Octopizzo Making Major Moves With New Track “Level Up”

Octopizzo’s new track “Level Up” is proving to be a huge hit.

The song which is off the rapper’s forthcoming album was released just four days ago and already has more than 500,000 views on YouTube!

Other than Octo’s witty lyrics and mad bars, the video is really dope. I bet that’s what you get when you work with the best of the best. “Level Up” is shot at San Francisco Bay area in the U.S. state of California and the production is courtesy of Octo’s international music handlers based in America- director Russ Fraser and Engineer Jon Rook.

Check it out below and let us know what you think:


Taking It Back! Biggest Stories To Have Come Out In 2017

Despite having been a politically fueled year, 2017 was without a doubt one of music’s biggest years with the release of a major album from Jay Z,…

a Busta Rhymes fire comeback that saw him embrace his Jamaican background and feature Tory Lanez and dancehall legend Vybz Kartel,…..

the youngest Jump Off Freshman class yet #NuLifeKe ….


and of course, the reign of Cardi B.

In fact, there were so many different and entertaining things that happened.


I mean Femi One fully embraced her sexy in 2017….





Khaligraph Jones got accused of ‘bleaching his skin’ and responded to Vera Sidika’s comments about it via a freestyle in 2017…

Chipukeezy apologized to Kenyan Hollywood star Christine Wawira after lying about what really happened during his meet and greet with Kevin Hart.


Kenyan artists proved their prowess by releasing viral music videos that garnered millions of views in a matter of weeks including….

Octopizzo’s ‘TBT’

and Nyashinski’s ‘Malaika’.

Our artists also pushed the boundaries of raunchiness releasing sizzling visuals like Sauti Sol’s black women appreciation video for ‘Melanin’.

And collaborations came in numbers, some with fellow Kenyan starts and others (like is the case with Victoria Kimani) were collaborations with Grammy awarded superstars.

Along with sexy singles and dope coallabos, 2017 was also the year of the ultimate comebacks with beloved Kenyan music group Camp Mulla, dropping while re-uniting on stage at the Jameson Party.

See what we mean? 2017 was definitely jam packed with great news and new music which only leads us to anticipate an even bigger year this 2018.

Which Kenyan Hip Hop Era Are YOU From?

Evolution – definition: the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form.

This week on HBR’s dedicated hip hop show The Jump Off, e-news correspondent Jinx will be breaking down Kenya’s hip hop eras. 

Like all music genres across the world, Kenyan Hip Hop has evolved and its evolution has spawned some of the great lyricists that we have today including our very own Jump Off Freshmen.

Seeing as how learning about the evolution of something helps better understand it and grow a deeper appreciation of it, this week may very well be your chance to hear about and fall in love with Kenyan hip hop.

As explained on the Monday night edition of The Jump Off, Kenyan hip hop has grown through specific time periods, starting off from …

…the Ukoo Flani- Kalamashaka era,

…transforming into the Calif-Ogopa era….

which morphed into the 25flow era and that era has now been reborn into the NuNairobi era.

Throughout this evolution, there is definitely awe in the artists who seem to have transitioned right through the times, remaining relevant to date and there are also sad times where artists fell through the cracks of time for one reason or the other.

It’s bound to be an exciting couple of days as we journey through time so hold on to your seats and catch the ride every Monday through Thursday, 7pm – 10pm on The Jump Off with Corine Onyango and Jinx.

5 Steps To Determine a Record Of The Week

It’s the creme de la creme of music jams that play out on radio each week.

The Record of the Week is a coveted spot on our airwaves and each week, a brand new mission to find and ‘crown’ a jam as ROTW begins.

It’s a tradition that we have carried out for the better part of a decade and I now outline five of what are clearly the most obvious factors to consider before choosing and naming a ROTW.

Please note: The process of picking a ROTW is a combined effort and a process that involves a number of the station’s producers.

That said, these five factors have been created and outlined as perceived by the writer (Rae Kiragu).

(In no particular order)

Must be a certified banger.

I mean just looking at the previous ROTW jams, (queue Cardi B’s Bodak Yellow, Octopizzo’s ‘TBT’ and Busta Rhymes’ ‘Girlfriend’), it is clear that an ROTW must appeal to a large number of people.

Has got to be new.

ROTW singles have often been as new as music that has only just been released. Never in the history of ROTW has there been a jam older than a week, to be put up as Record of the Week.

Is not limited to any genre.

Definitely one of the most versatile elements to this feature is that it can literally be a single from any genre. We’ve had Kenyan jams be ROTW, dancehall singles be ROTW, Hip Hop Jams be ROTW, heck, we’ve even had House music jams be ROTW. Just as long as they are bangers.

Must be representative of our brand voice.

I think it goes without saying that HBR is widely hip hop and urban. It therefore follows that our ROTW, irrespective of what genre it comes from should also be a good representation of this urban culture. I mean can you possibly imagine waking up to a rhumba ROTW on HBR?

It helps if it’s a trend setter.

In ROTW history, we’ve noted that most trend-setting jams have found their way up there. These include hits that introduce a new dance like the Nae Nae or the Dab.


Those are only five factors that determine a ROTW. Remember you can check out all ROTW jams from here.

Kenyan Jams To Have Become Record of the Week This Year

Every so often. a brand new single catches the attention of our producers’ very adept music ears and it earns the chance to rule our airwaves as Record of the Week (abbreviated as ROTW).

It’s never a dull moment on the Record of the Week (ROTW) segment of this website, where hits such as Major Lazer’s ‘Run Up’ and Calvin Harris’s ‘Slide’ (both past ROTWs) have lived.

It where you can go to find out what music jams are creating waves on the scene long before the rest of the world catches on.

It’s been 10 months of celebrating big jams and we have found that in all ten months, these were the 4 Kenyan jams that sat at the ROTW table.


Muthoni Drummer Queen’s ‘Kenyan Message’.

Produced by two incredible Swiss producers Jean “Hook” Geissbuhler and Greg “GR!” Escoffey, Kenyan Message addressed Kenya’s current sociopolitical scene in an well shot, 3 minute something visual and the song, which later received a star studded remix, was actually part of Muthoni’s sophomore album.

This track as the first Kenyan track to be ROTW this year, playing on heavy rotation all week back in March. 


Oksyde & Khaligraph Jones ‘Atiyo Matek’

Shot by Chief Rocker Entertainment, this video was the ultimate collaboration between  mentor and mentee. ‘Atiyo Matek’ was recorded at Blu  Ink studios and was later mastered at Swim Records, and was this Jump Off Frehsman’s first stay at ROTW.


Octopizzo ‘TBT’

Quite possibly the biggest banger to have been released from the 254 this year and definitely not Octopizzo’s first stint at ROTW, having featured multiple times since his ‘Ivo, Ivo, Ivo’ release. 

This former ROTW video was shot in USA by iconic director Russ Fraser and has since gone on to garner millions of views. 


Fena ‘Doing Her Thing Though’

Fena is also one Kenyan artist who is definitely no stranger to being featured on ROTW. This singer has had a slew of hits be on ROTW from as long as I can remember since her ‘African King’ single. ‘Doing Her Thing Though’ pays tribute to Kenyan females who are succeeding at their crafts and features name-drops of famous Kenyan women like, Lupita Nyong’o, Huddah Monroe and Edith Kimani.



King Slayer’s Epic Rap Battles : Part One (Audio)

When he isn’t saving the day as a suit and tie lawyer during the day, Mike Wachira will normally be on your radio airwaves every weekday from 4pm to 7pm on the Ignition show alongside his co hosts Kerry Martin and Sheila Kwamboka. Yes. That’s everyday… every weekday…. save for Friday.

You see on Friday, much like how Clark Kent transforms into Superman,

Clark Kent Becoming Superman

or Bruce Wayne into Batman,


Mike Wachira transforms into *drum rolls go here* the incredible King Slayer!!

No of course we don’t have footage of the actual transformation happening but we do have evidence of his lyrical conquests in the form of battles he has had with some of Kenya’s most renown rappers including the recently named Jump Off Freshmen.

We all love a good epic rap battle and while I still don’t know how King Slayer remains yet to be defeated, here are a few of his battles and our favorite bars from them.

King Slayer VS Timmy Blanco

timmy blanco

“Niliskia song ya Steph featuring Blanco Timmy | I must confess hadi wa leo sijui uliimba nini | Unasema ulifeature,… ukweli ni ulifichwa…”


King Slayer VS Barack Jakuzi

Barak Jacuzzi

“…sielewi vitu unasema | Nimekukimbiza sana ndi maana unahema? | Umetuacha tukisinzia na hii ghasia unatimbia | Sasa badilisha jina, tukuite minus one | Ama tukuite Baba zero, tukuache minus none”



King Slayer VS Khaligraph Jones


Just about every line was epic so here’s part one and two.


The first season of Ignition HBR’s Epic Rap Battle ends this Friday with the most epic finale yet which might feature Nyashinski, Octopizzo, Petra or Xtatic something YOU can vote for here.







Octopizzo Takes Over as This Week’s #ROTW with TBT

Having already featured on Record of the Week (#ROTW) multiple times since his release of the banger ‘Ivo Ivo Ivo’, Octopizzo shines bright still with his latest release #TBT that came hot on the heels of his perceived music nemesis Khaligraph Jone’s ‘Toa Tint’ single.

With a video shot in USA by iconic director Russ Fraser and truly embodies the message of the jam which is all about the classic old school vibes.


Blasting past his competition, listen to this jam as it plays on repeat as this week’s Record of the Week (#ROTW).

Featuring punchlines signature only to this Kibera born and raised emcee like…


“Na bring it back ka #TBT

Watch ikigo viral, VCT

Hii hata watu wa kahawa watatii

Na wenye wa kupenda chai washa tea


Washa eat

Ju kuna venye naskia Sauti Sol wamekaliwa chapati”


This is sure to stay on airwaves across the country for a while and #ROTW is the start.


Hilarious! Octopizzo Disses Khaligraph Yet Again

Octopizzo is clearly having so much fun teasing Khaligraph for  his sudden change in skin tone.

Right after Khaligraph released the track “Toa Tint” addressing the bleaching issue, Octo was back at it again on a long hilarious social media post that was, again,. Mocking the ‘Micasa Sucasa’ rapper.

It read:

“Once upon a time there was 2 Amigos, one of them was called Omolo, Omolo was a shot FAT BLACK kid, he always talked very fast and caught feelings easily. Next to him was his mentor King Octo. Omolo admired King Octos lifestyle to an extent that he wanted to look like him in reality,but he couldn’t loose weight. 9 yrs later Omolo evolved from taking fast to rapping fast, it took him time though before People could understand why he was saying,people still don’t understand what he’s saying. But luckily 9yrs later he got a chance to visit Dubai,Landing there Omolo realized everybody was white and brown and he had a massive culture shock, coz his accent wasn’t matching his looks;he had crazy insecurities like an Alshabab soldier,He tried to use unga but it didn’t work,then he ran to the next store and got body cream, His mentor king octo tried to reach him but couldn’t coz he was traveling in the United States for business. He was asked to diss him but King octo said “I can’t diss a light skinned person,am not racist, am a civilized proud African man. Since then Omolo and King octo haven’t met, but King octo still believes he can change Omolos mind and reverse the experiment. We will miss you Omolo And as king Octos say goes “Wanalack Originality ka photocopy” all we have now of Omolo is a photocopy Sincerely Mentor.  Haya Katoe Diss ingine nangoja #HappyMothersDay Bure kabisa!! #blacklivesmatter #TBT”


And Octo didn’t stop there. He went on to release a diss track, of course targeted at Khali.

Have a listen below: