5 Kenyan Artists With Singles Perfect For THIS Season

It’s not surprising that Kenyan musicians always jump at opportunities to make music and while it’s been no different this election period, we have got to pay homage to the artists who have notably released singles in the past that are just so fittingly perfect for this period in time.

Now more than ever, we as a nation will gravitate towards instances where unity is promoted, through the language of peace and with a keen remembrance of why we should love this great nation of ours and why we should be proud to be Kenyan.

There are definitely more than 5 Kenyan artists and definitely more than 5 Kenyan songs that do just that so while our list is brief, feel free to add to it in the comment section below. 

(In no particular order) 


Dela – National Anthem

Eric Wainaina – Daima

Miss A – One Nation

H_art The Band – Think


Moepei Quartet – My Land Is (Cover of Roger Whitaker Original)



The American Dream? What About The Kenyan Dream?


By Hondo Kanhema and Khanyilanga Ndlovu


We all know of the “American Dream” that Americans love to rave on about, a humble 2 floor home with a spouse and two kids, surrounded by a white picket fence, in addition to getting rich and famous. But as times change, and Kenya turns into a prospering young nation, we must start to ask ourselves, what is the Kenyan Dream?


Here’s a few inputs of what the Kenyan Dream looks like to many Kenyans on the Reddit community of /r/Kenya :


‘BantuKitty’ has a fairly simplistic and general concept of her ideal Kenyan Dream which can most likely be attested to her parents’ influence.



In response to ‘BantuKitty’s comment, ‘Munene50’ reminds us to maintain our traditions amidst the changing times.



User ‘Muhe95’ is able to bring up a dream that we can all sadly relate to (Seriously though, we don’t think we can keep up with any more of Zuku’s shenanigans).



Very honest user ‘grandboyman’ has a very entrepreneurial outlook which then deteriorates into a more nefarious scheme which provides very little positive contributions to the already crooked system (C’mon man, last thing we need is more corruption, SMH).



‘finder254’ needs to adopt a more optimistic outlook on life like fellow user ‘happyanxious11’ above him. Like Helen Keller once said: “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence”.



Corruption is a plague on the nation, ‘Kenyanstoner’, and I don’t think contributing to it will help anyone but yourself.



This classic, bejeweled fantasy goes without saying honestly, I don’t think we need say more. (But good luck at beating the odds).



A notable mention: ‘zeusdrew’ doesn’t fail to touch on a thought-provoking point; that we cannot fully compose an image of one definite Kenyan Dream as our society is still evolving with the youth pioneering, innovating and intensely navigating the way. (But…how does an individual get one and a half kids? Like what is half a kid honestly?)




Which user do you agree with most? Leave your answer in the poll below.

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Should Heartbreak Sound THIS Good? It Sure Does On Tetu Shani’s ‘Samalina’.

He sings about a village girl whose lover helps her get to the big bright city of Nairobi but who then forgets all about him after she gets there.

Sounds like a sad story although between being blown away by his incredible vocals and a hypnotic acoustic backing, one has to wonder, should heartbreak sound THIS good? Because it sure does in Tetu Shani’s ‘Samalina’.

Released on YouTube yesterday (March 3rd), this is yet another epic installment from the singer who suffice it to say left us amazed with his Mayonde collabo (video to which isn’t out yet), ‘Chemistry’, a single which featured on last weekend’s edition of ‘Weekend Breakfast’ where two Kenyan EDM remixes battled it out for the title of Under Cover winner.

Tetu Shani is set to feature on Patricia Kihoro’s Afro-Central show this Sunday (11am to 1pm) where he’ll be talking about Samalina on her ‘New at Noon’ feature and who knows, might even get to perform it on air.

While we await that exclusive interview where details of any other oncoming projects following ‘Samalina’ should be revealed, let’s see what you think of this single and whether or not you too know of a ‘Samalina’ kind of girl.


Compilation Of The Diss Tracks For #whoisking Rap Battle

Sometime back,Kenyan rappers went on a #whoisking challenge whereby they tried to outshine each other by trying to prove that they are better than the rest when it comes to rapping.

Rappers like Khaligraph Jones and King Kaka took part in the challenge that has ultimately bred the now famous, Pilau Njeri by Femi One.

Here is a compilation of the videos that made up the ultimate #whoisking rap battle challenges in all of Kenyan history.

Having A Bad Day? Jaya And Jaydee Have Some Encouragement For You.

Singer Jaya was a guest on Mwalimu Rachel’s Music Room a few weeks ago, an interview that was full of positivity and encouragement for the young woman in today’s society. If you missed it, catch it here.

Now she teams up with Jaydee on a track that has more of that positive vibe. The track called Sasa (Right Now) is off her up-coming debut solo record and believe me when I tell you that if you’re having a bad day you definitely need to listen to this song and watch the video because it will have you feeling much much better. The message of the song is simple “live for today, don’t be anxious about tomorrow”. That’s actually in the Bible.


We often praise our mothers but never really see/ we ignore the impact that our fathers have in our lives. Jaya doesn’t ignore her father’s role, as shown in her debut single off the solo record, Wewe Ndiwe.