Khaligraph Jones Drops First Track Off His Album

Khaligraph Jones is due to drop his album Testimony 1990 on June 12th. The rapper has been releasing various tracks, the most recent one being “Now You Know” featuring Tanzania’s Rostam.

“Now You Know” is Khali’s first release off the highly anticipated album.

The track’s audio is by Khali’s Blu Ink Records and beat by Jack on the Beat and the visual directed by Enos Olik.

Check Out Sauti Sol And Khaligraph Jones’ Throwback Pics From “Rewind”

Sauti Sol announced that they will be dropping collabos every month till November and they sure have stayed true to their word.

Their new track “Rewind” featuring Khaligraph Jones is awesome, no doubt. The accompanying video is what stood out though. It brings to life the lyrics to the song where the artists tell us about the struggles they had to go through to make it and how they wish they could rewind it all.

Here’re some of the throwback pics featured on the music video (kweli watu hutoka mbali)

Khali and his boyz

Sauti Sol throwback

Back when Polycarp would play guitar with his shirt off lol

Young souls

They even had the pleasure to meet president Uhuru and former president Obama!



Check Out Khaligraph Jones’ Cartel (Video)

Khaligraph Jones is out to prove that he’s the real rap OG with his latest release “The Khali Cartel” featuring Acts: Span Kob, Don Jowlz, Petra and Sagini.

The Enos Olik directed clip features the artists dropping some major bars back to back at a round table inside a dim lit room, more like a Pablo Escobar kind of vibe.

The audio is mixed and mastered by motif at Blu Ink Corp Studios and co-ordinated by Khaligraph Jones himself.

Check it out below:

Wait Till You See Who’s On It! Details on ZJ Heno’s Debut Album

When he isn’t hosting Thursday mid-morning Jam Session or his Sunday afternoon radio show, ZJ Heno is busy doing the only two other things that mean the most to him.

Music and being a dad.

Since featuring on Uptown Radio, ZJ Heno has been a maestro when it comes to Jamaican music and culture and even found a way to integrate that lifestyle here in Kenya by creating Kenyan reggae riddims.

With artist connections from both the 254 and 876 (Jamaica), ZJ Heno’s riddims have earned radio play across the world but he has been stretching his limits, showing us that he is more than just a dancehall deejay.

ZJ Heno’s Thursday Jam Session sees him mix a variety of music genres, teasing it on the radio promo saying…

‘I like to keep people guessing’

Well we so far have heard him churn out impeccable, Rnb, house and even hip hop music mixes, the later of which is the genre he appears to have gravitated towards with this new release of his.

Featuring stars like Khaligraph, Tunji and Ace the Don, it appears Heno’s debut album ‘Loyalty’, will be filled with bars and with international cameos by Major Lazer’s Walshy Fire, UK’s Robbo Ranks and BET Award Winning star Stoneboy, this is definitely set up for success.

The star who is promoting this big debut revealed the official release date as 2nd of February 2018 with pre-orders set for the 19th of January.

Don’t know about you … but I sure can’t wait to get myself a copy.



Watch Tunji Ft Khaligraph Jones “Mat Za Ronga” Remix Video

Months after releasing the song ‘Mat Za Ronga’ – a song that celebrates the matatu culture in Kenya, Tunji did a remix to the track and it is a huge hit.

Featuring self-proclaimed OG Khaligraph Jones, Tunji has now released the remix video to ‘Mat Za Ronga’.

The video was shot at KICC and directed by Ivan Odie of Callivan Creatives.

Check it out below:

Chin Bees Taps Khaligraph Jones For “Kababaye” Remix – Listen

Rapper Khaligraph dJones has teamed up with Tanzania’s highflying recording and performing artiste Chin Bees for a remix to trap anthem “Kababaye”.

Chin Bees has been ruling the hip-hop airwaves in Tanzania with hits such as ‘Kababaye’, ‘Pepeta’ and ‘Nyonga Nyonga’ and is now on a mission to break into the Kenyan market.

What better way to do so than with the OG himself? Have a listen below:

Mercy Myra Taps Khaligraph Jones For New Song “Malo” – Listen

Mercy Myra is back with a bang!

After being featured in Feels Like Love single by Vicmass Luodollar, the Afro-pop artist has now teamed up with rapper Khaligraph Jones for an encouragement anthem dubbed ‘Malo’ (which is Luo for ‘up’).

Mercy has been off the radar for a while now since relocating to the US with her then-husband, rapper Attitude. She signed with Atlanta-based label, Nu Royal Records in 2016 and fans have been waiting to listen to her ‘new’ sound.

Well, have a listen to ‘Malo’ below:

Which Kenyan Hip Hop Era Are YOU From?

Evolution – definition: the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form.

This week on HBR’s dedicated hip hop show The Jump Off, e-news correspondent Jinx will be breaking down Kenya’s hip hop eras. 

Like all music genres across the world, Kenyan Hip Hop has evolved and its evolution has spawned some of the great lyricists that we have today including our very own Jump Off Freshmen.

Seeing as how learning about the evolution of something helps better understand it and grow a deeper appreciation of it, this week may very well be your chance to hear about and fall in love with Kenyan hip hop.

As explained on the Monday night edition of The Jump Off, Kenyan hip hop has grown through specific time periods, starting off from …

…the Ukoo Flani- Kalamashaka era,

…transforming into the Calif-Ogopa era….

which morphed into the 25flow era and that era has now been reborn into the NuNairobi era.

Throughout this evolution, there is definitely awe in the artists who seem to have transitioned right through the times, remaining relevant to date and there are also sad times where artists fell through the cracks of time for one reason or the other.

It’s bound to be an exciting couple of days as we journey through time so hold on to your seats and catch the ride every Monday through Thursday, 7pm – 10pm on The Jump Off with Corine Onyango and Jinx.

After Sensational Love Songs, Le Band Debut a Banger

With high charting hits like ‘For You’ and the Suzziah featured collaboration ‘Number 1’, there isn’t a doubt in our minds that Le Band are great at charming their way into millions of hearts with their symphonic harmonies.

The crew of four had their quick rise to fame on a Khaligraph Jones remix to a jam they’d originally done, ‘Kantai’, and have kept the pace with a slew of hits that quickly followed.

Le Band have now come out with yet another single and in contrast to what we have grown accustomed to, this one is a banger.

Featuring a pool, lots of girls, drinks and food, this song will predictably be a radio hit and soon after, a popular jam in the night clubs.

Here’s the video to Le Band’s brand new hit ‘Leo’.