Wait Till You See Who’s On It! Details on ZJ Heno’s Debut Album

When he isn’t hosting Thursday mid-morning Jam Session or his Sunday afternoon radio show, ZJ Heno is busy doing the only two other things that mean the most to him.

Music and being a dad.

Since featuring on Uptown Radio, ZJ Heno has been a maestro when it comes to Jamaican music and culture and even found a way to integrate that lifestyle here in Kenya by creating Kenyan reggae riddims.

With artist connections from both the 254 and 876 (Jamaica), ZJ Heno’s riddims have earned radio play across the world but he has been stretching his limits, showing us that he is more than just a dancehall deejay.

ZJ Heno’s Thursday Jam Session sees him mix a variety of music genres, teasing it on the radio promo saying…

‘I like to keep people guessing’

Well we so far have heard him churn out impeccable, Rnb, house and even hip hop music mixes, the later of which is the genre he appears to have gravitated towards with this new release of his.

Featuring stars like Khaligraph, Tunji and Ace the Don, it appears Heno’s debut album ‘Loyalty’, will be filled with bars and with international cameos by Major Lazer’s Walshy Fire, UK’s Robbo Ranks and BET Award Winning star Stoneboy, this is definitely set up for success.

The star who is promoting this big debut revealed the official release date as 2nd of February 2018 with pre-orders set for the 19th of January.

Don’t know about you … but I sure can’t wait to get myself a copy.



‘Lean On’ Producer DJ Snake Is In The Country! (Pic)

DJ Snake has given us countless hits including 2013 release ‘Turn Down For What‘ featuring Lil Jon and this French star is currently on Kenyan soil.

If his instagram account is anything to go by, DJ Snake jetted into Africa and posted this serene photo of him sited in what appears to be open Savannah-like grounds which could be anywhere from the Maasai Mara to the Tsavo, with his location text reading ‘Kenya’.

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 21.29.41

DJ Snake famously collaborated with dance music trio Major Lazer on the world wide banger ‘Lean On‘ and his 2016 album ‘Encore’ played host to some of music’s biggest tunes to date like Justin Bieber’s ‘Let Me Love You‘, George Maple’s ‘Talk‘ and ‘Bipolar Sunshine’s ‘Middle‘.

Rumor has it that this house music deejay may be in the country to play at the upcoming Earth Dance Festival and while we are yet to confirm how truthful that could be, DJ Snake now joins the list of other famous stars to have come to Kenya recently including ‘Sorry, Not Sorry‘ artist Demi Lovato and Pop music icon Madonna.

070716-madonna-in-africa  demi-lovato-bikini-kenya-2017-10-1484254299 

Madonna-with-the-Samburu-Tribe demi-lovato-bikini-kenya-2017-3-1484254255


Whether for charity, for Earth Dance or just for vacation, DJ Snake is definitely a force to reckon with and he is currently promoting his latest hit ‘A Different Way’ (a collaboration with an artist called Lauv). 

This producer even made sure to have it feature in this minute long video of his incredible view of the skyline while out in the wild. 



Major Lazer – Know No Better EP Review

(Written By Hondo Kanhema)


It has been 2 weeks exactly since the release of Major Lazers surprise EP, ‘Know No Better’ was dropped seemingly out of nowhere onto Youtube, Spotify, and Google Music on June 1st.


The project brings together artists from all over the globe, featuring African, Brazilian, Hispanic and Caribbean artists who all interestingly add their own element of culture from all corners of the globe, to the 19 minute mixtape.

The small 6 song EP was released alongside the much anticipated single with the same name, ‘Know no Better’ featuring Travis Scott, Camila Cabello and Quavo. The collaboration of these artists alone was enough to generate hype about the track.


  1. Know No Better (feat. Camila Cabello, Travis Scott & Quavo)
  2. Buscando Huellas (feat. Sean Paul & J Balvin)
  3. Particula (feat. Patoranking, Jidenna, Nasty C & Ice Prince)
  4. Jump (feat. Busy Signal)
  5. Sua Cara (feat. Pabllo Vittar & Anitta)
  6. Front of the Line (feat. Machel Montano & Konshens)



major-lazer-know-no-better  Know No Better 

The first track off the EP ‘Know no Better (ft. Travis Stott, Camilla Cabello, Quavo), begins the project with as short, soft piano introduction before evolving into the upbeat, feel good music, that we’ve come to expect from the electronic music trio, Major Lazer. It becomes evident that music group is able to consistently deliver hot tracks to listeners worldwide, constantly staying on the charts. The song feels like it would be a definite summer hit, with Travis Scott and Camila Cabello making a refreshing combination on the chorus and Quavo slinking away from his own group, Migos, once again to deliver an excellent verse.


Major-Lazer-ft-J-Balvin-Sean-Paul-–-Buscando-Huellas-Art  Buscando Huellas

The second song on the project “Buscando Huellas” (ft. J Balvine & Sean Paul) has heavy Spanish as well as Caribbean Influences, evidenced by J Balvine delivering his lines entirely in Spanish, the reggae-ton style beat as well as Sean Paul’s Jamaican reggae style of rap. Although I didn’t get too much of a lasting impression from the song, lovers of Spanish rap and Sean Paul will certainly enjoy the collab between the two reggae-ton artists.


9afc2b818c3bc0406a08eb0a3a152275.810x810x1  Particula

The third song on the EP, “Particula” (ft. Nasty C, Ice Prince, Patoranking, and Jidenna) was one of my favorite on the entire album, as it was able to capture the African vibe, by having a mostly African feature list. The combined production featuring an Afro beat by South African producer, DJ Maphorisa and Major Lazer, combined with the vocals of Jidenna, Nasty C and Patoranking creates a song that just makes you want to dance your worries away.


maxresdefault  Jump

Jump. This song did not disappoint whatsoever in my opinion. Another favorite of mine, this song literally entices you to jump with each beat of the bass, I can guarantee this song is a definite club banger with its fast paced drums, and its intense drop with more bass than you could shake a stick at. Elements of house and reggae are expertly mashed together in this tracks, albeit repetitively, it never sounds like either genre dominates the other. In case you were wondering, Busy signal is able to say ‘Jump’, 44 times (yes I counted) in the short span of three minutes.


maxresdefault (1)  Sua Cara

Sua Cara (ft. Anitta & Pabllo Vittar) is sung entirely in Portuguese, as it features Brazilian singers Anitta & Pabllo Vittar. Although I couldn’t understand a single word in the song, it was still quite enjoyable, being more oriented towards Pop and singing vocals, compared to the rest of the EP. It’s the shortest song on the EP, but still a groovy track (does anyone even say groovy anymore?).


hq720  Front of the line

A dancehall/EDM mix that captures both genres, and somehow mashes them together rather smoothly. An even balance of each genre, Konshens and Machel Montano both flow smoothly on the beat while still retaining a great deal of power and energy. The pair are even mistakable for one another while singing on the chorus, the Jamaican and Trinidadian artists have definitely made a hit that will be listened to internationally.


Overall, the unexpected EP was one that I enjoyed listening to. It seems like Major Lazer is trying to dominate the summer once again with this release with heavy reggae, pop, and house/EDM influences once again. However, the EP fails to bring any new concepts and ideas to the group’s music, some songs on the project made me feel as if I had already heard them in other Major Lazer songs. Maybe this was done on purpose, as the EP was titled “Know no better”; it feels like Major Lazer, knows no better way to produce their songs. Their music is fun, upbeat and a thrill to dance to, but it’s beginning to feel repetitive at this point.

RECORD OF THE WEEK: ‘Run Up’ by Major Lazer Party Next Door & Nicki Minaj

RECORD OF THE WEEK || ‘Run Up’ by Major Lazer Party Next Door & Nicki Minaj||

The rise of the producer as a lead artist continues: Major Lazer are back with another aspiring blockbuster single. “Run Up” sets PARTYNEXTDOOR’s singing and Nicki Minaj’s rapping against some of that low-key electronic island music Diplo, Jillionaire, and Walshy Fire helped to popularize. PARTYNEXTDOOR already has a “One Dance”-core hit on rap and R&B stations with “Not Nice,” but “Run Up,” which could be mistaken for a new Justin Bieber single, will likely help him make the jump to the pop format. Meanwhile Minaj’s verse finds her in full promo mode for LP4, dropping unfortunately timely Monica Lewinsky references along the way.

LYRICS: Barbie Yeah They thought that you was a shy girl

Until I made you my girl Girl you pushed me like a big button

‘Til I cuffed you like you did somethin’

You ain’t gotta wait for it

You ain’t gotta wait for me to give you my love

You ain’t gotta wait for it

Things are gettin’ sticky, girl I think that I’m stuck

I’ll admit I’m wrong when I know that you gon’ come for me

When you gon’ come for me, yeah

Never gonna not not hit that, your lovin’ is drugs to me

When you gon’ come to me, yeah

And every time you hit my phone

When you say you need company, oh I’ma run up on you

I’ma run up on you

I’ma run up on you

I’ma run up on you

I’ma run up on you

I’ma run up on you

I’ma run up on you

I’ma run up on you

I’ma run up on you

I’ma run up on you

Girl you used to bein’ quiet

‘Til I brought that loud

You say your dollars is a mountain

And your mama your accountant

You watch your figure ’cause you a big deal

Got your fresh prince and a big whip

Polo mink coat, that’s a big kill

Put you on a phone like a windshield

I’ll admit I’m wrong when I know that you gon’ come for me

When you gon’ come for me, yeah

Never gonna not not hit that, your lovin’ is drugs to me

When you gon’ come to me, yeah

And every time you hit my phone

When you say you need company,

oh I’ma run up on you

I’ma run up on you

I’ma run up on you

I’ma run up on you

I’ma run up on you

I’ma run up on you

I’ma run up on you

I’ma run up on you

I’ma run up on you

I’ma run up on you

Major keys,

I’m the boss

Don’t Griselda go off?

Left from the loft and went to


Most of these dudes is really quite soft

45 special, this is my cloth

‘Bout to drop a album, this is my fourth

I don’t put sugar in my spaghetti sauce

Drop a freestyle and get these hoes parched

Fire burn the obea man church

Pretty girls, when my girls get right

‘Cause it’s another day, let ya light shine bright

Ain’t none of them in your lane

True mi have di game pon lock, dem wah code

Just link wit some hot gyal out ah road

True mi have di waist small, pretty, bus whine

Rolex nah deh pon uno dutty gyal time?

Yo, I told ’em pull up on me faster than Danica

That’s on the low

I’m tryna blow him like harmonicas

He call me queen, he know “Nicki” is the moniker

He want a mix between Hillary and Monica

I switch it up,

I switch it up

Rip the beat, then I, I stitch it up

Travel, then I bounce, I

ball-Sinead, Sir Barbie a link up Major Lazer

I’ma run up on you

I’ma run up on you

I’ma run up on you

I’ma run up on you

I’ma run up on you

I’ma run up on you

I’ma run up on you

I’ma run up on you

History Made On #GMITM! Watch

Now this is a show that every #GMITM listener will not be forgetting anytime soon, considering how different it was but in case you missed it, not to worry, we covered it all for you.

The man surely needs no introduction (but just for the record) Leighton Walsh aka Walshy Fire co-wrote the Chronixx song “Blaze Up The Fire,” lent his vocals to “Too Original” and along with Diplo, he is one of the members of the chart topping group Major Lazer; who produced Justin Bieber and MO’s hit “Cold Water,” among many more.

He not only did the 10 O’clock news, took over the #GMITM show, let us in on why he is in the country but also dropped,(for the first time) brand new music on Homeboyz Radio’s #GMITM (G-Money In The Morning) show.

Walshy is working on a historical Afro-Caribbean album which he says is geared towards “promoting the cultures to a whole genres of people,” will he be working with any Kenyan on the album?

Among his other projects, while in Africa, the multi-talented producer will also be recording a TV show.

His main agenda in Kenya specifically is:

walshy fire


If he was to describe his works? “Very difficult to put in one word” he says, but if he was to describe it he would say “unifying.”

His live shows are a DJs dream and there is arguably still no match to his craft in Dancehall Emceeing. According to the Jamaican-American DJ and record producer it’s his personality that makes him stand out and win crowds over while emceeing, regardless of the number of times he pulls up a song.

Listen to his latest release “No Laziness” ft. Ketchup and Bunji Garlin below:



His last word of inspiration to anyone working on a project that they believe in is not to give up.

Video Alert! Le Band Cover Major Lazer’s ‘Lean On’ Jam on #WBWR

By now we should be aware that HBR’s weekend show ‘Weekend Breakfast With Rae’ and acoustic renditions are synonymous. A month ago I had the pleasure of hosting fast rising crew ‘Le Band’ for an interesting session where we learnt a few fun things about the crew and also got to listen (and now watch) them perform a number of acoustic renditions to jams.

We may have put them on the spot on this one but they did a great job choosing to even infuse their rendition with some P Unit.

Video credits: Clive Muthomi, Smitten Mwas and Nyota Nyeupe Productions.