H_art The Band Make A Comeback With New Track “Tena Na Tena”

Kenya’s Afro-poetry trio H_art The Band have been on a hiatus from releasing new music for a while now, but they are back!

Assisted by the ever so talented boy band Red Capella, their new song “Tena Na Tena” is a perfect comeback.

According to the band, the track is a statement and a conviction that they are here to stay.

Check it out below:

H_art The Band Set To Headline ‘Thrift Social – All Stared’ Edition

H_art The Band are set to headline the the 13th installment of Thrift Social : All Stared Edition.

The style event organized by colorful creative sibling – duo, 2Manysiblings finds people get to shop with the capital’s cutting edge vendors while giving back to the local community by donating clothes and food.


The event has grown to become the biggest fashion installations in East Africa since it’s doors flung open in 2015, attracting crowds and vendors from far and wide.

The event will be going down at The Alchemist Bar – Westlands with Fast rising Djs Mix Master Lenny and Butchnorman on the decks on 3rd September.

5 Kenyan Artists With Singles Perfect For THIS Season

It’s not surprising that Kenyan musicians always jump at opportunities to make music and while it’s been no different this election period, we have got to pay homage to the artists who have notably released singles in the past that are just so fittingly perfect for this period in time.

Now more than ever, we as a nation will gravitate towards instances where unity is promoted, through the language of peace and with a keen remembrance of why we should love this great nation of ours and why we should be proud to be Kenyan.

There are definitely more than 5 Kenyan artists and definitely more than 5 Kenyan songs that do just that so while our list is brief, feel free to add to it in the comment section below. 

(In no particular order) 


Dela – National Anthem

Eric Wainaina – Daima

Miss A – One Nation

H_art The Band – Think


Moepei Quartet – My Land Is (Cover of Roger Whitaker Original)



Lady Jaydee And H_art The Band Drop Two Versions Of The Song “Rosella” (Watch)

The highly anticipated project by Afro-poetry boy band H_art The Band and Tanzania songbird Lady Jaydee is finally out!

The track (or rather tracks) are titled Rosella comes in two versions: Acoustic and club. Lady Jaydee has released the acoustic version, with the boy band releasing the upbeat club version.

Produced by Martin Gwandho and co-produced in Kenya by Gituamba, the song is a powerful love ballad that is a must listen.

‘Rosella’ is Lady Jaydee’s fourth official release from her upcoming album “Woman” through her worldwide exclusive partnerships with her management company ROCKSTAR4000, publishing partnership with ‘Rockstar Publishing’ and Content Partnership with RockstarTV.

The music video was directed by Kevin Bosco JNr.

Check them out:


DJ Kafi Unveils EXCLUSIVE Remix To Dela & H_art The Band’s ‘Adabu’ (Listen)

It was probably one of the most steamy collabos yet save for the comic touch added by H_art the band.

The original single named ‘Adabu’ opens with a sensual lyric that says ‘Nataka unifunze adabu’, translated to ‘I want you to teach me a lesson’ and after garnering quite the popularity, DJ Kafi has given it new life in this remix.


Kafi who you know from HBR’s Monday 10 am to 11 am jam session mix called ‘West Connect’, has a knack for creating incredible remixes, something he had taken a break from to allow him accompany Sauti Sol on their world tour as their tour deejay.

The good news is he has broken his haitus and spoke about what it’s like to double as a producer as well as whether or not his remixes will be leading up to a bigger project saying;

“ I had to take some time off to learn production, really get into it, get my hands dirty, and I am loving it and hating it at the same time, its an experience am really enjoying.”


“I am still doing some more remixes as part of a small E.P. Most of the remixes I have done that will be released this year as I work on my own e.p. Which will feature some new artists as well as some unknown but extremely talented artists. At the moment I am working with talented producer ilogos music (@ilogosmusic ) and we enjoying the symphony”.

iLogos and Kafi both worked on the Adabu remix which in case you haven’t gotten the chance to listen to, you can now.

Find more of DJ Kafi’s projects on his official mixcloud page and oh yeah, definitely catch his show!

H_art The Band’s Compelling New Jam ‘Think’ (Video)

They’re the perfect blend of humor, relate-able lyrics and dance-able hits.

Don’t know how they do it but H_art the band have curved their position as artists of every season and they today released their most compelling jam yet called ‘Think’.

The single which was teased via a series of Instagram LIVE videos speaks to the Kenyan people about elections and provides a great description of how the common man gets caught in political games, hence the need to think!

This new 3 minute something jam which is complete with video is done entirely in a spoken word format and interestingly by Mordecai and not Chira who is the one more synonymous with the genre.

It’s definitely got an agreeable and great message (cause it is important to think hard before we vote) and it’s also got a simplistic but beautiful video in comparison to what we know them for.

H_art the band released the single interestingly at 4:20pm (not sure why) today and while it already has over a thousand views in the few hours it’s been up, will you fall in love with this one?… See what you think.

Interesting Things We Learned About Band Beca From Their #WBWR Feature

Band Beca are the duo who’ve been creating waves on our entertainment scene and after they stopped by our studios this past weekend to hang out on Weekend Breakfast With Rae (#WBWR), we found out some pretty interesting things about them.

The crew who’d just returned to Nairobi after a staging in Mombasa, managed to make it in time for the morning Sunday edition of the show, where they not only talked about their journey in music but also performed acapella renditions of them.

Here’s what we got to know.

1. They are both single. Or actually, as they each put it;

Caroline: ‘I’m single but in a relationship with my music.’

Becky: ‘I’m single but in a relationship with Jesus #JesusIsBae’.


2. BeCa is an acronym for both their names and not just short for Becky’s full name.

Beca 1

3. Long before they formed the duo these two were background singers to stars like Camp Mulla!

Beca The Band

4. BeCa get most of their singles produced by renown producer Cedo (Cedric Kandenyi).


5. They really only have three songs out. ‘Toka’, ‘Brathe’ and ‘Tonight’.


6. ‘Brathe’ has three different versions to it and all three were recorded on the same day.


7. The duo have co-written all their jams with Bensoul and Mordecai of H_art the band.

Bensoul mordecai

Band Beca performed acapella renditions to their songs which you can watch via my (Rae Kiragu’s) Facebook page as it was shot from a phone.

For more exclusive renditions and interviews with some of the stars making headlines on Kenya’s entertainment scene, then catch the show every Saturday and Sunday from 6am to 9am.

In case you weren’t aware about their single ‘Brathe’ having three versions to it, sample these renditions below.




Way To Go Ben Soul! From Being On #TheCoverKe To a H_art The Band Collabo (Video)

Two months ago, HBR launched a first of its kind radio acoustic talent search called #TheCoverKe which starred 5 artists whose job it was to create innovative and catchy covers to already existing singles for a chance at having Homeboyz music studios produce their first EP for free.

It was during this time that we met and got to know Ben Soul. beating out most of the competition to make it through to the third week, Ben Soul left us with incredible covers to jams like ‘Avicii’s ‘Wake Me Up’ and Nameless’ ‘Coming Home’.

Losing out to Cheruto the week before the finals, Ben Soul stayed positive and went on with his solo career, working behind the scenes with some notable names and only just re-surfacing on a H_art the band single ‘Mashisha’.

Released this past weekend, this interesting single is sure to be a banger and you can now listen and request for it via Homeboyz Radio.

This jam comes after H_art the band lost all the footage to one of their unreleased and highly anticipated videos, a story that you can read about here

Way to go Ben Soul! 

H_art the Band Make Sad Announcement Via Instagram

Now that we know that Kenchez Muya is not getting married, we can shift our focus back to the trio’s hit making abilities where H_art the Band fans would have been glad to know that there might have been a new song coming out soon.

Riding the wave of their Della collabo ‘Adabu’, these band-mates had been posting photos on IG with the hash tag #NewMusicLoading which as you can imagine, drove up anticipation for what appeared to be a major video drop.

Check it out;






Well they’ll sadly not be releasing THAT video(which cost them more than three thousand dollars to shoot) after an unfortunate turn of events as explained in their most recent instagram post;

As promised ,here’s the SAD NEWS : We just got news that footage for the video we were excited to share with you this week just got destroyed * sits in a corner to cry * we were really excited about this project & it was so H_artbreaking to find out about this – we had invested more than 3000$ into the project only for it to wash off * sigh * But, no need to worry we believe things happen for a reason & we are in plans of shooting yet another video .keep it H_art for more news.For journalists who need more information or confirmation please contact us via email or contact on our Bio #jahBless