Sooo… Will Smith Murdered The Shiggy Dance Challenge (Video)

I mean one minute this was a funny dance move just floating around vines and social media, and then next, it’s a full blown viral dance challenge that has e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e including famous stars like Will Smith joining in.

So let me back up for a minute.

Inspired by Drake’s single ‘In My Feelings’, the dance challenge first appeared on an instagram account @theshiggyshow in which the creator Shiggy, is seen dancing to the jam.

Soon after, the #DoTheShiggyChallenge started online with athletes, singers and famous people all doing the Shiggy.

While all their videos and dance renditions to that jam were plausible, thanks to Will Smith, we now have what is probably the ultimate Shiggy of all time.

Yeah it’s definitely going to be hard to top dancing on top of a bridge.

Will’s video garnered over sixteen million views on Instagram and even had Drake post a response that read;

‘Wow. The video is done.’

Have YOU done the Shiggy challenge yet?… 


Fascinating Facts About The Apps We Use Today

Written By: Nadia Nguru

1.Although having gained reasonable competition from Snapchat and Instagram, Facebook still remains the most used app of all time reporting over 80% of app users using this app as of 2017

2. Ever wondered why you open snapchat for 10 mins and suddenly your battery drops from 50 to 10 per cent? Well, the answer is simple. Using snapchat requires the use of your camera, thus, whenever your snapchat app is open, it means your camera is running too.

3. The most popular picture on instagram belongs to none other than Queen Bey (as if we ever doubted it) and has over 6 MILLION likes. That is almost double the population of Nairobi in 2009!

4. Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have enough followers that if their instagram followers were a country, they would have the fifth most populous country in the world.  







5. Currently, WhatsApp has only 55 people employees. Meaning the typical software engineer at WhatsApp earns between $100000-$200000. One can only imagine what it would be like to work for WhatsApp.





6. WhatsApp became famous without spending ANY money on marketing!

7. Every second there are approximately 20,000 people on Facebook. I can’t even find 200 people to attend my birthday!

DK Kwenye Beat Releases New Jam And Responds To Body Shamers

DK Kwenye Beat first came onto the public stage when his Saint P produced single ‘Sari Sari’ hit airwaves and reigned supreme on most gospel music charts.

Since then this emcee has frequented entertainment news sites, most recently and sadly thanks to fat shaming haters.

DK Kwenye Beat may have gained weight and while he’s comfortable with this, you bet KOT had a lot to say about that.

The comments kept flooding his timeline but DK seemed to take it all in stride, even re-posting some of the hateful posts on his own social media.

They included;


Preceding the release of his single ‘Kijana Wa Kayole’, DK Kwenye Beat appeared to respond to the body shaming comments via an IG post that implied that the comments HAD in fact been affecting him, so mush so, that he’d almost quit social media.

His post read;

The tongue has no bone, but it is strong enough to break a heart. 😔. Social media is a hostile path to walk on, especially when you are not PERFECTLY created or have a body like mine. I won’t quit social media as I had intended, I will instead share my story to inspire another. #comingsoon

Well the wait is over as DK Kwenye Beat released that video this weekend, receiving quite the reception with a twitter top trend and a Tukuza Countdown debut at number 7!

Here’s his new single.

Getting To Know Kenyan Hollywood Star Christine Wawira

Her name surfaced onto the scene this past week as part of the scandal revolving around comedian Chipukeezy’s meet and greet with world wide icon Kevin Hart.

Chipukeezy had earlier accredited his getting to meet Kevin Hart to an anonymous white lady before Christine by way of social media ‘receipts’, showed the world just how untrue that was. 

This Kenyan Churchill show performer and radio show host has since apologized to both Christine and to his fans, and in case you are only now getting to know about this Kenyan born beauty, here’s what you need to know about her.

Christine Wawira has lived abroad for quite some time with family, having left Kenya at the tender age of 7. She developed a love for acting and became quite good at it from as early as high school, featuring in some notable films, documentaries, series, shows and commercials, including East African Girl, Flash, Blacklisted, Sign of the Dragon, Red Carpet hosting at the Oscars & Grammys, Night Call, among others.

Besides her pretty enviable acting portfolio, Christine Wawira is a mother of two and has also done some modeling. 

Chipukeezy’s apology to her read (in part);

Hi Wawira, I appreciated you for holding my hand when I needed it. I am sorry I did my interview in a way that didn’t acknowledge you or give you credit. For a person who relied on other established artists to climb the ladder, I atleast owed you a mention. For that I am sorry forgive me . To my fans and everyone who has my back, I am sorry for letting you down. I have learnt a valuable lesson and will strive to do better always.@christinewawira


To get you all caught up on that situation, here is the initial interview that started it all. You know. The one where he narrates a story about the anonymous white woman who helped him get to meet Kevin Hart.

And here’s a screenshot of a message exchange between an understandably surprised Christine Wawira and Chipukeezy. 


During her steady rise to the top, Christine has gotten to rub shoulders with some major names like actor Tom Cruise, musicians Nico and Vinz, actor Andrew Garfield and many more as is posted on her instagram. 



Rapper Nyashinski’s Instagram Account Hacked!

In case you follow Kenyan rapper Nyashinski on Instagram and have been wondering why he is asking you to follow a “backup” account, well the MTV EMA Best African Act Nominee’s account got hacked.



















The rapper last posted 4 days ago so the posts on his account since then are  not his but of the alleged hacker; see below:












The alleged hacker managed to follow himself “@realshinski2” while we all know too well that the “Now You Know” artist who currently has 94.2K followers doesn’t follow anyone.







We can’t tell whether or not he is working on retrieving his account but you could still link up with him on Twitter:




Swizz Beats VS Timbaland : Who Is Your Money On?

Swizz Beats and Timbaland are two of music’s biggest producers which is why their epic music battle will most likely be one for the books. 

These two beat maestros started a hash tag, #imwiththesmoke on instagram, using it as part of captions to their back and forth videos in which they show off their production skills.

Kicked off by Swizz Beats, the two have now even sparked conversation among music icons like Nas, Kendrick Lamar, Jadakiss and Styles P, with these heavy weight rappers each weighing in on the battle whose date is yet to be set.

Without picking their favorite, check out their comments.

Nas said;

“That’s two top tier ni***s going at it. That’s what the game need. The game needs that. Y’all two ni***s are like two of the illest ni***s so … y’all both my brothers, so I just want to watch it go down.”

Kendrick added;

“This is my generation. Being a student of rap, when I first started rhyming, what I used to do was check the fucking credits. This is something I don’t know if the kids are doing, but I’m going to explain it to you. Checking the credits is how I know I want to work with Swizz Beatz one day. I remember my favorite fucking beats, checking the credits, would say Swizz on it.”

Jadakiss commented;

“It’s going to be a tight one. It’s going to be a good one. We’ve got confidence in Swizz. Timbaland got a load of hits. I want to see it, it should be interesting.”

Styles P said;

“A lot of my favorite Timbaland joints are Justin Timberlake joints and kind of more pop joints,” he said. “I love both of them, they both make great R&B, they both make great hip-hop, they both make great pop and it’ll be great for the culture. Timbaland’s fam but Swizz is immediate fam, so love is love. We’re just interested to see [the battle].”

As entertaining as their videos on IG have been, there has been speculation about whether the battle may have actually been inspired by a real life beef, but Timbaland made sure to clear that up by posting that there is absolutely no beef between he and Swizz. 

His post read;

A lot of people misunderstand what a competitive battle is. It’s not about destruction. It’s about 2 competitors with mutual respect and love, battling to bring the best out of each other. To elevate the art to a place where it couldn’t have gone on it’s own. To its plateau. I love Swizz and respect him just as much. But best believe that we are both going to come hard at each other and bring out the best of ourselves… It’s all about the music… It’s all about art… It’s all about the culture… It’s bigger then us. If we’re not going to change and elevate, then what’s the point?? #imwiththesmoke @therealswizzz

Swizz Beats is famous for producing hits such as  ‘On To The Next One’ by Jay Z (Off of his The Blueprint 3 album) and Timabaland is known for producing Keri Hilson’s ‘The Way I Are’. 

Follow their very enticing back and forth on their respective instagram pages. 

Shoe Cam! How Dazzling Are Marya’s Heels?

She did it for the gram and it’s surprisingly the fastest way to get to know what’s happening with your favorite stars while it’s happening.

This Ogopa songstress who only recently became a mom has been enjoying life to the fullest (or at least it seems that way) and she happened to catch my eye with this stunning pair of be-dazzked heels.

They say diamonds are a girls best friend and whether those are real or not, they sure look good on those shoes and she sure looks good in them!

Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 10.04.12

Marya has yet to release any new music since taking a hiatus but seems rather fulfilled with her life at hand. 

Is Meek Mill Working On A Nicki Minaj Diss Track?

After making noise on how he’d want to beat up Drake for $5 Million, Meek Mill deleted his Instagram account. This wasn’t after leaving fans wondering whether or not he’s working on a Nicki Minaj and Safaree diss track.

The Philly rapper posted a photo of himself in front of luxurious cars and captioned “Friends turning foes n#%gas leaving me no choice!”

meek cap

It is also rumored that Meek took back the diamond ring he’d previously given Nicki after he posted a pic of a large diamond ring.

This isn’t the first time Meek has deleted his account. He deleted it on December last year after Nicki posted a rather cryptic message on hers sparking rumors that their relationship was in turmoil.

nicki cap

Trey Songz Strips Down To His Briefs In Sexy Selfie

Okay, okay-ladies, deep breaths. Trey Songz just made our Friday a bit better with his latest pic on Instagram. The 32 year old, whose mugshot went viral a few weeks ago after he was arrested, has decided to taunt the human race by posting a picture of himself in nothing but boxers while brushing his teeth.

Of course we are trying to focus on him brushing his teeth but come one, that body, how can we!

Ladies, this one’s for you. Happy Friday! 



Kodak Black Wants To Fight Lil Wayne For ‘Best Rapper’ Title

There seems to be a lot of beefs between rappers and Kodak Black is really brewing up this one. He says that he is over Lil Wayne calling himself the best rapper alive and that he is willing to fight him for the title. According to him, he is, of course, the best rapper alive. Putting up a video on Instagram, he said, “Tell Lil Wayne fight me. We fin’a get in the ring. We fin’a fight. Me and Lil Wayne. I’m fin’a knock that stupid-ass ni**a out.”

“If he whoop me, he the best rapper alive,” Kodak added. “I’ma beat his stupid ass. I bet everything on it. Since Soulja Boy and Chris Brown are doing it. I don’t even need no trainer. I don’t need Floyd Mayweather or Adrien Broner…Whoever wins, they the best rapper alive.”

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie has aligned himself with Kodak, adding that he’ll bet on Black to win a fight against Weezy. “I got my jewelry on it,” he said in the video.

Lil Wayne has yet to respond to this, but if he does, we hope it will be in some bars on a track.