New Music Alert: JuaCali Ft Wyre “Vile Naskia”

Kenya’s Genge master Juacali and the Dancehall and Reggae King Wyre have teamed up for a new jam.

Dubbed ‘Vile Naskia’, the track is a perfect blend of Ragga, Reggae and Genge.

Last time Wyre and Juacali collaborated on a track was four years ago with the ‘Khadija Remix’ and I must say they’ve killed it on this new track.

Have a listen below:


10 Throwback Songs We Will Never Get Over

Remember those good old days we used to sing along to “utachonga viazi, if you don’t…” only the 80’s and 90’s kids will know the ending of that part and let me tell you those were the days. Sure the quality of videos was not that great but the music definitely made up for it. If you missed those unforgettable songs then have no fear because HBR is here.

Here are 10 Kenyan throwbacks that will make you want to relive those days.




Trey Songz Set To Perfom In Coke Studio Africa 4

Coke studio just announced that the legendary American actor/singer/song writer will be performing in Coke studio 4 alongside Nyashinski. They wrote on their page, “BREAKING NEWS: Joining Coke Studio Africa Season 4 is singer, songwriter, record producer and actor… @treysongz! Follow the conversation on #CokeStudioAfrica.”

Other big names that have graced the coke studio Africa stage are Wyclef and Neyo. Some kenyan artist who will be featured on this season are Avril, Elani and Juacali. If we will never do anything else in our entire lives, lets just make sure that we tune in to Mr. steal your girl’s episode because i know i speak for alot of ladies out here when i say, watching Trey blow up the mic is a dream come true anyday, anytime.

Is Juacali’s New Video A Hit Or Miss?

Hail Juacali back in the day for bringing us songs like ‘Kiasi’, ‘Ngeli ya genge’ and ‘kwaheri’ that had everyone up on their feet jamming to the tunes. His music style can be described as Genge and so this Mgenge has gone ahead to release yet another music video called ‘Safsana’ which premiered a few hours ago. What are your two cents on the video? Is it a yay or nay?