In It To Win It! Kenyan Singer Silayio Wows On The Voice (Videos)

For cover song addicts like myself, nothing beats watching music competitions because along with discovering amazing talent, those competitions are more often than not, home to some of the world’s best covers.

This weekend, thanks to emcee and radio show host DnG Kenya, some of us were introduced to the fact that Neema Ntalel, a Kenyan singer who goes by the name Silaiyo, is currently on the Holland edition of The Voice.

Neema (Swahili for God’s Grace) is a Kora Award winning singer and her prowess definitely shows in how she blasted into the competition singing Christina Aguilera’s ‘The Voice Within’, managing to get two of the judges to turn.


DNG’s post showed how close the two had been, writing that they’d even been neighbors growing up, and he was later joined by even more Kenyan celebrities among them publicist, journalist and blogger Anyiko who posted;

Remember Neema Ntalel? Well, that’s not really a question because she’s unforgettable! Wonder how I am just finding out that she’s been on @thevoiceofholland which BTW is the origin of the entire #TheVoice concept and franchise! She’s on her way to the Knockouts and I am praying so hard that she makes it through to the Live Rounds! “First Kenyan to win The Voice” – that’s the headline I want to see! But more so, want to see her win because she is so deserving of it! Congrats @silayio_silayio ❤️❤️❤️ I am a sucker for Voice and always loved Neema. Couldn’t be happier and prouder!

If you’ve watched The Voice before, then you know that after making it into the competition, by getting one or more judges to turn their seat(s) for you, you then go into the ‘battle rounds’, which is where you sing against another singer in the hopes that you’ll remain in the competition.

For her battle rounds, Silayio belted out (one of my favorite singles) ‘Scared To Be Lonely’ by Martin Garrix and Dua Lipa and she won!

Check it out;

Great right? Many Kenyan stars and fans have since shown their love for Silayio but perhaps none more than Jaya Awinja who appeared to have been cheering her on straight from the backstage booth.

Silayio is now awaiting the Knockout stage of the competition which, according to an instagram post of hers, is about a week away.

It Has Happened! Another Kenyan Oscar Submitted Movie

Would you look at that? We moved from having a Kenyan Oscar nominee turned winner to having one of our own productions nominated for this prestigious movie award.

Co-wrtten and directed by Just a Band member Mbithi, ‘Kati Kati’, the film about the afterlife has now become our second entry into the Oscars, being nominated under the Foreign Language Film category. 

The film which is a project of the One Fine Day workshops (the same workshops that helped birth Tosh Gitonga’s ‘Nairobi Half Life’) tells an engaging story about the after-life, with the setting being a sort of limbo (Kati Kati) where ‘spirits’ go after passing away.

Mbithi shared the news of Kati Kati being recognized as our official Oscar submission via instagram posting;

Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 11.36.45

The film workshops are a collaborative two-module training initiative by One Fine Day Films and Kenyan-based production company Ginger Ink in partnership with DW Akademie. 


Feating seasoned stars like Nyokabi Gethaiga (main character) and Elsaphan Njora here’s a look at ‘Kati Kati’. 

Kati Kati

HBR’s EXCLUSIVE Tinie Tempah Interview

It’s been quite the year for Kenya. We normally would watch as mega super stars just jet set past our country to go throw down incredible performances at countries other than our own but no! Not this time! Lady luck has clearly been great to us because Trey Songs, Chris Brown, Tiwa Savage, Fuse ODG and Awilo Longomba have been nut just a few big names who came down to the 254.

Perhaps closing out the year in the best way, #JamesonConnectKenya have outdone themselves yet again, locking down UK powerhouse Tinie Tempah for this year’s party which will go down Dec 3rd at the Carnivore.

While G Money had the honor of having a one on one and a music mix from radio and music legend and former BBC 1 Xtra colluege Tim Westwood whose name, thanks to his wildly popular YouTube channel, is almost impossible to say without adding TV at the end, it was hip hop queen Corine who had a one on one with ‘Mamacita’ star Tinie Tempah.

He’s black, talented AND he’s got a British accent! The wait seems too long and while we’re thankfully getting closer and closer to watching him up on stage, Corine just couldn’t wait and decided to get on the phone with him.

Turns out, he’s never been to EAST Africa (so take that Tanzania and Uganda! For once we host a star before YOU do), he’s super excited to come through, is hoping for great weather and … well, let me let you listen to the rest.