JSHBR’s Dance Friday Explained!

Earlier this year, I (Rae Kiragu) was given the incredible opportunity to take on a new On-Air time slot that was mid-morning radio! (JSHBR)

Jam Session HBR – abbreviated as JSHBR airs Monday through Friday from 10am to 1pm (EAT)

Granted that leaving my previous slot The Weekend Breakfast (WBWR) proved to not be the easiest (read about my transition here), there was no denying that finally making it onto day-time radio felt like I was receiving a prize.

Whats-more, JSHBR was going to be (and is) an extension of the already successful deejay jam session mix-shows that existed albeit occupying one-hour slots. That meant that not only was I getting a new time slot, but I was also getting five epic co-hosts along with it!

With each day boasting of its own kind of chemistry, sound and general feel, Friday felt most appropriate to play host to a feature I only too enthusiastically created called ‘Dance Friday’.

Why create it? Because what’s a deejay mix-show if not a party!

Its aim? To create and provide a platform where Kenyan dancers, dance crews and choreographers could interact directly with an audience they may not have previously have had access to, while providing our Jam Session family with an enjoyable Live stream feed!

We have so far had the pleasure of hosting a number of dance crews and it became apparent that the dance industry is large and wildly unexploited!

So if you would like to get to know more about the dancers who are creating waves in Kenya…

And the choreographers behind them….

Or perhaps hear from the Kenyan creators of the worldly celebrated and internationally recognized apparel worn by dancers and athletes…

Maybe even get to watch the action for yourselfm via Live Stream, then catch JSHBR every Friday! And oh,… find some WiFi or have your bundles with you!


Taxify Offers Discount Rides For #FreeYourMind Concert Goers.

The good folks over at Taxify are asking you to get down to the Free Your Mind concert this coming Friday, and they don’t want you to dig too deep into your pocket to do so.

They have just unveiled a raft of offers that will see those purchasing tickets to the gig headlined by Jamaican dancehall star Kranium, who will be live at The Ballroom on the 6th of April.

If you have picked up a regular ticket, you get to save 300 bob off your journey to the venue, while if you are balling and have purchased a VIP ticket, you get 500 shillings off.

This will be Kranium’s first performance in the 254 and he will be surrounded by the baddest crew including DJ Maphorisa of ‘In Particular’ fame. Also touching the stage alongside Kranium will be H_art The Band, DJ KACE, Joe Mfalme and Suraj amongst others.

The venue, at the International Casino Complex is pretty much the guaranteed place to be this weekend.

Free Your Mind is all about challenging your reality, and allowing yourself to go with the flow and with the music.

Free your mind from the stress of finding a ride, through one of the event’s official partners, Taxify.

Follow Taxify on Twitter for more details!



In It To Win It! Kenyan Singer Silayio Wows On The Voice (Videos)

For cover song addicts like myself, nothing beats watching music competitions because along with discovering amazing talent, those competitions are more often than not, home to some of the world’s best covers.

This weekend, thanks to emcee and radio show host DnG Kenya, some of us were introduced to the fact that Neema Ntalel, a Kenyan singer who goes by the name Silaiyo, is currently on the Holland edition of The Voice.

Neema (Swahili for God’s Grace) is a Kora Award winning singer and her prowess definitely shows in how she blasted into the competition singing Christina Aguilera’s ‘The Voice Within’, managing to get two of the judges to turn.


DNG’s post showed how close the two had been, writing that they’d even been neighbors growing up, and he was later joined by even more Kenyan celebrities among them publicist, journalist and blogger Anyiko who posted;

Remember Neema Ntalel? Well, that’s not really a question because she’s unforgettable! Wonder how I am just finding out that she’s been on @thevoiceofholland which BTW is the origin of the entire #TheVoice concept and franchise! She’s on her way to the Knockouts and I am praying so hard that she makes it through to the Live Rounds! “First Kenyan to win The Voice” – that’s the headline I want to see! But more so, want to see her win because she is so deserving of it! Congrats @silayio_silayio ❤️❤️❤️ I am a sucker for Voice and always loved Neema. Couldn’t be happier and prouder!

If you’ve watched The Voice before, then you know that after making it into the competition, by getting one or more judges to turn their seat(s) for you, you then go into the ‘battle rounds’, which is where you sing against another singer in the hopes that you’ll remain in the competition.

For her battle rounds, Silayio belted out (one of my favorite singles) ‘Scared To Be Lonely’ by Martin Garrix and Dua Lipa and she won!

Check it out;

Great right? Many Kenyan stars and fans have since shown their love for Silayio but perhaps none more than Jaya Awinja who appeared to have been cheering her on straight from the backstage booth.

Silayio is now awaiting the Knockout stage of the competition which, according to an instagram post of hers, is about a week away.

Taking It Back! Biggest Stories To Have Come Out In 2017

Despite having been a politically fueled year, 2017 was without a doubt one of music’s biggest years with the release of a major album from Jay Z,…

a Busta Rhymes fire comeback that saw him embrace his Jamaican background and feature Tory Lanez and dancehall legend Vybz Kartel,…..

the youngest Jump Off Freshman class yet #NuLifeKe ….


and of course, the reign of Cardi B.

In fact, there were so many different and entertaining things that happened.


I mean Femi One fully embraced her sexy in 2017….





Khaligraph Jones got accused of ‘bleaching his skin’ and responded to Vera Sidika’s comments about it via a freestyle in 2017…

Chipukeezy apologized to Kenyan Hollywood star Christine Wawira after lying about what really happened during his meet and greet with Kevin Hart.


Kenyan artists proved their prowess by releasing viral music videos that garnered millions of views in a matter of weeks including….

Octopizzo’s ‘TBT’

and Nyashinski’s ‘Malaika’.

Our artists also pushed the boundaries of raunchiness releasing sizzling visuals like Sauti Sol’s black women appreciation video for ‘Melanin’.

And collaborations came in numbers, some with fellow Kenyan starts and others (like is the case with Victoria Kimani) were collaborations with Grammy awarded superstars.

Along with sexy singles and dope coallabos, 2017 was also the year of the ultimate comebacks with beloved Kenyan music group Camp Mulla, dropping while re-uniting on stage at the Jameson Party.

See what we mean? 2017 was definitely jam packed with great news and new music which only leads us to anticipate an even bigger year this 2018.

Lol! Magazine Claims Lupita Is From This Fictional Country

I mean I know Kenya is just a wee little country as compared  to other massive states across the world but you’d think that after being named one of six black women to have won an  Oscar in the Best Supporting Character category, it would now be common knowledge that Lupita Nyong’o is in fact from Kenya.

Nope. Not to everyone.

According to British Airways Magazine (published some time this year), an article within it, which ironically was meant to match popular stars with their birth countries, matched ’12 years a slave’ star Lupita Nyong’o to fictional country (from Marvel Comic ‘Black Panther’), ‘Wakanda’.

Yeah. Not only is she not from there but also, Wakanda doesn’t exist.

The writer is clearly a fan of ‘Black Panther’, a comic series that is being turned into a film (which is set to feature Lupita Nyong’o) and whose release date is being projected to be February of 2018.

The story has since been edited accordingly and while it is not a serious issue, it definitely was funny. 

Here are two photos of Lupita in Black Panther (and her character as portrayed in the comics).

blackpanther-lupita-1-1001933 CiRix-aVEAAeCR-

‘Lean On’ Producer DJ Snake Is In The Country! (Pic)

DJ Snake has given us countless hits including 2013 release ‘Turn Down For What‘ featuring Lil Jon and this French star is currently on Kenyan soil.

If his instagram account is anything to go by, DJ Snake jetted into Africa and posted this serene photo of him sited in what appears to be open Savannah-like grounds which could be anywhere from the Maasai Mara to the Tsavo, with his location text reading ‘Kenya’.

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 21.29.41

DJ Snake famously collaborated with dance music trio Major Lazer on the world wide banger ‘Lean On‘ and his 2016 album ‘Encore’ played host to some of music’s biggest tunes to date like Justin Bieber’s ‘Let Me Love You‘, George Maple’s ‘Talk‘ and ‘Bipolar Sunshine’s ‘Middle‘.

Rumor has it that this house music deejay may be in the country to play at the upcoming Earth Dance Festival and while we are yet to confirm how truthful that could be, DJ Snake now joins the list of other famous stars to have come to Kenya recently including ‘Sorry, Not Sorry‘ artist Demi Lovato and Pop music icon Madonna.

070716-madonna-in-africa  demi-lovato-bikini-kenya-2017-10-1484254299 

Madonna-with-the-Samburu-Tribe demi-lovato-bikini-kenya-2017-3-1484254255


Whether for charity, for Earth Dance or just for vacation, DJ Snake is definitely a force to reckon with and he is currently promoting his latest hit ‘A Different Way’ (a collaboration with an artist called Lauv). 

This producer even made sure to have it feature in this minute long video of his incredible view of the skyline while out in the wild. 



5 Kenyan Artists With Singles Perfect For THIS Season

It’s not surprising that Kenyan musicians always jump at opportunities to make music and while it’s been no different this election period, we have got to pay homage to the artists who have notably released singles in the past that are just so fittingly perfect for this period in time.

Now more than ever, we as a nation will gravitate towards instances where unity is promoted, through the language of peace and with a keen remembrance of why we should love this great nation of ours and why we should be proud to be Kenyan.

There are definitely more than 5 Kenyan artists and definitely more than 5 Kenyan songs that do just that so while our list is brief, feel free to add to it in the comment section below. 

(In no particular order) 


Dela – National Anthem

Eric Wainaina – Daima

Miss A – One Nation

H_art The Band – Think


Moepei Quartet – My Land Is (Cover of Roger Whitaker Original)



Victoria Kimani Teams Up With Grammy Award Winning Duo (Audio)

It’s paper chasing season for Victoria Kimani who’s been steadily releasing music and music videos in the recent past and who, in that same tradition, has released, as DJ Khaled would say, ‘another one’, this time featuring Grammy Award Winning, American duo R City.

The duo who we know and love for creating and releasing multiple hit songs such as ‘Locked Away‘ and ‘Make Up’ (posted below), is actually made up of brothers Theron and Timothy Thomas and together, they’ve been contributing to music culture in a major way, writing songs for stars like Akon, Usher, Sean Kingston and Ashley Simpson (to name only a few) for over a decade.

While details of how this link up came to be remain unclear, what is clear is that Victoria Kimani has a sure plan to achieve music chart domination and if this newly released collabo is anything to go by then I say her plan is well in motion.

Victoria credits her style from her Kenyan heritage and her affiliation and stay with Naija music label Chocolate City, both being clearly evident in this new release. Check it out.



These Kenyan National Anthem Renditions Will Give You Chills

It’s a music piece that was written long before our independence back in 1963 and as much as we (Kenyans) might know all only the first stanza most some of the words to it, these 5 renditions to it will truly give you all the chills. 

Redfourth Chorus (Recorded as  part of a National Anthem Challenge posted by Kenyan music group Sarabi)



Dela Singer




The Nairobi Orchestra 


The Kenyan National Anthem plays quite a bit in world sporting events thanks to our top athletes and their consistent winning streak.

It has been named as one of the worlds best national anthems and these are just a few of the posts from people who heard it at the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 17.26.44



#YoungVote : Young People Taking Over Politics (Part 1)

What a time to be young!

Is it just me or does there seem to be a change in how politics operates these days?

I mean from Donald Trump’s (widely perceived) surprising win, to France voting in the candidate with (in comparison to his competition at the time) the least amount of “political background”, seems to be that politics is now anyone’s game, which may just be a good thing.

In fact, in a season where most of what you’ll see on TV, hear on the radio or read about online will be politics since it is (understandably) election period here at home, I’ll be doing a series of posts where I spotlight young leaders in Kenya.

These are people who would a decade ago not have had the courage to run for a government position and even if they did, they would definitely not have been the prefered candidate of choice solely based on the myth that ‘younger may equal less experienced.’

So why the change?

Is it education? Are we any more educated than we were many years ago? Could be.

Is it exposure to different cultures and the continued uprise of the ‘equality’ (gender and otherwise) movements. That would definitely be a valid reason.

Or, even still, could it be the experience of having long term rule by people who over-promised and under-delivered so much so, that we are now at the point of accepting the ‘newer’ candidate with a perceived ‘clean slate’?

All of these are valid reasons.

Irrespective of the reasons behind this change in politics, young leaders are always a beacon of hope that just maybe, there remains a chance to salvage the present and work towards a future which will provide benefits that will best serve the current generation.

This is of course only if the fuel or motivation behind these young politicians is true and genuine and not (at least in the case of Kenyan politics) driven by the allure of a fat paycheck.

So sit back and read more about some of Kenya’s youngest politicians and hopefully even get a chance to field some of your questions and have them answered by them.

For now, please head on over to Facebook (click here) to participate in our poll regarding whether or not you would consider a career in Kenyan politics.