tested videos with the sound on by default in recent months and received “positive feedback.”
  • Vertical videos will automatically expand to fill the full screen, like they do on Snapchat. This is change is likely meant to encourage people to shoot and upload videos from their phones.
  • Videos can keep playing in a little thumbnail at the bottom of your screen while you browse the News Feed. Facebook has already tested this feature with a subset of its users, but now it’s rolling out to everyone.

The release date is yet to be announced.

Uber Kenya Unveils Uber’s Revamped Rider App

Uber Kenya unveiled Uber’s revamped rider application that makes it easier for riders to use the popular ride-hailing app.

 The revamped version of the app simplifies the ride-hailing process for riders. The app, unlike the older version that focused on where the rider was departing from while offering an array of ride choices, simply asks, “Where to?” And by starting with the rider’s destination, the app tailors the journey to the rider.

 Speaking at the forum in Nairobi, Uber Kenya’s Operations Lead Kagure Wamunyu said, “Uber rebuilt the application from the ground-up putting the riders at the heart of it. The redesigned rider app is faster, smarter, and more reliable than before.”

 The redesigned application was officially launched in November last year on iOS and Android with the ongoing  global roll-out ending in early 2017. The App has so far been well adopted by riders in Kenya with a 68% adoption rate. 

Among other improvements, the revamped Uber app now includes features such as upfront pricing and estimate time of arrival at the destination, so that riders have the information they need to make the best decision for their wallet and schedule.

Other features in the App include Calendar integration that allows riders to integrate the app with their calendars through smart, built-in shortcuts, conduct people searches and share on-trip experiences.

It’s A Flat And A Heel! Adjustable Heels Are Here!

Heels are pretty hot but every girl can attest to the fact that they make our feet hurt after wearing them for a long time. What if I told you that you don’t have to carry around an extra pair of flats every time you wear heels? What if there was a way to wear just one pair of shoes that will fit perfectly into any occasion? Say hallo to the smart high heels!

A French company named Zhor-Tech has come up with two pairs of “smart” high heels: a pair with heated insoles and another pair with an adjustable, mechanical high heel.

Yap! Not only can the shows be adjusted but you can also track your activity by pairing wirelessly with an app, where you can control the temperature or the height of your heels!

The adjustable high heels, which range from 1.7 inches high to 3.1 inches are a modern woman’s dream come true. Rather than carrying around an extra pair of shoes — so when the high-heeled ones you feel obligated to wear start to hurt, you can slip into flats. Just tap a virtual button and feel your heels sink closer to the earth. Sweet relief: there’s an app for that!

Sounds amazing right?

Here’s the bad news though. The heels will cost you $300 and if that is not a bummer to you then hear this, they look like an exaggerated tap shoe, with a chunky metal stump protruding from the heel, and feel heavier than most normal pairs of heels.

Granted, anytime you add tech to clothing, whether a smart shirt or self-lacing sneaker or self-raising high heel, all of those sensors and motors and wireless chips will have to go somewhere, making it a little heavier. Not to mention that your high-tech high heels will need to be charged.

If walking around in thick high heels to relieve yourself of the burdens of high heels seems like a better prerogative for you, then you can watch out for the heels that according to Zhor-Tech will be shipping sometime in 2017.


“High There!” New App That Helps You Find your Stoner Soulmate

Finding love could be pretty hard, no wonder dating sites have become so popular these days. We’ve heard of people who’ve actually found love online but for others, it just feels like the sites aren’t really what they are looking for.

So someone has invented an app called “High There” that helps you find your stoner soulmate. Well, it’s more of a social social network than a dating app but there are people who have actually found true love there. Check out this couple below:

According to co-founder and CEO Darren Roberts, High There! has close to 400,000 users and is used globally.

 “We have people from California New York, Florida, to New Zealand, Germany, Netherland and the like all using the app daily and connecting with each other. The app allows the cannabis enthusiasts to chat with like-minded individuals and share photos, videos, experiences, and content in our JOINTS newsfeed feature. This had not existed before we launched High There!,” Darren told Complex in an interview.

Will you be downloading it?


Google confirms First Ever Driverless Self-Driving Car

Imagine how awesome it would be to just sit in your car and let it take you wherever you want to go. Okay, it could be scary if you don’t trust the car but hey, we looking on the bright side here.

Google confirmed that the first “fully driverless ride” in its self-driving car had happened in Austin,Texas.

According to Waymo engineer Nathaniel Fairfield, the ride happened in September 2015 with passenger Steve Mahan. It was the first driverless ride that was on a public road and wasn’t accompanied by a test driver or police escort. The car had no steering wheel or floor pedals.

Waymo explains the self-driving cars, work through sensors and software that detects the things one would encounter while driving, like other cars, people, cyclists, and road work. Waymo reports its cars can detect any of these things in any direction from as far as two football fields away. The car has also been taught to drive defensively.

Google’s self-driving car project began in 2009. You can check out the video below of Mahan who has been a part of Google’s self-driving car testing efforts for years now, In a self-driving car.

Instagram Adds The “Like” Comments And Remove Followers Features

Instagram is still adding some exciting features for us, according to a blog post.

After introducing a timeline algorithm and allowing 60-second videos, letting users filter their photos and allowing users to filter the comments they get on those photos, Instagram has now announced that it was releasing new updates in which users could “like” comments and remove followers.

This pretty much adds more similarities between the gram, facebook and snapchat.

In the new feature, users will now be able to “like” people’s comments with hearts and also turn off comments altogether.

You will also be able to anonymously report self-harm posts.

Here’s some good news for people with private accounts, you know how you would have to block someone in order for them to be removed as a follower? Well with this other new feature, you will to be able to remove followers without that person being notified.

How awesome is that!

Netflix Becomes Top-Grossing iPhone App In The U.S

The decision by Netfix to introduce an in-app subscription option in its iOS app over a year ago was genius as it has gained a lot more popularity since then.

Netflix today became the top-grossing app for iPhones in the U.S, according to Sensor Tower, a blog that keeps track of such things. According to the report, it was already the highest-grossing app in other countries such as India, Mexico, and Colombia.

Netflix has surpassed not only mobile games like “Mobile Strike” and “Candy Crush Saga,” but also fellow subscription services like Spotify and Pandora.

Netflix’s latest earnings report, released in October, says that the company brought in $2.15 billion in the third quarter of 2016. That’s a 36 percent jump from the same time period last year.

It’s no surprise as Netflix has original series that appeal to a variety of viewers.

There’s its well-received political drama “House of Cards,” sci-fi series “Stranger Things,” comedy like “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” and “Orange is the New Black,” drug czar docu-drama “Narcos,” and Marvel comic book fare like “Daredevil,” “Jessica Jones” and “Luke Cage,” among others.