Lethal Bizzle Returns To ROTW With ‘Flex’

When last he was on ROTW (Record of the Week), Lethal Bizzle had just delivered the bass heavy club banger that was ‘Fester Skunk’.

Fester Skank Lyrics — In part:

You might see me in a Lambo
Camo snapback, Rambo
500 horses, Django
2 2 chicken, Nando
You might see me in a Rari
Old school fella, Atari
It’s a new dance, no tango
Anywhere I go, I make the gang go

Featuring the seemingly oversimplified rhymes that thereafter made the song a perfect sing along, ‘Fester Skank’ rose quickly in charts and while it was later overtaken by even bigger bangers, Lethal Bizzle is taking back his crown with ‘Flex’.

It’s got that bass and that flow that we love him for, ‘Flex’ takes over from Nicki’s ‘Chun Li’ which is still doing heavy rounds on radio airwaves across the world.

Listen to ‘Flex’ below.


This ROTW Sampled Craig David’s ‘7 Days’ and We Love It!

Kojo Funds and Raye just found a way to bring back to life, a Craig David single that is a classic!

Taking an interesting spin on Craig’s ‘7 Days’, this rapper teams up with Raye for club banger ‘Check’ and after listening to it, it’s not hard to see why there’s so much craze over this hit.

If we learnt anything from Grime Week last year, it’s that most UK urban artists have some African decent and the same is true from Kojo, who hails from the same area as icons Dizee Rascal and Wiley.

‘Check’ is yet another successful hit from this rapper whose viral hits are a part of his legacy. In the jam, Kojo delivers incredible lyrics and the song features the catchy hook in which Raye kicks of singing;

Everything you say is true
I’d be a mess here without you
And I’ll hold you down, you don’t need to stress
So let me just lay upon your chest

Kojo then joins in for the main chorus which goes…

She makin’ me weed check
Grinder check
Rizla check
I got the lighter check
Roll the weed and let me smoke the zest
And you can lay upon my chest
She makin’ me weed check
Grinder check
Rizla check
I got the lighter check
Roll the weed and let me smoke the zest
And you can lay upon my chest

It’s also got a dope video where the two stars play love interests in a steamy club scene.

Kojo’s ‘Check’ takes over from another UK based ROTW which was ‘Bad Vibe’ by M.O, Mr. Eazy and Lotto Boyz.

Seen the video yet?…


Women In Grime: Lady Leshurr

You cannot mention grime and fail to mention “Queen Speech” rapper and actress Lady Leshurr, I mean how can we not mention her after she gained praises from the one and only Eryka Badu and landed a collabo with grime godfather Wiley.



Before fans called her by her current rap moniker, she was Lady Lesha; from her real name, Melesha O’Garro.
Then how did it morph into Leshurr you ask? Well, after a hook from one of her early songs echoed “Leshurr (shurr)” and the exaggerated pronunciation became popular, she decided to stick with it.

 She got into music listening to one reggae song by Sister Nancy called Bam Bam prompting her to immediately start writing, but once she heard rapper and singer Ms Dynamite everything changed, Ms Dynamite was everything she wanted to be.

Other rappers who she admires to date include Eazy- E, Eminem and Lil Wayne.

An interesting fact you should know is that her mother was a great lover of reggae music and her siblings used to rap and sing as well.

She initially gained fame through her critically-acclaimed mixtapes, winning Best Female at the 2011 Official Mixtape awards and also took home the 2016 MOBO Award (MOBO stands for Music of Black Origin) for Best Female Act.

She co-produced the beats for her famous “Queen’s Speech” series with producers Z Dot and Krunchie and what actually inspired the series was watching battle raps; like if she was part of a battle rap that’s how she would punch; note that she has mentioned a number of times that she did not base or direct them at anyone, they were just freestyle and battle rap inspired. 

Off of her popular EP “Queens speech” “Queen speech 4” received the most love and respect, watch it below; the video is fun and spectacular.



A fun fact about the rapper is that she used to have 11 fingers, like an extra little finger without the bone, just skin and nail, she no longer does however cause her mother had it taken care of when she was young.

What you should also know about the rapper is that whilst  some of the negative feedback about her and her music used to get to her, now she uses every negative vibe or comment about her music to help her create the next; just like she did with her 3rd song from her “Queen speech” EP

She was once quoted saying “I have no beef with any female artist, I don’t look at the scene as competition. We all have to stick together, all the males in the music scene stick together, we need to do the same.”







Grime Slang Word Of The Day Episode 1

When you listen to Grime for the first time, it may take you some time to fully comprehend what exactly it is they are saying.

This is because, over and above their heavy English accents, like every other culture, they infuse a generous amount of slang into their jams.

Worry not though!

Here to help you finally realize what it is your favorite Grime artists are rapping about when they spit bars, is a series of short  videos made by Eugene Gecaga and Emily Oduor of the digital team.

Together, they’ll help you decode some of the most frequently used Grime terms so slip into your thinking caps and enjoy episode one. 


After Killing It On Drake’s ‘KMT’, Here’s Giggs’ Latest Feature

In case you have any doubts about just how big of a genre Grime is, you need only watch how people react to Drake’s KMT featuring UK artist Giggs. We guarantee they will wait till the last few lines (Giggs’ lines) to turn up and it will probably look a little like this.


Giggs’ part of that banger is undoubtedly the most turnt part and possibly for that reason, English DJ, producer, actor and TV presenter Charlie Sloth enlisted the help of this Grime emcee for his latest drop ‘Wake Up.

In the same fashion as Jay Z’s now world popular animated video for ‘Story of OJ’ (Former Record of the Week), the video to Charlie’s ‘Wake Up’ is also animated, featuring cartoon versions of Charlie and Giggs.

Watch this brand new video which by the way happens to be no more than two minute twelve seconds long below. 


Skepta Revives Collaboration With Major Sportswear Brand

Just yesterday (Tuesday July 18th) we talked about Grime having such a massive influence on UK culture that corporate brands are literally falling over each other for a chance to be affiliated with Grime.

From redbull to adidas, it’s no secret that this music genre has become such a sensation that when Skepta posted about reviving a collaboration of his with American extreme sports brand ‘No Fear’, online sites and fans are sure that it will sell out.

This ‘Shut Down’ emcee had been associated with this sporting brand back in 2004 and a cool 13 years later, seems the deal is sealed and ready to go with Skepta posting this teaser via his instagram.

The collection which has been termed severally as ‘very limited’ is set to drop this Thursday 20th July (tomorrow) and from the look of his twitter post, may include really dope hoodies such as this one.


Skepta screenshotSpeaking of limited edition hoodies, don’t forget to get yourself a limited edition Homeboyz Radio hoodie available exclusively via our app and purchasable using Mpesa.


10 Of The Biggest Grime Jams Of 2017 So Far

Put together by Redbull who we mentioned as one of the brands that are affiliated to Grime Music, this list of 10 biggest Grime jams of 2017 is a representative of what new age Grime music sounds like even though some of the artists my be veterans in the game.

Arranged from bottom to top. You will definitely be feeling that grime groove by the end of this playlist so I suggest you prepare for quite the turn up.

10. Chip – ‘Gets Like That’


9. Capo Lee & Sir Spyro – ‘Stop Talk’


8. Coco ft Scrufizzer – ‘Ingredients’ 


7. Massappeals x Kamakaze – Leng 



6. Bugzy Malone ft DJ Luck and MC Neat – Through The Night


5. YGG  – Bad 


4. Skepta – No Security 



3. Grim Sickers – Kane ft JME


2.Stormzy – Big For Your Boots


1. AJ Tracey – False 9

#GrimeWeekHBR : Brands Associated With Grime

It’s one of the most authentically youth driven genre there is in music today, having started out as just a fad among the street and underground rappers. 

If there’s anything we’ve learnt from #GrimeWeekHBR so far, it’s that Grime is for the most part, definitely no longer just underground with artists like Stormy and Giggz (and others) crossing over and collaborating with mainstream acts from all over the world.

Being that it is very representative of the youth culture in the UK, it’s no surprise that major corporate brands are riding the wave of this energetic and bass heavy music.  

In fact, on that note, here are a few of those brands who’ve taken an interest and endorsed the Grime movement.


Known to particularly endorse and sponsor extreme sports, Redbull Energy Drink has been a core supporter of Grime so much so, that they even created a separate page on their official website dedicated to supporting artists and promoting events. Redbull also have an open mic style event for new artists to flex their lyrical muscles.

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 19.41.39


Not known for being gritty and ‘grimey’ like the genre, but rather for being luxurious and expensive, Mercedes and Grime are quite the odd yet perfectly fitting couple and they’ve shown remarkable contribution to Grime, notably featuring in videos by artists like Kano and more recently, J Hus. 



Grime artists are basically the tracksuit wearing generation and adidas quickly jumped on this fad endorsing lots of them, even having Stormzy as the leading man behind the campaign for the adidas Originals NIGO collection designed by Japanese streetwear legend Nigo.






This top fashion and sporting brand has also had a long running relationship with grime artists whether it’s through endorsements or just through the artists’ personal preference in style. This long running relationship has a genesis in a video to Wiley’s acclaimed ‘Wot Do You Call It’ which is widely regarded as the jam in which Wiley coined the term ‘Grime’ music. Although low budget, Wiley is notably wearing an Air Jordan tracksuit in the video to that jam.




Theirs may be a more recent association but this widely popular shoe brand released an exclusive shoot this April (2017) for their latest release, the Chuck Taylor All Star X Nike Flyknit that featured UK rap star Yungen, furthering the culture of fashion brands being heavily involved in UK music culture.





The fact that more and more brands keep gravitating towards a Grime Music affiliation definitely lets on that Grime is becoming an incredibly marketable culture and this is a culture we plan to celebrate all week on #GrimeWeekHBR. 



Grime Beef : Why Wiley and Dizzee Rascal Don’t Talk

It’s the genre whose very name implies that it is raw and unafraid to get dirty in terms of calling other artists out and saying exactly what’s on your mind.

Goes without saying then that beefs are a norm in this genre, a genre that boasts of having some of UK’s heavy hitting artists like Dizzee Rascal and Wiley.

Both these artists are iconic on the Grime music scene and as we are celebrating Grime music and culture all week on #GrimeWeekHBR, today we check out the real reason behind one of music’s longest standing and unspoken feuds which is that between Dizzee and Rascal.

Not sure we can really call it a feud though seeing as how the two have barely spoken in over a decade but that only makes the walk down memory lane that much better. 

As per my research and as per an interview the ‘Heatwave’ emcee Wiley accorded to Time Out London, the real reason the two Grimemcees (Grime emcees) don’t talk has something to do with a girl and the group So Solid Crew.

My research (read that as ‘my conversation with G Money)  revealed that all three acts (Dizzee Rascal, Wiley and So Solid were performing at a venue once, when Dizzee’s interaction with Lisa Maffia from So Solid Crew lead to some fighting between him and the crew.

Now while that in itself was already a news worthy story, what-with two grime chart toppers getting into a fight, it was Wiley that admittedly escalated it by following them (So Solid Crew) against Dizzee’s wishes which then led to Dizzee’s infamous stabbing. 

In his open interview with Time Out London he said,

Okay, basically, me and Dizzee went out one night [in Ayia Napa] and there was some fighting with another crew – I won’t say who, but basically everyone knows. Then the next day, I decided to carry it on – I didn’t pull out a knife. I was just fighting. Me and another guy went looking for them again. Dizzee just rode off, because in his head, he’s probably thinking: “What the fuck are you doing? That was last night! It’s just gonna carry on!” Well, after we started it up again, those guys came looking for us. But the person they found was Dizzee. The thing we done the next morning led them to go looking for us, but see him and stab him.” 


‘Now I’m older, I can see: Dizzee in his head will always be thinking: “I know we got into a beef. I know something started. But you lot carried it on the next day. If you had left it I wouldn’t have got stabbed.”

Wiley added that he loves Dizzee like a brother denying rumors of having not been at the ‘Boy in da corner’ rapper’s side at the time of the stabbing saying,

‘I would work with him any day of my life if I could. I love him like a brother. There’s no reason why we don’t talk. We haven’t got beef – remember, I was with him when he got rushed in Ayia Napa. The reason we haven’t spoken for so many years? Ah, no one wants to tell the truth.”



Mans of Grime : So Solid Crew

We’re still celebrating Grime Week with the hashtag #GrimeWeekHBR and we’ll be making sure you get to know a lot of Grime artists on a dedicated series of posts titled ‘Mans of Grime’.

After learning what we could about Dizzee Rascal and his album ‘Boy In Da Corner’, it’s time to spotlight another household grime act that helped pave the way for UK cross over artists.

They got their name from featuring a lot on pirate radio station Delight FM for ‘So Solid Sundays’ during which members of this crew, the So Solid Crew would deejay from midday to about 10pm.

What’s pretty insane about this iconic crew was that they were a group of about 19 members and if you think that’s a large number then I’m sure you’ll find it even more crazy that this crew later increased in number to accommodate close to 30 members!!



Somehow they all fit into tracks and they all featured in music videos including the renown video to ’21 seconds’ (featured below) which was meant to showcase all their members so as to avoid impersonation.

Although they were so large in number, really, the most iconic members were Harvey, Romeo and Lisa Maffia, who after a successful run on the music scene, appeared in celebrity reality shows ‘The Games’ and ‘Celebrity Big Brother’. 

So Solid had their most successful run between years 2000 and 2013 during what time they released hits like “Oh No (Sentimental Things)”, “21 Seconds”, “They Don’t Know” and “Haters”. 

This group that perfected the ‘2 step garage’ were among the first to get Grime across boarders thanks to how versatile having deejays and emcees as a part of the crew made them.

So Solid had a great run and as any great music group, they too had their share of bad PR getting intertwined in the legendary beef between Grime ions Wiley and Dizzee.

What happened? Well it had something to do with a girl and while it would be great to tell you all about here, read about the whole thing in our Grime Beef feature.