Jimwat Hits Back At King Kaka In New Diss Track

 ‘Under 18’ hitmaker Jimwat is out to get back at King Kaka for mentioning him in his recent track Mistarillionaire.

In the song released on the first day of the year, King Kaka mentioned various artist who refused to work with him when he was coming up, among them Jimwat, Mejja and Jua Cali.

Jimwat did not take this too kindly and dropped a diss track specially dedicated to King Kaka.

He claims that King Kaka didn’t offer much help when he was trying to make a comeback and goes on to criticize the Kaka Empire boss for calling himself king of rap music yet no king can crown himself.

Have a listen below:

Jaguar on How He Helped Revive Jimwat’s Career

Jaguar has a bunch of radio hit singles online and along with that, holds a post in Kenya’s National Agency for the Campaign against Drug Abuse (Nacada), a post he’s been pretty vocal about.

This ‘One Centimeter’ singer was on an exclusive phone interview with media source Mseto where he talked about the saddening reality about singer Chidi Benz and how drugs came close to ruining his career. Chidi is however in rehab and an online video says he’s proudly one month sober.

That aside, Jaguar revealed in that very phone interview that he spoke to Jimwat and that he’s glad that sit down yielded great results as the ‘Under 18’ singer is currently in the process of reviving his career.

Definitely great to see that Jaguar is using his position to help out any youth dealing or suffering from drug abuse, although he jokingly extended help to one Prezzo after he showed up visibly intoxicated on Betty Kyalo’s leading Friday news show on KTN.