Lucky Fan Wins Trip To Watch EPL Match

Mercy Nyokabi is set for a coveted three-day trip for two to London, courtesy of the Betway EPL promotion which has run for the past 30 days. 

Ms. Nyokabi, a Human Resource practitioner and avid gamer on Betway has landed various prizes in the last two years. She is a prime example of the Betway promise that “Everyone is a winner with Betway”. The trip to London is the biggest prize she has won so far.

Betway Country Manager, Wanja Gikonyo, handed Mercy her winning ticket and highlighted that Mercy was a representation of the emerging woman gamer. “This is a first at Betway, but a lady winner also confirms what we have known for a while – that women are placing bets more often and wisely so,” Wanja noted.

Upon receiving her award, Mercy noted that her success was due to diligence and research before placing her bets. “I always research about the matches and know what there is to know before placing a bet. As much as a team line up might change, their history and performance is enough for a bet forecast” she said.

Mercy added that she had maintained a nighttime betting routine to ensure sufficient research and a relaxed gaming environment.

Mercy will make the trip come December to watch the Chelsea vs West Ham match during the Premier League. Her winning goes to show that the stereotype that ‘betting is a man’s field’ is false. There are many women like Mercy who bet and win as well.