Cassper Nyovest Opens 2018 As First ROTW Of The Year

There will be 51 more ROTWs (Records of the Week) to come during 2018 but they will all have been preceded by the Cassper Nyovest single ‘Baby Girl’.

Featuring as this year’s first big banger, Cassper Nyovest a.k.a Mr. Fill Up The Dome, reigned through the first week with his single ‘Baby Girl’, which is from his Thuto album.

The grape vines spun rumors that the uptempo Afro-beat single was meant to feature Wizkid and while there may still be plans to get this Naija music icon on a remix to the track later in the year, ‘Baby Girl’ is undoubtedly one of people’s most favorite singles from that album.

With a Ciroc deal under his belt, Cassper Nyovest is definitely one of Africa’s finest, and in case you hadn’t watched the Vanessa Mdee featured video to that song, here you go.

Ain’t Nobody Better – Kendrick Lamar

“I’m the biggest hypocrite of 2015, once I finish this witnesses will convey just what I mean…”

Well the question is, what did the witnesses convey, what was the general understanding of ironically a very misunderstood album? For some, in the spur of the moment, the words “too forced”, “trying too hard”, or simply “WACK” appear to be the common norms for most when listening to Kendrick Lamar’s “To Pimp a Butterfly”. However, for others, and biased to say to listeners, and those true to the roots of rap, and the story we always hope to attain from the artists in the game, ART, and only ART can be a word to describe what Kendrick produced in 16 perfect tracks.


To touch base, despite the rants and endless feuds to have over what “To Pimp A Butterfly” is, and its ratings amongst fans and haters-fans-, the question is asked once again, why even bother with the story, and the emphasis of your point, when in this current age, the simplicity of the surface of the water overcomes the complex and diversity of the depth the ocean, meaning Kendrick Lamar and other undermined storytellers alike. Well to answer it plainly, would be to endorse the same manner of thinking and judgment that is passed commonly, so to answer it having analyzed and critically thought, I make the statement, Picasso never drew on anything other than passion, meaning, and self actualized intent, and Da Vinci never designed master craft to appeal to the unwilling of change and thought of a future, so in this case, Kendrick did not write to speak the spoken, but to awake those in doubt and stir the few awoken.

I mean come on, there ain’t no one in the game that can even compare!