Naomi Campbell Headlines ARISE Fashion Week In Lagos (Pics)

Not too long ago, we had a hash tag trending in Kenya that alluded to the mismanagement of modeling talent #PayModelsKe.

Well, while our fashion and modeling industry continues to grow and evolve, the one in Nigeria continues to blaze a path for us to follow only just hosting a massive fashion week, the ARISE fashion week, which even featured iconic model Naomi Campbell.

The star who wears even more hats than just being a model was the event’s headlining act who did not disappoint, if the photos we were able to see online are anything to go by.

Check it out;


Naomi Campbell spent her Easter weekend in Lagos and had quite a blast, even getting to hang out with Nigerian president Buhari.


How To Enjoy Your Easter Weekend Without Breaking The Bank!

The start of Easter weekend is just a day away, and that means time off for most people. So if you’re looking for some ideas on how to have fun on a budget, look no further! I’ve made a list of a number of fun things you could do on a budget and still have a blast.

Buy movies and chill in the house
If you are the kind of person who works a lot and hardly finds time for yourself, then this would work for you. Simply take your hard drive and buy a bunch of movies ( or you could download them) then make sure you have enough food and drinks to last you 4 days. That is all you need and your weekend will be relaxed and peaceful.

Invite some friends over and figure out your own entertainment
This depends on the kind of friends you have and how close you are. The catch is you all agree to cost share so you end up spending less and having a blast.

Get cooking
Cooking at home is a perfect idea especially if you have a family. It’s a long weekend so you can take advantage of this and try out new recipes that you think your family will love. You can also choose to cook together as a family. This will be an excellent bonding time and there’s no doubt it will be fun.

Go to church
I know this might not sound for some fun but here is the thing: if you go to one of those churches where an Easter party is organized, you could attend and end up having fun. It is also a good opportunity to meet and interact with new people while at the same time appreciating the fact that Jesus died to save us from sin.

Get active
You can do this either in your hood or choose to go to a park with a couple of your friends. There are so many games you could try out and it sure will be fun. Alternatively, you could go swimming. That also does not cost much.

Visit an orphanage
You can round up your family and friends and visit an orphanage. There you could engage in fun activities with the children. It will also be satisfying to know that you have helped someone in need. After all, Christ is the reason for this season.

Go for a nature walk
Nature walks can be fun and adventurous especially if you have a large crowd with you. There are many low priced forests where you and your family and friends could go and explore. It will also turn out to be good exercise for everyone.

Have a cheap meal out
If you fancy a meal out over this weekend, it doesn’t have to burn a hole in your wallet. There are many places in the city where you and your family and friends could go and have a delicious meal at an affordable price. Most restaurants give discounts during this period so you can take advantage of that too.

Enjoy your holiday!