Miss Kemunto Names And Confronts Her Rapists On Social Media

Easter may have been a great time for most people but for singer Miss Kemunto, it was not.

The singer best recognized for her work as a back up singer on hit TV show Coke Studio and for her collaboration with Steph Kapella on ‘Only One’, revealed on a series of social media posts, that she’s been raped, even going ahead to tag the perpetrators who happen to be Kenyan Rugby players.

While we are yet to verify the facts, the emotion filled posts received quite the feedback with artists like Phy, Le Band, Swiga and Emma Cheruto taking to Kemunto’s defense posting;


Kemunto explains in vivid detail, the occurrences of that unfortunate night before going ahead to tag the rugby players who from her messages have only responded by way of asking her to take down the story, which she put up on her instagram page as stories. 

Here are screenshots of those stories.


Kemunto kept sharing more of her story which gets even more emotional, ending with her revelation of both the perpetrators.




As she follows up her case, we’ll be keeping our prayers with her.

 Before this ordeal, Kemunto had been working to create more music and work on enlarging her brand as a musician.

Here’s footage of her session at HBR.

Miss Kemunto or Kemunto Music also featured on episodes of Jamhuri Festival.

Le Band Drop New Banger ‘Mood’ With Dj Curtis

After their big breakthrough with “Number 1” ft Suzziah, Le Band have been on a music roll.

From the release of ‘Kantai’ ft Khaligraph Jones to the moving ‘For You’ and party anthem ‘Leo(Mututho)’, the four-man group has been releasing hits all year long.

Le Band is now back with a new track labeled ‘Mood’ with DJ Curtis who is the Executive producer. The jam is produced by So Fresh and the lyric video is by Abrayan Makonde.

Take a look below:

After Sensational Love Songs, Le Band Debut a Banger

With high charting hits like ‘For You’ and the Suzziah featured collaboration ‘Number 1’, there isn’t a doubt in our minds that Le Band are great at charming their way into millions of hearts with their symphonic harmonies.

The crew of four had their quick rise to fame on a Khaligraph Jones remix to a jam they’d originally done, ‘Kantai’, and have kept the pace with a slew of hits that quickly followed.

Le Band have now come out with yet another single and in contrast to what we have grown accustomed to, this one is a banger.

Featuring a pool, lots of girls, drinks and food, this song will predictably be a radio hit and soon after, a popular jam in the night clubs.

Here’s the video to Le Band’s brand new hit ‘Leo’.

Le Band Drops New Banger ‘Leo(Mututho)’ – Watch!

Fast-rising boy band ‘Le Band’ are back again with a new track titled ‘Leo(mututho)’.

‘Leo’ is an upbeat track about how Nairobi ladies love to party. The band brings their A game on this one with their amazing vocals and the visuals too do not disappoint.

The video directed and shot by award-winning director Moses Osidiana of Brainworks films is a house party you’ll wish you got an invite. 

Watch ‘Leo’ below:



Le Band Launch Their All New Website

They are the four man crew that took radio airwaves by storm with their remake of childhood saying ‘If Kantai Can Tie a Tie’ into a song called ‘Kantai that even had a remix with Khaligraph Jones.

Following in the footsteps of great Kenyan music groups like Sauti Sol and Elani yet creating their own sound, Le Band have gone on to blow up music charts with their Suzziah collabo ‘Number One’.

When you couple that with the fact that they (Le Band) have performed at some of Kenya’s most massive events like Blankets and Wine, Koroga and have even shared a stage with international star Omarion, it comes at no surprise that their biography warrants an exclusive website.

Le Band announced the news via social media and we can now check out everything we need to know about them on their site.

Listen To Le Band’s New Sensational Love Song “For You”

After the release of their hit song ‘Number 1’, Le Band is back with yet another melodious love song titled ‘For You’.

According to the band, “the message in the song is loud and clear, love unconditionally, love shamelessly, love in the good and in the bad. Life is temporary so show love while people are still here. Be with that person that you love when they are at their best and at their worst and do it not expecting them to do the same.”

‘For You’ was produced by super Kenyan producer MG, video directed and shot by award winning director Moses Osidiana of Brainworks films.

Have a listen below:

Video Alert! Le Band Cover Major Lazer’s ‘Lean On’ Jam on #WBWR

By now we should be aware that HBR’s weekend show ‘Weekend Breakfast With Rae’ and acoustic renditions are synonymous. A month ago I had the pleasure of hosting fast rising crew ‘Le Band’ for an interesting session where we learnt a few fun things about the crew and also got to listen (and now watch) them perform a number of acoustic renditions to jams.

We may have put them on the spot on this one but they did a great job choosing to even infuse their rendition with some P Unit.

Video credits: Clive Muthomi, Smitten Mwas and Nyota Nyeupe Productions.


5 Things We Learnt From Le Band’s Live Radio Performance on #WBWR

Every so often on the Weekend Breakfast with (me) Rae, we get artists to come in and do Live acoustic renditions to their jams as well as to popular jams. 

This weekend, Le Band stepped into the studio and besides having lots of fun, we found out a few fun things. Check them out. 

They’re pretty young. 

The band which is made out of members Joel, Fidel and Ken, without telling us their age said their average age is 21 years. Two of them are currently still in university. 

Kantai Remix was written two years ago. 

Though we’re only hearing about this now, ‘Kantai’ which is Le Band’s current hit single was actually written back in 2014 and the crew only recently thought to re-release it as a remix featuring Khaligraph Jones. 

The started out doing cover jams.

As is the norm with most stars, Le Band would do their own acoustic renditions of other singer’s music getting recognized by Sauti Sol when they did an awesome rendition to their ‘Blue Uniform’ single, going on to open up for the stars at their ‘Live and Die in Afika’ album launch. 

Kantai is turning into a dance craze.

After the release of the jam, the crew started a trend where you can do any dance to the jam, record it, put it on social media, tag them and they will re-post it and give you a shout out. 

Their plans for 2016.

They’ve kick started their year with a bang by opening for Sauti Sol and featuring Khalighraph Jones on a track and they say to watch for bigger and better things to come. 


Le Band also performed an amazing acoustic rendition to Major Lazer’s ‘Lean On’ mixing it in with some P Unit. How did that sound like? We’ll have the video for you courtesy of Sceen Cut Production’s Clive Muthomi and Smitten Mwas.