Has Mr Eazy’s Account Been Hacked?

Africa sensation Oluwatosin Oluwole Ajibade better known as Mr Eazi has only been in the country for a day and already has the internet thinking his account has been hacked.







The Leg Over singer came through for the drive show and you know how crazy Mike Sheila and Kerry get. Well, looks like the trio recruited Mr Eazi today as they played D Cups and let’s just say Eazi was not ready.







The rules of D Cups are pretty simple: you either answer truthfully or sip the nasty concoction, our guest was not about to drink and God forbid probably have to miss his show tomorrow because of a running stomach, or even worse…

Eazi was dared to tweet “I love the smell of Davido’s fart” and to tag him or drink the ugly stuff. I know right? 

The Ghanaian based singer who is set to perform at the Ngong Racecourse this weekend, tweeted and the internet dust has not yet settled.









Check out the comments that cracked me up.










































































What The ****?! Episode 2 of #DCups (Watch Here)

It’s the drinking game where you ironically do NOT want to drink!

Homeboyz Radio’s drive time crew Mike Wachira, Sheila Kwamboka and Kerry Martin created a webisode (D Cups) which sees them ask each other ridiculous questions and attempting to answer them in order to avoid whatever seemingly gross concoction they manage to pour into three glasses.

The show (D Cups) which kicked off a week ago saw them feature Jump Off Freshman Barack Jacuzzi and had all four of them answer the most difficult questions like ‘who would you chipo, curve or kill?’, ‘which raper would you let sleep with your sister’ and ‘who’s the worst dressed Kenyan?’

Well they seem to have upped the stakes in this episode of D Cups, giving their concoction of death a make over (serving it in glasses and not the tumblers we saw last) and including even more difficult, incredibly awkward and some vomit-inducing questions.

Featuring #NuNairobi act Timmy Blanco, let see how well you can hold on to whatever you had for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Here’s episode two of that HBR exclusive series. 

Timmy Blanco was recently featured on a Steph Kapella  jam ‘The Man‘ but has enjoyed considerable success on his own singles, most notably ‘We Like To Party’. Listen back to Episodes of the Ignition HBR show that you may have missed out on here

Game Of Thrones Is Now The Subject Of Massive Cyber Hack

It’s reportedly the greatest leak of cyber space era! At least that’s what the masterminds of the very recent HBO cyber space hack are calling it.

With most of the world baited and hooked on the latest season of the show ‘Game of Thrones’, imagine the shock when news of a possible script leak surfaced online.

While the rumor mill is always spinning incredulous tales as a means of increasing ratings, this time the rumor was confirmed by HBO itself who say they are working to solve the matter.

“We immediately began investigating the incident and are working with law enforcement and outside cybersecurity firms. Data protection is a top priority at HBO, and we take seriously our responsibility to protect the data we hold.”

The hackers claim to have 1.5 terabytes of the company’s data and have proven that to be somewhat true by posting episodes of ‘Ballers’ and ‘Room 104’ online.

It appears that their main agenda is to get widespread coverage promising to reward the people and blogs that spread this news well, an exclusive interview.

“Whoever spreads well, we will have an interview with him.”

Just yesterday (Monday July 31st) Ignition HBR had an intimate review and partial screening of the second episode of the Game of Thrones show and if you’d like to attend the next screening, then don’t miss the show!!

Weekdays from 4pm to 7pm with Mike Wachira, Sheila Kwamboka and Kerry Martin.

The Epic Rap Battle: The Reign Of King Slayer

It’s been four weeks of memorable bars after bars from Mike Wachira a.k.a The King Slayer and just when we thought that he was about to say goodbye to the iron throne (and perhaps the title as well) he proved us wrong.

So forget about asking who is the King of Rap in the industry; that title has finally found a permanent home.

Quick recap:

He caused the phenomenal Fena Gitu to forget her lyrics in the 3rd and last round of their battle; conceding defeat.

DCcsj_CW0AQ8hiF.jpg large

Shoe Kid had tight bars but still he did not have it easier either, meanwhile Steph Kapela with all the sauce and joy he brought in studio still couldn’t handle the King Slayer. Rapper Tunji repped the 125/126 route with all he had but the audience was still totally sold to Mike’s lines.

So what’s the King Slayer’s secret? What do we not know about the alta ego that appears to have stolen the spotlight straight out of nowhere? We sat down with him for a one on one and this is what he had to say:

When did it hit you that you are King?
It hit me I was King when I saw how rappers careers were ending every time I picked up a mic and I wasn’t even trying to body them . They just fell off 
Who’s been your most worthy opponent so far?
What’s your best bar so far?
My best bar is in Ngumo 
..oh wait you mean musically? All my bars are dope I got more bars than a kamiti  prison
Haters have been talking, they say you have ghost writers is it true?
I don’t have a ghost writer i am the ghost writer. Mcees have been begging me to write their rhymes for a minute
What does your Alta ego think about Mike Wachira?
I have no alter ego .king slayer and Mike Wachira are the same . Like Clark Kent and superman. 
What’s your take on battling female rappers?
I will battle.any rapper male, female, kids anyone ..i don’t care ..
Between Sheila and Kerry who would win a rap battle and why?
Breakfast muhimu, what does King slayer take?
What do i eat for breakfast ? All these wack rappers in the game 
How does King Slayer get ready for a battle?
king slayer gets ready for a battle by just raising an eyebrow .once I give you that look its over before it even begins ! Shateng !!
Who’s your favorite King? King Author, King Kong or Lion King?
King David cause he slayed Goliath.
What’s your message to Khaligraph?
My message to Kaligraph is “you better look for another career  today because there is no coming back to the game after I am done with you
Next the King Slayer battles the real OG himself Mr. Khaligraph Jones, will the King finally be dethroned? Tune in this eveniing from 4PM to find out.


New Music: Lupe Fiasco “Wild Child” (Drogas Light)

Lupe Fiasco has been dropping information about his forthcoming Drogas Light album over the past few weeks.

With just a month to go till his new album arrives in stores (Feb. 10), rapper Lupe Fiasco has offered fans another song off it. The latest is a banger titled “Wild Child” featuring Jake Torrey that the Chicago MC released today on both Spotify and Apple Music, he also decided to make the album available for pre-order on iTunes.

Listen to “Wild Child” below


The album will feature guest appearances from Rick Ross, Big K.R.I.T., Ty Dolla $ign (twice), Victoria Monet, Salim, and more.

Check out the tracklist (below).

1. “Dopamine Lit (Intro)”
2. “NGL” (Feat. Ty Dolla $ign)
3. “Promise”
4. “Made In The USA” (Feat. Bianca Sings)
5. “Jump” (Feat. Gizzle)
6. “City of the Year” (Feat. Rondo)
7. “High (Interlude)” (Feat. Simon Sayz)
8. “Tranquillo” (Feat. Rick Ross & Big K.R.I.T.)
9. “Kill” (Feat. Ty Dolla $ign & Victoria Monet)
10. “Law” (Feat. Simon Sayz)
11. “Pick Up The Phone”
12. “It’s Not Design” (Feat. Salim)
13. “Wild Child” (Feat. Jake Torrey)
14. “More Than My Heart” (Feat. RXMN and Salim)

And this right here is the album cover

5 Things We Learnt About “Amarulah” Singer Roberto On Ignition

Roberto continues to push his much hyped about single “Amarulah”, and the Zambian singer was interviewed on HBR’s drive time show Ignition with Sheila Kwambox & Kerry Martin where he was grilled on everything from his music history to how his lady feels about the attention he gets from female fans.

Find out the five things we learned about Roberto from his interview yesterday (July 11, 2015):

1. Roberto is not new to this music game; his first song was released over 2 years ago titled “Good Woman”.

2. His 4th album (yes, dude has three albums out already!) will also be titled “Amarulah”.

3. Roberto once worked as a radio personality. He had gone to do a radio interview, but listeners were mesmerized by his radio voice and the station’s owners offered him a job as a radio presenter.

4. He released his single “Amarulah” a week before Zambian president Michael Sata died.

5. Roberto initially wanted Wizkid & Ice Prince to be on “Amarulah”; but Wizkid was on tour, and Ice Prince did not respond back in time. So when Patoranking reached out to be on the song, Roberto jumped at the opportunity.