Lethal Bizzle Returns To ROTW With ‘Flex’

When last he was on ROTW (Record of the Week), Lethal Bizzle had just delivered the bass heavy club banger that was ‘Fester Skunk’.

Fester Skank Lyrics — In part:

You might see me in a Lambo
Camo snapback, Rambo
500 horses, Django
2 2 chicken, Nando
You might see me in a Rari
Old school fella, Atari
It’s a new dance, no tango
Anywhere I go, I make the gang go

Featuring the seemingly oversimplified rhymes that thereafter made the song a perfect sing along, ‘Fester Skank’ rose quickly in charts and while it was later overtaken by even bigger bangers, Lethal Bizzle is taking back his crown with ‘Flex’.

It’s got that bass and that flow that we love him for, ‘Flex’ takes over from Nicki’s ‘Chun Li’ which is still doing heavy rounds on radio airwaves across the world.

Listen to ‘Flex’ below.


Grime Slang Word Of The Day Episode 1

When you listen to Grime for the first time, it may take you some time to fully comprehend what exactly it is they are saying.

This is because, over and above their heavy English accents, like every other culture, they infuse a generous amount of slang into their jams.

Worry not though!

Here to help you finally realize what it is your favorite Grime artists are rapping about when they spit bars, is a series of short  videos made by Eugene Gecaga and Emily Oduor of the digital team.

Together, they’ll help you decode some of the most frequently used Grime terms so slip into your thinking caps and enjoy episode one. 


5 Times Wizkid Proved He’s Into UK and Grime Music Culture

Wizkid is set to perform in Kenya in just a couple of days at the BBQ Live Festival and since we are celebrating Grime music and culture here on #GrimeWeekHBR, it’s interesting to note that this ‘Sound It’ star has had a close relationship with the UK whether it’s by being friends with certain artists or whether it’s that he performed and collaborated with a few UK and Grime artists. 

Just a few days ago we highlighted that most Grime artists happen to have African roots and it may or may not be for that reason alone that Wizkid seems to gravitate towards that UK sound, but here are 5 times this West African emcee was involved with UK and Grime Music. 

5. His overly popular Tinie Tempah Collabo ‘Mamacita’.


4. The time his jam ‘Ojuolegba’ received a star studded remix from Drake and Grime icon Skepta.


3. Wizkid and UK Record Label ‘Disturbing London’

This label have acted as Wizkid’s management (or part of) for a reported long time that Grime Daily speculates that it may have been the star’s first UK encounter. 



2. The time Wizkid made an impromptu remix to UK star Yung Fume’s ‘Watch Me Flex’

Wizkid even went ahead to invite the star to come on stage with him for his Wireless Festival which brings us to the next and last point. 




1. Wizkid’s epic staging at ‘Wireless’, one of UK’s largest music festivals.

He is clearly enjoying love from all over the world including the UK where his loyal fan base turnt up for what has been severally described as a successful show. 



After Killing It On Drake’s ‘KMT’, Here’s Giggs’ Latest Feature

In case you have any doubts about just how big of a genre Grime is, you need only watch how people react to Drake’s KMT featuring UK artist Giggs. We guarantee they will wait till the last few lines (Giggs’ lines) to turn up and it will probably look a little like this.


Giggs’ part of that banger is undoubtedly the most turnt part and possibly for that reason, English DJ, producer, actor and TV presenter Charlie Sloth enlisted the help of this Grime emcee for his latest drop ‘Wake Up.

In the same fashion as Jay Z’s now world popular animated video for ‘Story of OJ’ (Former Record of the Week), the video to Charlie’s ‘Wake Up’ is also animated, featuring cartoon versions of Charlie and Giggs.

Watch this brand new video which by the way happens to be no more than two minute twelve seconds long below. 


Skepta Revives Collaboration With Major Sportswear Brand

Just yesterday (Tuesday July 18th) we talked about Grime having such a massive influence on UK culture that corporate brands are literally falling over each other for a chance to be affiliated with Grime.

From redbull to adidas, it’s no secret that this music genre has become such a sensation that when Skepta posted about reviving a collaboration of his with American extreme sports brand ‘No Fear’, online sites and fans are sure that it will sell out.

This ‘Shut Down’ emcee had been associated with this sporting brand back in 2004 and a cool 13 years later, seems the deal is sealed and ready to go with Skepta posting this teaser via his instagram.

The collection which has been termed severally as ‘very limited’ is set to drop this Thursday 20th July (tomorrow) and from the look of his twitter post, may include really dope hoodies such as this one.


Skepta screenshotSpeaking of limited edition hoodies, don’t forget to get yourself a limited edition Homeboyz Radio hoodie available exclusively via our app and purchasable using Mpesa.


10 Of The Biggest Grime Jams Of 2017 So Far

Put together by Redbull who we mentioned as one of the brands that are affiliated to Grime Music, this list of 10 biggest Grime jams of 2017 is a representative of what new age Grime music sounds like even though some of the artists my be veterans in the game.

Arranged from bottom to top. You will definitely be feeling that grime groove by the end of this playlist so I suggest you prepare for quite the turn up.

10. Chip – ‘Gets Like That’


9. Capo Lee & Sir Spyro – ‘Stop Talk’


8. Coco ft Scrufizzer – ‘Ingredients’ 


7. Massappeals x Kamakaze – Leng 



6. Bugzy Malone ft DJ Luck and MC Neat – Through The Night


5. YGG  – Bad 


4. Skepta – No Security 



3. Grim Sickers – Kane ft JME


2.Stormzy – Big For Your Boots


1. AJ Tracey – False 9

Grime Album Focus : Dizzee Rascal’s ‘Boy In Da Corner’

Release date: July 21st 2003

From an artist widely regarded as a Grime founder, to say that Dizzee’s ‘Boy in da corner’ album was a good album is an understatement. 

This album was so great that it was responsible for catapulting Dizzee’s career making him, what was referred to by hip hop source Complex, UK’s first international rap superstar. 

Dizzee was born and raised in London to a Nigerian father and a Ghanaian mother.

Upon its release, ‘Boy in da Corner’ garnered an impressive number of sales getting certified Gold and went on to win over critics like Metacritic who scored it at a 92 out of 100 (based on 28 reviews).

The album whose content revolved around (as Fellow Village Voice critic Jeff Chang put it) “worrying about growing up, about those around him (Dizzy) that won’t grow up and about dying before he grows up”, was a 15 track album whose iconic moment was when it won the coveted Mercury Prize for best album from the UK and Ireland, a major feat for a Grime artist to achieve.

As great a moment as that was for Dizzy, the success of this album was pivotal as it gave mainstream exposure to grime music.

Hear it in its entirety tonight from midnight. 

The 15 tracks included:

boy in da