5 Kenyan Musicians Going Strong After A Decade

The Kenyan music industry has grown tremendously over the years. However, as many artists can attest to, it is not an easy industry to penetrate. It takes hard work, great talent and perseverance to remain relevant.

Artists have come and gone and some have managed to stay through it all. Let’s take a look at Kenyan musicians who are still here after more than a decade long:


We got to know Wyre back in 2000 when he was in the music group Necessary Noise. The group ultimately split and Wyre continued doing music. 2013 became a great year for him when he released his single ‘Nakupenda pia’, a collaboration with one of Jamaica’s finest dancehall queens Alaine.

Wyre went on and scooped the Best New Entertainment award during the International Reggae and world Music Awards last year.


He is considered as the king of Kenyan Dancehall and he sure is. Redsan burst to limelight in the 90 with hit songs like ‘Kenyan’, ‘Wanipa raha’, ‘Step On It’, ‘Chiken’ that made up his first album ‘Seasons of the San’ , released in 2002.

He has managed to remain relevant releasing hits over the years and becoming one of the most sort after Kenyan stage performers.

Jua Cali

Founding Calif Records with his friend clemo marked Jua Cali’s music journey back in 2000.

He recorded first song ‘Ruka’ , in 2001, and followed it with major hits like ‘Nipe Asali ’, ‘Kamata Dame’ a collaboration with Pilipili, ‘Kiasi’, ‘Kwaheri’, ‘hadija’, ‘Mtoto wa geti kali’ among others.

He has managed to stay relevant over the years with his music genre ‘Genge’.


Nameless started singing when some of us were still in diapers (pun intended).

He is one of the pioneers of Genge having made his mark  when he joined Ogopa Deejays recording stable in 2001 recording his first single ‘Megarider’.

He has released hit over the years  and his first album ‘On Fire’ that was released in 2004 and went on to be awarded as the Best Album In East Africa in the 2005 Tanzanian Music Awards.


He prefers to be reffered to as ‘the godfather of Genge’ probably because he’s been in the industry for a while now.

‘Manzi Wa Nairobi’ was his first hit track released in 2002 and we sure cannot forget ‘We Kamu’ that was a mega hit.

He has continued to release great music as well as forming and mentoring of the successful group P-Unit.