Naomi Campbell Headlines ARISE Fashion Week In Lagos (Pics)

Not too long ago, we had a hash tag trending in Kenya that alluded to the mismanagement of modeling talent #PayModelsKe.

Well, while our fashion and modeling industry continues to grow and evolve, the one in Nigeria continues to blaze a path for us to follow only just hosting a massive fashion week, the ARISE fashion week, which even featured iconic model Naomi Campbell.

The star who wears even more hats than just being a model was the event’s headlining act who did not disappoint, if the photos we were able to see online are anything to go by.

Check it out;


Naomi Campbell spent her Easter weekend in Lagos and had quite a blast, even getting to hang out with Nigerian president Buhari.


Best Dressed At This Year’s Abryanz Style Fashion Awards (Pictures)


It’s still the talk on every fashionistas lips considering the pizzazz and style served during the event, so how about we take a look at those who put their best fashion foot forward at this year’s Abryanz Style Fashion Awards that went down in Uganda.

















































































Ghanaian actress, Nana Akua Addo also known as Slay Queen stole the show with her cracked mirror dress and walked away with the Most Stylish/Dressed Female Celebrity (Africa) award.

Another highlight of the night was of course our very own bagging awards as follows:

Fashion Blogger/Writer Of The Year(Africa)
Silvia Njoki

Best Dressed Male Media Personality (Africa)
Jamal Gaddafi

Best Dressed Female Media Personality (Africa)
Anita Nderu

Most Stylish Male Artiste (Africa)
Sauti Sol

Male FashionistaOf The Year (Africa)
Eddie Kirindo

Female FashionistaOf The Year(Uganda)
Rashidah Mwiza

Female Fashionista Of The Year (Africa)
Stefani Roma

The award ceremony celebrates fashion and rewards outstanding personalities in the same across the globe.

#FashionFriday: Tallia Oyando’s Style Icons

She had been crushing on American rapper Pharrell’s style for the longest time. So what’s changed since then?

slide_344256_3585315_free  2  695x100012     









HBR radio host Tallia Oyando says she has seen the future, literally.

08-future-camo            13ce933a2a8efdaebb65a5d153d284c2  br









She finds the 6’2″ tall American rapper’s style more dynamic compared to Pharrell’s whom she says despite looking all so younger than his age (44) has not grown in terms of style, “He no longer surprises me, unlike Future whom I anticipate to see what he will step out in.” She said.

Her female style icons are American singer Solange Knowles and South African television personality Bonang Matheba.

Solange-Knowles-Wearing-Printed-Suits-Style-Pictures    d67485a5dae9350275b40b533649d312--all-white-outfit-white-outfits




























So next time you see her looking lovely and stylish… you’ll know where her creative juices are from. 


tallia style








Kenyan MUA Muthoni Njoba Meets Ty Dolla $ign (Video)

MUA – Make Up Artist 

Kenyan Make Up artist and Maybelline New York, Kenya brand ambassador Muthoni Njoba shared a short clip of her experience at a New York Spring/Summer 2018 collection fashion runway which included behind the scenes look at how the models prepare.

The video features a brief explanation of how huge and glamorous runways such as that one (which featured hundreds of models) are able to achieve the same kind of uniform look on each model before showing us a glimpse of basketball icon Lebron James (albeit from afar) and an exclusive shout out from ‘Blasé’ rapper Ty Dolls $ign.

Muthoni Njoba is one of Africa’s finest make up gurus and has in fact featured in fashion weeks multiple times, representing the 254 in a New York fashion week for a fourth time and ensures we all stay clued into the experience posting;

Thank you Maybelline New York Kenya for this incredible opportunity. I am so excited it’s my 4th season back at New York Fashion Week ✨ Follow my journey on my Instagram, Instastory, SnapChat, Twitter and Facebook all handles @muthoninjoba and sneak peaks on Maybelline New York Facebook Page.

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 19.43.01

Fashion Fridays: Ladies, You Need These Hacks To Survive In Heels!

Girl, you’ve been gully creeping through these streets for too long; don’t let those killer heels literally kill you before you conquer the world.

These simple hacks will not only save your heels but your life, follow:

1. Make sure to buy the correct and comfortable size.

Otherwise you will have blisters or swollen feet at the end of the day.

2. Walk heel to toe not toe to heel.

This makes your walk look more natural, you’re not wearing flats remember.

3. Don’t rush.

This compromises your balance. Take it one step at a time, helps you look confident.

4. Avoid the “Ostrich effect”

As you walk in heels, there’s usually an inclination to lean forward or with your neck stretched out (ths looks terribly weird)

Stay composed and try as much as you can to lean backwards (slightly) as you walk.

5. Visualize yourself yourself walking in a straight line.

Rather than looking down on your heels.

6. Opt for platforms

If added height is the main reason you wear heels, you might want to consider switching to platforms. Platform is used to ease off some body weight pressure from the heel part and distribute it to the ball area. The higher the platform height, the more will be the comfort level.

7. Sandpaper the bottom :

Smooth soles can cause you to lose balance and slip , so sandpapered shoes can help improve the grip and go easy on the feet.

8. Tape your third and fourth toe together:

This is on the feet of course , and it works like a charm every single time . Reducing the pressure on the ball of your feet , this one helps you dance the night away , pain free.




Fashion Friday: How To Fashionably “Trick” Nairobi Weather

Have you once walked out of the house hell bent that it would be a sunny hot day only for the clouds to release showers soon as you were out? Well that’s Nairobi weather for you: undecided!

Who knows, it could even decide to snow as we speak but you know what? You no-longer need to spend time debating on rain or shine before deciding on what to wear or stepping out after reading this article.


A light scarf always does the trick. It can easily fit into your purse or man bag or simply hang loosely on your neck in case the sun pops.

eb8662a8daf4ecdefe9874d39a30f55a--fall-transition-outfits-fall-work-outfitsnavy-blazer-light-blue-crew-neck-t-shirt-light-blue-scarf-original-6280Ways_to_Style_a_Summer_Scarf_4A pair of boots or ankle sneakers will always come in handy in this type of weather. Now the trick is to go easy on the stockings or socks just in case it decides to shine hot. In case you are wearing them with the boots ensure they are the light kind if not ensure whatever you are wearing at the top is not too heavy or too light either.


04c4ec2f-651c-4c75-8641-5f5a769ecd3fLadies, remember that the light stockings are so for you in this kind of weather, whether it rains or shines it’s a win for you; just don’t forget to throw in a nice jacket or scarf.

A nice warm jacket or long sleeve shirt/sweater will also do; cloudy or sunny you are still assured of comfort. When the sun decides to be a menace, simply roll them sleeves up or hang the jacket stylishly over your shoulders.

bd46bedc6b568e77fb43491635d1c053--mango-fashion-jackets-for-women5f487673c04836c0515aae28c7b28b34--burgundy-trench-coat-trench-coats 123

ff1f9d6489711ea22c260fed20113c81--mens-long-coat-men-coatGo easy on the layering also, yes the weather does look pretty gloomy but you don’t want to walk around looking like a confused snow man in the middle of a hot sunny day. Less is more with this type of weather, well not unless it consecutively rains 3 days in a row, then you will need not only layering but also a thermos of hot coffee or tea.

Go for layering only in case it’s freezing cold. The lesser the pieces the easier it is to move around comfortably when the sun lets out its rays; because all you will do is just remove the outer layer.




Natural Hair Mistakes You Might Be Making

Written By: Khanyilanga Ndlovu


If you find yourself stuck and frustrated with the state and length of your natural hair and are looking to grow longer, healthier locks, keep reading.

Growing natural hair is a task that requires patience and a great deal of responsibility as it is delicate and demanding in nature due to its kinks which make it more structurally fragile. It needs to be cared for as though it were a baby.


Poor Diet

You need to be as careful with what you put in the interior of your body as  with what you apply on the exterior. This includes everything you eat, so if you’re maintaining an ineffective diet you’re most likely maintaining ineffective hair growth as well.

What you’re probably missing:

Water ; Water is a staple in all areas of your body’s development and most people get  a satisfactory amount everyday to keep them functioning fairly well throughout the day but the water consumed goes firstly to essential organs inside your body where they are needed most and then the rest will be used by less prioritized areas like your hair and skin. This is what makes it important to consume a great quantity of water everyday so that your body spends a good amount nourishing your hair and skin. Incorporate more water in your diet everyday by eating fresh fruits and vegetables that are water rich e.g, Watermelon, Tomatoes, Celery and Cucumbers. Encourage an increased water intake by using water reminder apps to challenge yourself.

Eggs ; Eggs are an excellent and easy source of a rainbow of minerals and  nutrients that are essential for hair growth, including protein, Vitamin B12, and Biotin.

Oysters/ Beef/ Lamb ; These three sources of protein also provide you with surplus amounts of Zinc that are excellent at preventing shedding and loss of hair.

Whole grains & Nuts ;  The mixture of hearty whole grains and nuts will bestow you with Zinc, Iron,  B Vitamins and Omega-3 fatty acids, nourishing you with a multitude of hair benefits.


Generally, a balanced diet, identifiable by a colourful plate of fresh and organic elements , should be sufficient for healthy hair growth.

Damaging Hair With Heat

Heat damage is one of the most prevailing reasons some people fail to observe their hair grow past a certain point.

Heat damage is caused by too-frequent blow dryer use with high heat, flat ironing at high temperatures and with unsuitable irons. It is recommended to expel the use of heat on your hair completely but this is unrealistic for many people because of styling demands and the ease of manipulation of hair so we should at least try to limit our use.

Heat damage to natural hair can be detected by hair failing to revert back to its natural curl pattern after wetting; excessive split ends and breakage; moisture-less, brittle and dull strands.

Improving the effects of heat damage requires persistence with moisturizing treatments in particular. Many people don’t realize the significance of moisture and hydration on their hair and as a result unknowingly neglect their hair and limit themselves from reaching their hair’s full length and health potential.

Hair should be moisturized and sealed daily, with conditioning happening at least once a week.

Some simple methods to reduce the likelihood of heat damage include:

  • Using heat protectant products before applying heat to the hair to coat and guard the hair from burning. Vegetable and cooking oils like Coconut and Olive oil should be avoided before the application of heat as they may cause the strands to burn or melt.
  • Lowering dryer/iron temperature and using a ‘cool’ setting if available for those who must use the dryer frequently.
  • Reducing frequency of use to at most once a month by relying on protective styles.
  • Air drying hair instead of blow drying.


Not Wearing Protective Styles

Wearing your hair down, with it making contact with your clothes increasing the chances of it being damaged.

One of the most common causes of breakage is friction of the hair against clothing and other surfaces, causing snagging and tearing , or sleeping without wearing an appropriate hair cover such as a satin scarf or using a satin pillowcase. Breaking is also caused by extreme manipulation of the hair. This happens when combing, brushing,    de-tangling and even braiding is overdone, or occurs too frequently.

Pulling causes the hair to become weak at the shaft and may make the hair more fragile at already delicate spots ( the kinks), therefore styles such as high ponytails that apply stress to the roots should be worn minimally.

Distinguishing between shedding and breakage is important , so as to be accurate when eliminating the problem. When hair has broken off, whether the piece is long or short, no cuticle is visible whereas hair that has been shed has a white cuticle visible or a small bump that can be felt at the end in case the cuticle is not visible.

Long lasting protective styles include braids, cornrows and even simple buns.  Some are pictured below:



Fear of Making Mistakes

Lastly, one of the biggest setbacks people face when trying to grow out their hair is fear.

Sometimes people fear making big changes to their routines and adjusting their ideas and viewpoints because  of the ambiguity of the outcome of those changes.  Fear holds us back from learning and making mistakes, and therefore learning once again. We need to experiment and discover more so we grow our confidence with our hair and find hair care methods that are personally suitable for us.

Learning from our errors and change is beneficial to us because small mistakes that are repeated can have big, negative outcomes overtime.

Another obstacle we establish for ourselves is comparison. Comparing hair growth journeys is not advisable and is a sure to backfire. It doesn’t aid to our fears. Comparing  can deter one’s self confidence  and increase frustration, thus encouraging the reluctance to keep putting in effort and trying new things.

Believe in yourself and in your hair. 

These Runway Pics Are Why We Can’t Wait for This Year’s Kenya Fashion Awards

Hosted every year, the Kenya Fashion Awards is a prestigious ceremony that aims to promote fashion, music, photography and art with each one showing more promise than the last.

The entertainment scene loves to center around any form of ‘glitz and glam’ and with the big number of categories in this year’s events, we are anticipating quite the show and these photos from last year’s runway are definitely adding to the excitement.

ranway-1runway-2 runway-3 runway-4

Fashion is Kenya is a growing industry and this year, the ceremony will take place this August.

Designer Zedekiya Lukoye Set To Launch High-End Kenyan Men Fashion Line

New York based designer and stylist Zedekiya Lukoye, alias Zeddie, who is Kenyan born and bred, will be launching the first ever high-end Kenyan men fashion line at the Simba Corp. Aspire Centre- Westlands on 30th June, 2017 commencing at 6pm.

Zeddie won the title for the Most Stylish Male African in the diaspora at the critically acclaimed 2016 Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards. In July 2015, he became the Director of Bespoke at 3X1 one of the top 10 denim stores in the world. His incredible work alongside the New York fashion mogul, Alexander Nash, cannot go amiss. His unique style reflects both his Kenyan roots and Western flare.

Now more than ever the Kenyan fashion industry needs to expand its footprint of Kenyan designers and designs on local and international horizons and the launch of Narok NYC fashion line proves to be a great fit.

The invite only exquisite event will be an ideal networking opportunity for the classy, sophisticated and fashion conscience audience. The launch will incorporate niche entertainment and a unique social scene.

Partners of the launch will be: Bavaria Auto (BMW), Simba Corp Aspire Centre, Portuguese UVA wines and Transcend Media Group who will cater for all the event’s public relations.

Gracing the event will be prominent and Hollywood celebrities with the likes of: NBA player Chris McCullough and Derrick Williams, Supermodel Tyson Beckford and Prince Tjou, Painter/Artist Bradley Theodore, Actor Dion Saap, Violinist Damian Escobar, Rohan Marley and many other distinguished guests.

The pioneering of the Narok NYC fashion brand will put Kenya in a good light and showcase our artistic abilities whilst imprinting Kenya in the global fashion sphere.

Check Out these Jaw-Dropping Strapless Undies

 Does it annoy you when you put on a nice dress and then you can’t wear it no more because your panty lines are showing? Well, there’s a solution for that, (other than going without panties, of course).

A company named Shibue Couture has opted to create a strapless panty. Its motto: “We didn’t cross the line…we erased it!”

So here’s how it works, according to the product’s original description: “Shibues are held in place by a washable and re-usable soft silicone gel adhesive across the top front and top back of the panty leaving nothing but a smooth, clean silhouette on your sides.”


Sounds awesome right? There’s more.

Men too don’t have to fret over visible boxer lines anymore as Shibue also has a “Hibue” for men that I must say looks extremely ridiculous!


The creativity is truly fascinating but I’m guessing you’d have to be hairless in the zones that it touches in order to make the underwear stay on. If you don’t mind that this could potentially solve your visible panty woes if you’re attending a special event and you’ll be a wearing sheer or lace garment.

For the guys, well, I just won’t go there.