Nakumatt Coach Wins Monthly Award

Nakumatt FC tactician Anthony Mwangi is the Fidelity Insurance Coach of the Month for May.

With his fete Nakumatt became the 1st team to scoop both player and coach’s gong in a single month following Boniface Mukhekhe’s crowning last week.

The 33 year-old Mwangi was in charge of Nakumatt’s technical bench when they recorded three victories and a draw to claim the most number of league points in May.

10 points garnered in their best run of the season also lifted Nakumatt from relegation embers to mid table comfort. Sofapaka also recorded three victories and a draw but Batoto Ba Mungu tactician John Baraza lost out to Mwangi on superior goal count. 

In spite of the stellar performance in May, Mwangi has since been redeployed to the role of assistant coach with American Melis Medo taking over as the head coach.

Nakumatt launched their May campaign with a hard-fought 3-2 win over Zoo FC in Kericho followed by a two-all draw against AFC Leopards in Machakos. They then defeated Tusker FC 2-1 in Machakos before beating Posta Rangers 2-0 in the last match of the month at Camp Toyoyo Grounds. The good run saw them move from the foot of the Kenyan Premier League table to 12th position.

Mwangi, a former Liberty Academy, and Mathare Youth coach took home with Sh75000 courtesy of sponsors, Fidelity Insurance, and personalized trophy. He attributed the fine run on financial incentives brought in by new owners and paid tribute to Melis who had just joined the team in a consultancy capacity then.

“The injection of financial investment by new owners helped transform the team during that month but I must give credit to the players for rising to the occasion. We previously went into games without proper training but since finance was availed preparations were better.

The players did their part and I’m grateful it won me this award. I must also say the arrival of Melis gave us a renewed impetus and I’m thankful for him. I’m still young and will surely learn a lot from him.” The soft spoken Mwangi remarked

Kenyans Pissed Over Westgate Attack Footage Used In 24: Legacy

For those unaware, 24: Legacy is a US show that airs on the Fox network and serves as a spinoff to the highly rated show 24. The reason as to why a lot of people are going off about the show, mostly Kenyans, is because of the producers poor choice in including actual footage Westgate Mall attack in 2013 – to pad out a storyline about a fictional attack in Egypt.

Here is the official break down of the episode, in case you haven’t caught it yet:

Eric, who recognized Jadalla, asks Grimes about his lead, Gabriel, an arms dealer who provided the jihadists with guns and smuggled them in the US. Since Gabriel will demand secret military schematics in exchange for cooperation, Eric asks Mullins, who denies the proposal because of mistrusting Grimes’ intentions. Ingram has Shalowitz, who knows Mullins is planning to fire him, steal the schematics, which he gives to Eric, who breaks out Grimes; and the duo escapes CTU. Meanwhile, John becomes suspicious of Henry and acquires proof that the footage is fake. The former confronts the latter, who reveals that Jadalla forced him to send the information by threatening to disclose a deal his company made with ISIL.

To remind people of that tragic time and make them relieve memories they deeply want to leave in the past is far beyond annoying and very uncooth. The least they would have done is stage an attack as opposed to using actual footage of the attack.

Kenyan were not happy about this and took to twitter to vent.

Using real footage to depict fiction is an insult to the families who lost their loved ones that day and it’s very sad that such an action is being let to fly.