Step Aside World! Habida is BACK (Teaser)

If you follow her on instagram, then you already know that this singer has been on quite the re-invention journey.

Welcoming us more into her world via a series of videos she posts, Habida is very much the girl next door…. you know…. if the girl next door was hot and could sing!

Before I let you sample her latest project (rather, a teaser of it), allow me to take you down memory lane and show you just when it was that we all got to know her from…

Years after that and she stayed on our airwaves with other sultry singles including ‘My Reason’, ‘Sweet Love’, and bangers ‘Girls Night Out’ and ‘Lights Up’.

Habida who along the line got married, went hush for a while and was said to have been in South Africa at some point where despite the odds, she furthered her career.

Well she’s back!

Ready to slay all through 2018, this singer teased an upcoming EP with various posts, bearing hash tags #habidaisback #habidareborn and it looks like it’s ready for pre-order.

Habida will be on the Ignition show later today (5th of January) to talk about this much anticipated EP and to release a single called ‘Searching’, which she’s so far teased on IG. Check it out.

Searching is from that EP and our best guest is that this music projects sheds some light on just what Habida was up to during her brief hiatus.

Exclusive Snippet! This Is How DJ Kafii’s EP Is Coming Along

After releasing his African mixtape ‘No Longer Trapped in Africa, DJ Kafii mentioned following it up with an all Kenyan EP to be called Keuriosity and to feature some of our top artists.

Having come a long way from hosting a once a week Saturday afternoon dancehall show on Uptown radio, to touring with Kenya’s number one band Sauti Sol, Kafii’s EP is set to create waves across the continent just as did his MTV Base featured mixtape.

No Longer Trapped In Africa was hosted on DJ Bash’s website which plays host to this #OverdoseHBR deejay’s (his HBR radio show) mixtapes and other Kenyan music exclusives.

We had a chat with DJ Kafii who revealed more about this upcoming music collection saying he’s got his mind on making it a five song EP but refused to talk about which artists he’d be featuring, only hinting that one of them is one of Kenya’s top femcees. 

We’ve got some of our sources saying it may be either Fena, Phy or Deal (or all three…. who knows) and while the speculating continues, here’s a snippet of one of the jams.

So which Kenyan female artist do you think it is? Catch DJ Kafii’s show ‘West Connect’ on HBR every Monday from 10am to 11am (CAT).


Stella Mwangi’s Track “Work” Gets Featured In Designer Tommy Hilfiger’s Fashion Show

Once again, Stella Mwangi proves that she is not here to play games. 2017 has most definitely been her year because she has conquered so much in these two months than most Kenyan artists have ever done in their whole life. Remember when her songs were featured on some of hollywoods biggest series i.e. Being Mary Jane and Rosewood? As if that’s not enough, ‘Work’ has also been named as the official theme song for Reebok Classics Free Your Style 2017 campaign which has Teyana Taylor busting moves all over it. 

 Well, this time, her track ‘Work’ has been used as the theme song for international designer Tommy Hilfiger and even had Gigi Hadid catwalk the runway with it.

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 14.18.18

She is clearly on Hollywood’s radar and we won’t be surprised if a Riri collaboration were to happen. *Fingers crossed*

STL is definitely doing something right and we couldn’t be more proud of her. 

(Exclusive) RajVille Reveales That A Victoria Kimani Collabo May Be On The Works

RajVille, one of Kenya’s finest rappers just dropped the video ‘Dancee’ out on Youtube. Accompanying the video was this message:

During RAJ’s trip to his hometown, KISII, after a long while, he was shocked to see the levels of poverty still, 2017, at the same place he grew up, a place he calls home. He decided to encode this situation into a stripped down video. We decided, with the team at NEZZO FILMS, that it will be RAW. No make up, no fancy clothes, no fancy cars, houses or fancy anything. Just a raw video to show the exact situation of the people he loves and the place he calls home. While there, he donated food and clothes worth close to ksh80,000 to schools & orphanages. Only you and I can make the change you expect. WE present to you DANCEE from his BAE EP.

During an exclusive interview with Homeboyz radio, the rapper revealed a few not so common facts about him. He revealed that he is indeed single and that he spent his Valentines day performing at a concert. Concerning the hit song ‘Obe Baba’ that featured STL (Stella Mwangi) he says that she is actually the one who sought him out and not the other way around. 

The young rapper, who studied Economics in UON, is the CEO of Musicbank and said that weather or not you are a know musician, if he likes what he hears he is open for collaborations. 

He is definitely one of +254’s most hardworking artists and was originally supposed to be on the track ‘Roll up’ that now features Wizkid, Emtee and A.K.A. However, complications to fly out to S.A. came about and he was replaced by A.K.A. The 23 year old revealed that he does not like to party and cleared up the fact that he has never tried to take his own life saying only God has the power to do that.

 On the works right now is a collaboration with Victoria Kimani and we can’t wait to hear it but for now, here is ‘Dancee’.  

Trey Songz Remixes Party Next Door’s ‘Come And See Me’

It’s a melodic and sensual ode to a late-night visit from a special lover. Trigga links up with Mike and Angel for a cover of PND’s ‘Come and See’. This is after he just dropped ‘Trappy New Years’ with fabulous. 

The remix’s instrumental and chorus stay true to the original, but the revamp features changes to the verses.However, Trey has been getting in to quite some trouble recently. 

Last month, he was arrested at a Detroit concert, where he was charged with felony assault on a police officer and aggravated assault. He faces up to four years in prison and steep fines due to the incident.

Prior to this, Songz was reportedly kicked out of MGM National Harbor, a casino in Maryland, on Dec. 23 however, no criminal charges were filed.


Lloyd Unveils Cover Art and Tracklisting for “Tru” EP

It’s been around 5 years since we heard any new material from Atlanta R&B legend (I honestly think he is a legend), Lloyd.

In May, he came back from his long music hiatus with the track “Tru.” The track opened us up to Lloyd’s pain behind the scenes and introduced us to a new artist who is destined to use his gifts to make a place for himself in the world.

His renewed spirit was deeply moving and as soulful as could be, and “Tru” was about as impressive a return as one could have imagined. It turns out that “Tru” will be the titular track off his comeback project, a 5-track EP that is set to arrive on Dec. 9. Lloyd recently shared the Tru tracklist as well as the EP’s cover artwork, which shows him sitting naked on a rock situated in the path of a gentle waterfall. 

 Explaining the cover art, Lloyd is quoted saying “It was really more of an introspective thing. Although what you see on the outside is a guy who is apparently balls-to-the-wall naked in the woods near a waterfall, it’s really a moment for me to conquer all the fears that I might have had. All the inhibitions, the insecurities that usually exist in a person; to me it’s no exception. Insecurities of the body, being free in a public place.”

Upon sharing the Tru artwork on Instagram, Lloyd wrote a lengthy statement on the meaning of the nude photo as well as his goals for the EP.

Check out the post as well as the Tru tracklist below.

  1. “Tru”
  2. “Heavenly Body” (feat. Rick Ross)
  3. “Holding”
  4. “Excited”
  5. “Tru (Remix)” (feat. 2 Chainz) (Bonus)

Lloyd tru ep cover

Stella Mwangi Releases “STELLA MWANGI” Self-Titled EP

Kenyan-Norwegian singer/rapper and performing artiste Stella Mwangi releases her anticipated self-titled EP this Friday 21st October 2016. Speaking about the new EP, Stella Mwangi says, “This project is a collaboration between me and my long-term Norwegian producers: BIG CITY in collaboration with &,” adding, “It means a lot to me that they really love my music and have chosen me to be their main artiste to push for a couple of months.”

Her infusion of different languages into her music makes her singing style very unique.

STELLA MWANGI EP’s first single was BIG GIRL – a mix of Stella’s distinct and authentic hip hop flow with bonafide electronic dance music. The song is a certified club hit, set to spark dance floors and the streets globally. The EP that has been released worldwide is set to add a different sound into the African music sphere.

STL Itunes

STL Soundcloud

STL Tunecore

Azealia Banks Signs Record Deal with RZA

Azelia Banks is no guest to controversy from having beef with stars like Diplo, Eminem, Lady Gaga and Zayn Malik (among others) to bleaching her skin, you name it. However, this rapper now has something good going for her.

She took to facebook to share the good news writing, “Just smiling, chilling, summoning coinesha. I’m FINALLY getting a record deal. I’m signing with RZA. He and I have an excellent work chemistry. Filming coco with him was loads of fun!! Now I get to make music with him!!!” 

Her last album was 2014’s Broke With Expensive Taste. Earlier this year, she released a new EP, Slay-Z. With new deals comes new drama and we can’t wait to see what next this lady will do.

*Grabs popcorn and waits patiently*