Hip Hop Veterans’ Influence On Fashion And Style

They did not just kill it lyrically but when it came to fashion as well.

It was an official fashion take over in the 80’s and 90’s from these Hip hop legends inspiring many of us fashion wise up to date.

The Bandanas, caps, baggy jeans, printed shirts, dungarees, the glasses, they were not pioneered by this generation, those who came before us especially in the hip hop scene put their best fashion foot forward.

So the next time you wear a denim on denim or a camo combo and think you invented the look, honey think again, we’ve all been recreating looks that they brought to life.

From Diddy, TLC, Missy Elliot to Tupac, the list is endless.

The Migos have also stated time and again of how Biggie’s and Pac’s style inspire how they dress most times. Now I know we all cant afford them Versace but we all agree they look pretty good.

















Now we all laughed when he plated his hair and held it in pig tails, who’s laughing now?









Pac and Aliyah’s style was just on another level, words are not enough.























Two women who I would say are in their own leagues are Lauryn Hill and Missy Elliott.












Some TLC too without a doubt.

Dj Khaled Keys 41!

Khaled Bin Abdul Khaled aka Dj Khaled turns 41 today!

Is there anyone who really doesn’t know Dj Khaled? Well perhaps there is so lets not leave anyone behind. So Dj Khaled literaly shouts his name “Dj Khaled” and “we the best” at the beginning of all his tracks.

Now, before the fame he was your average dj on radio but now, he is a big shot dj, a producer and music executive. Love him or hate him, his presence in the rap game is unignorable and boy can he round up superstars in one room/studio.

He has worked with an endless list of stars from Chris Brown, Ludacris, RickRoss, Snoop, Drake, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, John Legend, Kendrick Lamar, to name but a few.

The guy sure does have the keys to success as far as his career goes and not to forget his recent album “suffering from success”

Now Dj Khaled has not only given us hits after hits, but also some crazy memories, remember his proposal to Nicki Minaj on MTV news?

Of course Black Barbie responded by claiming that it was just a PR stunt but Khaled looked pretty serious in the video, anyway Khaled has since moved on and has a fiancee.

The surprises don’t end there just the other day (In October to be more precise) the producer snap chatted the entire birth of his son’s birth while his music played in the background (perhaps to prove why he won the Snap chater of the year award)

Watch it here


So clearly apart from music , Dj Khaled does sure have plenty of time for social media and when he is not posting crazy stuff he is inspiring folk. Here’s Dj Khaled talking about how he ‘Always wins’ inspiring folk to never give up!