Ty Dolla $ign Becomes ROTW With His ‘Ex’ Single

Ty Dolla $ign has been announced as this year’s Jameson headline act and he is currently this week’s Record of the Week thanks to his YG featured single ‘Ex’

Released as part of his ‘Beach House 3’ project, Ty Dolla $ign teams up with producer Bongo By The Way on this jam which you’ll be hearing quite a bit now that’s it’s taken over as the ROTW.

Ty Dolla’s ‘Beach House 3’ features artists like Jeremiah, Lil Wayne, The Dream and Skrillex and its release came amidst a heated lawsuit against both Ty and YG, filed by a man who claims he suffered major injuries at a 2015 club beating incident at one of this star’s stagings.

Here’s ‘Ex’.




I just text my main chick
I told her I ain’t coming home
I just text my main chick
I told her, I ain’t coming home, tonight
Bongo By The Way.(ex)

Mixing Henny with the Bombay
F**k it, I done had a long day
I done linked up with my old thing
Right time, but the wrong place
Yeahh versuri-lyrics.info
Riding ’round with it on me
Got me thinking about all my old days
I been getting money four ways
R. Kelly, “12 Play” with the foreplay
I know, I be up to no good
Baby, I know, I’m just misunderstood.

I just text my main chick
I told her I ain’t coming home
I just text my main chick
I told her, I ain’t coming home, tonight
I just text my main chick
I told her, I ain’t coming home tonight.

Ohh, how you living, nigga, how you living? (skrt)
I’m on jet ski’s with naked bitches
Give my last to these naked bitches
Leave your main squeeze for these naked bitches, yeah
That’s how, you know, when it’s all bad
She call me or text, I could call back
But she imagine in her head I’m doing all that
I tell her I’m not, she like, YG, you a thot.

I know, I be up to no good
Baby, I know, I’m just misunderstood.

Yeah, yeah
A hundred times, told her, I was gon’ stop
But it’s kind of hard, when every night them bottles pop
Yeah, yeah
It’s kind of hard, when you’re making your watch
Make all them nines and tens flop

I just text my main chick
I told her I ain’t coming home
I just text my main chick
I told her I ain’t coming home, tonight
I just text my main chick
I told her I ain’t coming home tonighttt.


The Weeknd & Kendrick Lamar Perform ‘Sidewalks’ Live

Kendrick Lamar surprised The Weeknd fans at a special Vevo show in Los Angeles on Saturday. Coming out during a performance of “Sidewalks” off Starboy, K-Dot and Abel dapped up one another before the TDE spitter delivered his show-stopping, rapid-fire verse.

Backed by a live band, things didn’t end there, as Kendrick stayed through the song’s final chorus, supporting The Weeknd on the streetwise anthem, which features vocals from Sam Smith.

Before “Sidewalks” dropped, The Weeknd said the song helped him see Kendrick’s “genius” ways. “He’s a genius,” he told Beats 1. “He probably came in the afternoon and left late at night. He did it there on the spot. He played the record over and over. I played him songs, the ‘Starboy’ theme, of course, which he incorporated into his verse. He would just walk around, we had food, and he’s writing his verse in his head. He’d go to his phone, look at it a few, put it back in, start walking around. He then at one point went into the studio booth, closed the door, and I could hear him yelling his verse.”

On Friday, Kendrick got a surprise of his own. He invited a fan on stage at his American Express show in Brooklyn, while the man delivered an impressive freestyle backed by K-Dot’s band. The impromptu showing even inspired Kendrick to freestyle live. Watch their mini cypher here.


Flash Back Friday! Octopizzo and Khaligraph’s Viral HBR Cyphers

These two have had it in for each other for the longest time that I couldn’t be bothered to take you down memory lane and explain just how it all started.

Just know that it had something to do with an interview where Octo allegedly pretended not to know who Khali was and (again, allegedly) Khali taking offense at that.

Could all be hear say but that nonetheless, resulted in one of Kenyan hip hop’s most fun ‘back and forth’ since Clepto’s ‘Tuendelee’.

Showing up on HBR’s Hip Hop Culture (hosted then by DJ Finalcut and Frankie), they each did freestyles fittingly over the same beat and the videos went on to garner thousands of views 

All of that happened an entire two years ago and since then, Octo and Khali have gone on to be two of Kenya’s most formidable artists.

Check it out’

Exclusive! H_art the Band Perform Acoustic Rendition to ‘Cool Down’ on #WBWR (Video)

They blasted onto the scene with the hit single ‘Uliza Kiatu’ and before that had a chance to cool down; they were back with ‘Nikikutazama’ and soon after with ‘Baby Love’.

Hart the band came on Weekend Breakfast with (me) Rae and joked about starting a line of happy socks before performing acoustic renditions to a barrage of their singles plus a surprise Kiswahili rendition to Jason Mraz’s ‘I’m Yours’.

The crew also let on that they’re working on an album and that their new song ‘Cool Down’ will be a part of it and ‘Cool Down’ was actually one of the songs they did acoustic renditions to.

Videography: Clive Muthomi and Smitten Mwas.

5 Things We Learnt From Le Band’s Live Radio Performance on #WBWR

Every so often on the Weekend Breakfast with (me) Rae, we get artists to come in and do Live acoustic renditions to their jams as well as to popular jams. 

This weekend, Le Band stepped into the studio and besides having lots of fun, we found out a few fun things. Check them out. 

They’re pretty young. 

The band which is made out of members Joel, Fidel and Ken, without telling us their age said their average age is 21 years. Two of them are currently still in university. 

Kantai Remix was written two years ago. 

Though we’re only hearing about this now, ‘Kantai’ which is Le Band’s current hit single was actually written back in 2014 and the crew only recently thought to re-release it as a remix featuring Khaligraph Jones. 

The started out doing cover jams.

As is the norm with most stars, Le Band would do their own acoustic renditions of other singer’s music getting recognized by Sauti Sol when they did an awesome rendition to their ‘Blue Uniform’ single, going on to open up for the stars at their ‘Live and Die in Afika’ album launch. 

Kantai is turning into a dance craze.

After the release of the jam, the crew started a trend where you can do any dance to the jam, record it, put it on social media, tag them and they will re-post it and give you a shout out. 

Their plans for 2016.

They’ve kick started their year with a bang by opening for Sauti Sol and featuring Khalighraph Jones on a track and they say to watch for bigger and better things to come. 


Le Band also performed an amazing acoustic rendition to Major Lazer’s ‘Lean On’ mixing it in with some P Unit. How did that sound like? We’ll have the video for you courtesy of Sceen Cut Production’s Clive Muthomi and Smitten Mwas.