Has Mr Eazy’s Account Been Hacked?

Africa sensation Oluwatosin Oluwole Ajibade better known as Mr Eazi has only been in the country for a day and already has the internet thinking his account has been hacked.







The Leg Over singer came through for the drive show and you know how crazy Mike Sheila and Kerry get. Well, looks like the trio recruited Mr Eazi today as they played D Cups and let’s just say Eazi was not ready.







The rules of D Cups are pretty simple: you either answer truthfully or sip the nasty concoction, our guest was not about to drink and God forbid probably have to miss his show tomorrow because of a running stomach, or even worse…

Eazi was dared to tweet “I love the smell of Davido’s fart” and to tag him or drink the ugly stuff. I know right? 

The Ghanaian based singer who is set to perform at the Ngong Racecourse this weekend, tweeted and the internet dust has not yet settled.









Check out the comments that cracked me up.










































































Game Of Thrones Is Now The Subject Of Massive Cyber Hack

It’s reportedly the greatest leak of cyber space era! At least that’s what the masterminds of the very recent HBO cyber space hack are calling it.

With most of the world baited and hooked on the latest season of the show ‘Game of Thrones’, imagine the shock when news of a possible script leak surfaced online.

While the rumor mill is always spinning incredulous tales as a means of increasing ratings, this time the rumor was confirmed by HBO itself who say they are working to solve the matter.

“We immediately began investigating the incident and are working with law enforcement and outside cybersecurity firms. Data protection is a top priority at HBO, and we take seriously our responsibility to protect the data we hold.”

The hackers claim to have 1.5 terabytes of the company’s data and have proven that to be somewhat true by posting episodes of ‘Ballers’ and ‘Room 104’ online.

It appears that their main agenda is to get widespread coverage promising to reward the people and blogs that spread this news well, an exclusive interview.

“Whoever spreads well, we will have an interview with him.”

Just yesterday (Monday July 31st) Ignition HBR had an intimate review and partial screening of the second episode of the Game of Thrones show and if you’d like to attend the next screening, then don’t miss the show!!

Weekdays from 4pm to 7pm with Mike Wachira, Sheila Kwamboka and Kerry Martin.

King Slayer’s Epic Rap Battles : Part One (Audio)

When he isn’t saving the day as a suit and tie lawyer during the day, Mike Wachira will normally be on your radio airwaves every weekday from 4pm to 7pm on the Ignition show alongside his co hosts Kerry Martin and Sheila Kwamboka. Yes. That’s everyday… every weekday…. save for Friday.

You see on Friday, much like how Clark Kent transforms into Superman,

Clark Kent Becoming Superman

or Bruce Wayne into Batman,


Mike Wachira transforms into *drum rolls go here* the incredible King Slayer!!

No of course we don’t have footage of the actual transformation happening but we do have evidence of his lyrical conquests in the form of battles he has had with some of Kenya’s most renown rappers including the recently named Jump Off Freshmen.

We all love a good epic rap battle and while I still don’t know how King Slayer remains yet to be defeated, here are a few of his battles and our favorite bars from them.

King Slayer VS Timmy Blanco

timmy blanco

“Niliskia song ya Steph featuring Blanco Timmy | I must confess hadi wa leo sijui uliimba nini | Unasema ulifeature,… ukweli ni ulifichwa…”


King Slayer VS Barack Jakuzi

Barak Jacuzzi

“…sielewi vitu unasema | Nimekukimbiza sana ndi maana unahema? | Umetuacha tukisinzia na hii ghasia unatimbia | Sasa badilisha jina, tukuite minus one | Ama tukuite Baba zero, tukuache minus none”



King Slayer VS Khaligraph Jones


Just about every line was epic so here’s part one and two.


The first season of Ignition HBR’s Epic Rap Battle ends this Friday with the most epic finale yet which might feature Nyashinski, Octopizzo, Petra or Xtatic something YOU can vote for here.







Winter Is Here! Ignition HBR and Ignition Family Review First GOT Episodes

GOT – Short for TV Series ‘Game of Thrones’.

Seven seasons and a number of deaths and wins later, Game of Thrones (GOT) has returned for yet another season. 

Last night, the #IgnitionHBR team and a group of their listeners met at the Homeboyz Radio lounge to re-wacth two episodes of the series and to share their thoughts on it while enjoying a GOT inspired menu that included ‘John Snow Balls’ (meat balls), Baratheon Beef Skewers and Theon’s Sausages (inside joke for avid GOT followers).

Are YOU a GOT fan? If you are, then you’ll need to tune in to the Ignition HBR show (Weekdays from 4pm to 7pm (CAT) with Mike, Sheila and Kerry for fun, laughs and a chance to come hang out with them next week. In the mean time, here’s a look at how fun filled the evening was. 

IMG_20170724_190211 IMG_20170724_190335 IMG_20170724_194535

IMG_20170724_190314 IMG_20170724_190247 IMG_20170724_190226

Not going to give you any spoilers so rather than have a break down of how and what happened, here are short videos of what our HBR family expected to happen in this season. 


We Found Out SO MUCH More About Jidenna From THIS Ignition Interview (Pics)

An album and a slew of hits to his name, Nigerian born and American super star Jidenna stepped into HBR’s drive time show ‘The Ignition’ ( #IgnitionHBR ) for a rib cracking yet genuinely informative interview.

The star who is on Kenyan soil for a staging at the FOMO party spoke about his rise to fame, his music, his undeniable (and proudly self praised) sense of impeccable style and (yes also) Uganda, South African women and about just how crazy life in the limelight can be.

We’d have very easily written all of it down for you (and we will) but we know the reason most of you (yes you ladies!) are here is to ogle at photos of him so, in a nutshell, here’s how the fifteen minute interview with Sheila Kwamboka, Mike Wachira and Kerry Martin went by, complete with pics and videos.

First his grand entrance which very fittingly was to his own song. (Well played Mr. Producer)

Then they got the formal questions out of the way… i.e. Yes he is excited to be in Kenya and no it won’t be the last time, he will be back on an all-Africa tour.

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 20.43.57

He let us in on the fact that he actually started out as a rapper and only decided to sing for a career later on. 


That was him refusing to take on Mike Wachira in a spontaneous rap battle.

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 19.44.54

He DID agree to a #ClassicManChallenge though…shout out to Mike Wachira for co-ordinating the suit color. Wonder if they planned it. Hmm…

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 20.51.45

Jidenna did his homework on Kenyan music and mentioned having liked Sauti Sol, Victoria Kimani and Blinky Bill so far. #PlayKe


Didn’t mind Kerry Martin sneaking in a selfie mid interview and went on to detail the one time a fan threw a thong at him. *Side note* He surprisingly caught it, swung it around and threw it back at the crowd. Wonder if this will give his Kenyan fans any crazy ideas #FOMOPartyKe.

This ‘Bambi’ star spoke on fashion as well and about how he wears suits as homage to his late father who was a vintage king himself. Oh and yeah, here’s the colored vintage blouse that caught his attention.

Contrary to popular belief, it turns out he DOES dress down from time to time and is actually able to be incognito to prying eyes by toning down his fashion sense to a pair of jeans, a T Shirt and a snapback. Yeah right. Like we’d miss this pretty face anywhere.

Jidenna gif

Wasn’t ready for Sheila’s err… social media announcement. Lol #NoLongerSingle #JidennasBae #OrNot #HeWasntReady 

Also, fun fact: Jidenna’s SMART in all ways. This ‘Little Bit More’ emcee studied at Stanford University and turned down Harvard University for it.

 well damn

Click HERE for a full audio re-run of the On Air interview and watch it all in video form HERE

Here’s What You Missed On Last Week’s Ignition March Madness (Pics)

Episode two of The Ignition’s #MarchMadness was more than awesome.

 The show seems to be getting better and better every week with its new feature labeled March Madness. It features the Ignition crew visiting their fan’s cribs and doing a live broadcast of the show from there.

Last Friday, the crew visited @Moje_89’s crib in Kariobangi South. First we had to stop over for some mouth-watering nyamachoma at Moje’s local.




We were live on Instagram and if you missed it, we really had a lot of fan with the fans. We even got to play “scrabboli” our Swahili translation of scrabble, a challenge that ignited a lot of discussion on what’s fluent Swahili and what words are in sheng’.


The show ended with the crew doing some good will by taking Moje and his family for shopping.

In case you missed out on all the fun, you can catch us again this week as we visist yet another fan’s crib.

Meanwhile you can replay the show using the Homeboyz radio app that you can download


and watch the entire Episode 2 below:

Episode One of #IgnitionHBR’s March Madness In Pics

As it stands this month, you are only one inbox away from having the Ignition crew come host their show LIVE from your house in a new feature dubbed March Madness.

Episode one aired this past weekend and saw the radio trio go to Nairobi West to meet Christopher whom they greeted with a good amount of shopping.

The entire hang out was streamed LIVE via instagram but in case you didn’t catch it there, here are photos of Christopher welcoming the Ignition crew to his house, showing them his plant (which is actually a plot called today, yesterday, tomorrow… yes really. Google it!), Sheila lifting a weight and well…. of the show happening LIVE from Chris’s living room.

IMG-20170306-WA0007 IMG-20170306-WA0000  IMG-20170306-WA0004 IMG-20170306-WA0003


To get the Ignition crew to come to your house, send us an inbox to us via our official Facebook page asking them to and of course, don’t forget to catch the show LIVE Monday through Friday from 4pm to 7pm.

Did You Catch Mike Wachira on Citizen TV Last Night? (VIDEO)

Mike Wachira hosts HBR’s drive time radio show “Ignition” with Sheila Kwambox & now Kerry Martin. But he took off his radio presenter hat last night and appeared on Citizen TV’s Monday Special as they discussed the sensitive issue of child molestation.

The subject arose of course because of the recent stories surrounding Kenyan teachers that were disbanded for sexually molesting their female students.

Mike was part of the panel called on to discuss the alarming rates of child abuse recorded in the first quarter of 2015 alone. It was an intense and informative debate, so in case you missed it scroll down and watch part one of the discussion below: