What You Might Have Missed In Childish Gambino’s ‘This Is America’ (ROTW)

That this particular jam was released a matter of days after Kanye’s now infamous quote on four hundred years of slavery being a ‘choice’, doesn’t seem like a coincidence but rather a perfectly timed release.

While speaking to TMZ, Kanye referenced slavery saying;

”When you hear about slavery for 400 years — for 400 years? That sounds like a choice. Like, you were there for 400 years and it’s all of you?”

Naturally, those comments have made Kanye the talk of the month, with everyone online (ordinary people and celebrities alike) talking about issues revolving around the existence of white supremacists and the oppression of people of color.

Since that has been the running conversation online, it would therefore seem appropriate that Childish Gambino, release ‘This Is America’, a jam that seems to encapsulate all of those issues in a thrilling, melodic and dance filled rap single.

Since Donald Glover has had quite the experience in writing and producing intelligent scripts for hit TV shows such as ‘Community’ and ‘Atlanta’, it’s really no surprise that he chooses clever imagery to pass on very important issues.

Directed by Hiro Murai, ‘This is America’ is a four minute long music video which I’ve so far learnt, has many hidden meanings. I’m now going to share the few that I managed to find out about in a short play by play.

Gun Violence;

Lyrics; ‘Guns in my area, I gotta carry ’em’

Throughout the video, Childish Gambino is seen shooting people but what you may have missed out on, is the fact that in each instance the gun he uses is taken away from him by someone who appears to be holding a cloth and treating the gun with the utmost care. For some, this is taken as a rhetoric on the ongoing battle on Gun Laws in America, where people have often felt that guns are treated a lot better than (in some cases) people.




Lyrics: This is America, Don’t catch you slippin up.

If there’s one thing you definitely note right off the bat with this music video, it’s that while there is all this dancing happening, there is also a lot of chaos going on around the whole time. One YouTube reviewer cited that it may have been a reference to black America being acknowledged only in terms of its contribution to urban culture e.g. through dance, all while the main issues that affect them (i.e. police brutality, gun violence etc) take the back seat.

Also at the start of the video, Childish Gambino shoots his first victim while assuming a comical stance, that was quickly turned into this meme, which I happened upon on Snoop Dogg’s instagram.

The thing is though, this ‘comical stance’ was believe it or not, a historical reference to Jim Crow.




Jim Crow — definition — a theater character by Thomas D. Rice and an ethnic depiction in accordance with contemporary Caucasian ideas of African-Americans and their culture.

Jim Crow laws were state and local laws that enforced racial segregation in the Southern United States.

Seen in the video, this depiction is probably the strongest and loudest reference to racism. In the video, Childish Gambino makes erratic face movements that from research, were the same facial expressions that white actors (in black face) would make as a mockery of what they thought the then freed African-American slaves looked like and behaved.


Homage to music and dance made by Africans and African Americans;

The jam itself houses ad libs by some of raps iconic names from Young Thug, to 21 Savage, and in the video, it is being said that Childish Gambino’s choice to be shirtless wearing only two chains is an homage to Fela Kuti. 

Also, yes. Childish Gambino absolutely bodies the Shoki and the Gwara Gwara in ‘This Is America’, both of which are popular African dances.


Not too long ago, Logic and Alessia Cara graced our Record of the Week with the jam whose title was a suicide hotline number. Perhaps referencing mental health and how America is plagued by the sheer number of suicide victims, at 2:13, there is a man who is seen to be leaping to his death all while the singing and the dancing continues.

Bible reference;

The fact that this four minute long video even had time to feature a bible reference is to me, the actual testament to Childish Gambino’s epic story telling and producing skills.

In the book of Revelation, there is a verse that states; 

Then I looked and saw a pale horse. Its rider’s name was Death, and Hades followed close behind.

Hades was the Greek god of the underworld (hell). Like earlier mentioned, there are plenty of hidden messages in the video and the fact that at 2:36, there is a hooded figure riding a white horse while a police car follows behind, might be the imagery that reflects that particular bible verse.


Truth be told, there are many more messages one can find in the video to ‘This Is America’, a video that has currently garnered (as of today) over forty million views in under a week.

What can definitely be said and applauded though, is the stark difference between the amount of black history and current information that Childish Gambino seems to have, and the lack thereof when it comes to Kanye West’s recent comments about slavery.

As it’s now your record of the week (ROTW), here is the music video to ‘This is America’ (Which will be followed by the song’s lyrics.)


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, go, go away
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, go, go away
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, go, go away
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, go, go away

We just wanna party
Party just for you
We just want the money
Money just for you
I know you wanna party
Party just for me
Girl, you got me dancin’ (yeah, girl, you got me dancin’)
Dance and shake the frame
We just wanna party (yeah)
Party just for you (yeah)
We just want the money (yeah)
Money just for you (you)
I know you wanna party (yeah)
Party just for me (yeah)
Girl, you got me dancin’ (yeah, girl, you got me dancin’)
Dance and shake the frame (you)

This is America
Don’t catch you slippin’ up
Don’t catch you slippin’ up
Look what I’m whippin’ up
This is America (woo)
Don’t catch you slippin’ up
Don’t catch you slippin’ up
Look what I’m whippin’ up

This is America (skrrt, skrrt, woo)
Don’t catch you slippin’ up (ayy)
Look at how I’m livin’ now
Police be trippin’ now (woo)
Yeah, this is America (woo, ayy)
Guns in my area (word, my area)
I got the strap (ayy, ayy)
I gotta carry ’em
Yeah, yeah, I’ma go into this (ugh)
Yeah, yeah, this is guerilla (woo)
Yeah, yeah, I’ma go get the bag
Yeah, yeah, or I’ma get the pad
Yeah, yeah, I’m so cold like yeah (yeah)
I’m so dope like yeah (woo)
We gon’ blow like yeah (straight up, uh)

Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, tell somebody
You go tell somebody
Grandma told me
Get your money, Black man (get your money)
Get your money, Black man (get your money)
Get your money, Black man (get your, Black man)
Get your money, Black man (get your, Black man)
Black man

This is America (woo, ayy)
Don’t catch you slippin’ up (woo, woo, don’t catch you slippin’, now)
Don’t catch you slippin’ up (ayy, woah)
Look what I’m whippin’ up (Slime!)
This is America (yeah, yeah)
Don’t catch you slippin’ up (woah, ayy)
Don’t catch you slippin’ up (ayy, woo)
Look what I’m whippin’ up (ayy)

Look how I’m geekin’ out (hey)
I’m so fitted (I’m so fitted, woo)
I’m on Gucci (I’m on Gucci)
I’m so pretty (yeah, yeah)
I’m gon’ get it (ayy, I’m gon’ get it)
Watch me move (blaow)
This a celly (ha)
That’s a tool (yeah)
On my Kodak (woo, Black)
Ooh, know that (yeah, know that, hold on)
Get it (get it, get it)
Ooh, work it (21)
Hunnid bands, hunnid bands, hunnid bands (hunnid bands)
Contraband, contraband, contraband (contraband)
I got the plug en Oaxaca (woah)
They gonna find you that blocka (blaow)

Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, tell somebody
America, I just checked my following list and
You go tell somebody
You mothafuckas owe me
Grandma told me
Get your money, Black man (Black man)
Get your money, Black man (Black man)
Get your money, Black man (get your, Black man)
Get your money, Black man (get your, Black man)
Black man
One, two, get down
Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, tell somebody
You go tell somebody
Grandma told me, “Get your money”
Get your money, Black man (Black man)
Get your money, Black man (Black man)
Get your money, Black man (Black man)
Get your money, Black man (Black man)
Black man

You just a Black man in this world
You just a barcode, ayy
You just a Black man in this world
Drivin’ expensive foreigns, ayy
You just a big dawg, yeah
I kenneled him in the backyard
No probably ain’t life to a dog
For a big dog

Top 5 Best 90s Rappers

Today we celebrate the veterans of the Hip Hop game and no better years to recall than the 90s. Various rappers brought us the best rap songs of all time and their music influenced and ushered in a new generation of rappers.

Let’s take a look at 5 best rappers of the 90s:


It’s impossible to mention 90s rappers without Tupac Shakur making the list. Despite his death back in 1996, Tupac has remained to be one of the most influential rappers in history. He rapped about everything that mattered to him from gang wars to civil rights and drug addiction but most importantly, he was a remarkable storyteller – something that few rappers to date have been able to live up to.

Notorious B.I.G

Biggie is also referred (by some) to as one of the greatest rappers of all time. In between drug dealing and trying to support his family, Biggie released a sprawling masterpiece Ready to Die in 1994. Few years later, he dropped a double album Life After Death, consisting of sprawling, diverse, incredibly ambitious collection of songs that took us a while to digest. His lyrical talent, complex rhyme schemes and uncompromising flow is what made his music so great.

Snoop Dogg

If you ask me, Snoop is one of the coolest rappers of his time. His run kicked off with his 1993 album Doggystyle that was masterminded by Dr. Dre. His instantly recognizable voice that is supplemented with a flow so smooth is what made his music so dope in the 90s. Some of his most memorable tracks include: “Drop It Like It’s Hot” ft Pharrell, “Whats My Name?” and “Still a G Thang”.

Jay Z

Jay- Z is one of the few 90s rappers who hasn’t fizzled out despite his retirement. He started his remarkable run with the 1996 release of Reasonable Doubt. His mafioso rap blueprint brought a different kind of energy to the game. His charisma, wit, and skillful wordplay quickly pushed him to the top with albums like In My Lifetime, that went platinum, Hard Knock Life and Life and times of S. Carter 1999 that was certified 3x platinum.


Nas started off Illmatic , an album that is arguably the most influential record in rap history and it was just the beginning. His second album It Was Written, became Nas’ most commercially successful album. He sold millions of records and maintained his fan base thoughout the 90s.


Check Out Snoop Dogg’s ‘Never Left: The Movie’

Back in May, Snoop Dogg released released Neva Left, his fifteenth studio album. The project featured some major rap artists from Rick Rock, Tray Dee, K Camp, Too Short, Devin The Dude, Wiz Khalifa, Method Man, Redman and more. 

Now Snoop has shared the epic forty-five minute Neva Left: The Movie, a companion piece featuring music and themes from the album.

Directed by D. Baker, the film features an expansive narrative, and is pretty interesting if you ask me.

Check it out below:

Snoop Dogg Is Working On A Gospel Album!

Rapper Snoop Dogg is working on a Gospel album!

Just two days after releasing his new album “Neva Left”, Snoop announced that his 16th album will have a Gospel theme.

“I’m working on a gospel album. “It’s always been on my heart. I just never got around to it because I always be doing gangsta business or doing this or doing that. I just felt like it’s been on my heart too long. I need to do it now, Snoop said in an interview at The Pharmacy on Beats 1 Radio.

He already has a few people in mind of whom he said he’ll try feature on his album. “Me, Faith Evans, we talked about it heavily,” he said. “She feel like she wanna get down with me. All of the people that I know, from Charlie Wilson to Jeffrey Osborne, whoever I want to get down with. I’m gonna make it all the way right. It’s gonna feel good.”

Snoop is clearly into trying new things. From getting into a funk zone in his album Bush with Pharrell and now Gospel! Hm!

Who ever saw this coming? I didn’t.

Check out snoop talking about the Gospel album below:


Snoop Dogg, Desiigner and MadeinTYO star in “Original Is Never Finished” Remix Ads

Following up its Original Is Never Finished campaign film from last month, adidas Originals returns with two spin-off pieces starring Uncle Snoop, Desiigner and MadeinTYO.

The two videos are set to an operatic remix of Frank Sinatra’s classic “My Way” track — a nod to the series plot of bringing to life the idea that recreating in your own way will always be entirely original.

In the first video, Snoop Dogg can be seen laying down bars to his remix in the studio while a selection of tribal warriors cut some shapes. Most terrifying is the weird dog-human chimera that can be seen chillin’ like a villain in the cut’s opening sequence.


Desiigner, meanwhile, is in typically hyperactive form, and can be seen depicting a recreation of the famous St Sebastian painting by Sandro Bottice. Joining a gaggle of masked dancers, MadeinTYO spits some lines which cleverly reference the Brand with the Three Stripes.


Snoop Dogg recently dropped the visual for “Legend”; Desiigner announcedhis OUTLET Tour and dropped a titular track  “Oulet” last week and MadeinTYO is kicking his tour off in March. Original isn’t finished with 2017.

New Music: Faith Evans & The Notorious B.I.G. – ‘When We Party’ x Snoop Dogg

Stemming from Biggie’s Golden State anthem “Going Back to Cali,” Faith adds sultry to a new beat. “When we party on the West Coast,” she sings. “Drinkin’ and smokin’ all night long.”

Blending with B.I.G.’s classic verses, Tha Doggfather comes through with his Long Beach flavor. “Y’all know I’m from the West,” he raps. “I’m the King, to be exact.”


The previously released track “NYC” and “When We Party” are slated to appear on The King & I, a joint project between Faith Evans and her late husband, Biggie Smalls. There is no official release date for the tape, but from the spontaneous release of the cuts, the project will get a surprise drop in 2017.



Eugene Gecaga

Watch Snoop Dogg, RZA & Common in ‘The Simpsons’ Hip-Hop Special Trailer

Last month, The Simpsons announced that they would be premiering their first-ever hour-long special, a surprising fact considering it has been on the air for literal decades. Not only is it a super-sized episode, but it is one themed entirely around hip-hop and starring actual rappers. Now, the show has released the first trailer for the special.

Titled “The Great Phatsby,” the show features the voice talents of Snoop Dogg, RZA and Common, as well as Empire actress Taraji P. Henson. The episode is loosely based around F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, though that classic of American literature had little to nothing to do with the recording industry.

Look out for “The Great Phatsby” to premiere on FOX this Sunday, January 15. Meantime, watch the trailer here.



Snoop Dogg moving to Canada after Trump win

Its about that time when words are to be put into action since Trump is well on his way to the White House; all of them celebrities who threatened to move to Canada (also Timbuktu, Jupiter or the likes) if Trump won the elections didn’t see this coming but its happened.

So far, one celebrity who has seemingly put his money where his mouth is, is rapper Snoop Lion who posted on Instagram his Canada house search, tagging rapper Drake to hook him up. But does this really count considering that he hasn’t actually moved yet?


Miley Cyrus, Amy Schumer, Samuel L Jackson, Amber Rose, Cher (she actually said she would move to Jupiter) Neyo to name but a few, are some of the celebrities who promised to move to Canada and anywhere else, but so far there’s absolutely no sign of them packing (unless they’re still trying to get over the shock)


Meanwhile Amy Schumer posted a video on Instagram apologizing to Canadians for not being able to make it for her live shows since she is unwell, she went on to ask her fans to reach out to Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump’s message to all the celebrities who threatened to move out of America once he became president was, “don’t let the door hit you on your way out!”



Another Hitch At Snoop And Wiz Khalifa’s High Road Tour- Find Out!

 Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa’s High Road tour has hit another speed bump.

This time, nothing  collapsed well except for an 18-year-old guy who was super plastered and ended up breaking his nose.

Turns out Over 50 people, many of them underage, were removed from Snoop and  Khalifa‘s  Tour that was happening at Nikon Jones Beach Amphitheater for alcohol poisoning.

Sources say that teenagers were drinking vodka out of water bottles in the restrooms and parking lot of the venue. Four people were later arrested for possession of marijuana at the concert.

It’s a Wiz and Snoop’s concert, wasn’t that just expected?

We’ll so be on the look out for what happens next time.

Iggy Azalea: The Internet Is The Ugliest Reflection of Mankind There Is.

Iggy Azalea is just so tired of all the negativity there is on the internet so she’s taking a break. She has been the butt of many jokes and memes, no pun intended, and from being involved in Twitter feuds with Eminem, Azelia Banks, Snoop Dogg and Papa John’s, chain of pizzas.

She was away on vacay and upon coming back she logged on to her Twitter to see negative comments about her cellulite.

She says that she just wants to take time off and be at peace without worrying about someone taking pictures of her.

She doesn’t want to be an angry person because of the hatred and negativity on Twitter

but at the same time she promises her fans that she will try to keep smiling.

That being said, it’s break time away from the internet for her, leaving her management to handle her accounts.

Hopefully she’ll use this time to learn how to write her own music and how to be a better rapper.