Bahati And “Prayer Partner” Tie The Knot

Their church wedding may have been derailed but Bahati and Diana are now officially Mr and Mrs Bahati.

It was once thought to be official after Mrs Bahati appeared as a bride in one of Bahati’s videos but no, Friday the married couple shared photos on Instagram expressing joy and delight in their low key union- that is how most of Kenyans found out.













According to reliable sources, only very close friends and relatives were part of the ruracio (traditional bride price ceremony) and a ceremony involving all his friends could be in the offing.

Diana Marua (Mrs Bahati) who is expectant, was initially introduced to us by Bahati as his “prayer partner” and she has won the hearts of Bahati’s fans ever since; they have been flooding the Instagram pages of the two with congratulatory messages since Friday.