Nav Makes a Debut On ROTW With ‘Wanted You’

It’s US rapper Nav’s first stay at the ROTW (Record of the Week) but this will be Lil Uzi’s fourth feature on it having had a successful two time run with his own singles and once on Migos’s ‘Bad and Boujee’.

Complex magazine dubbed him, ‘first brown boy to get it poppin’, describing him as ‘brown’ presumably due to his Indian descent and one striking thing about him is his close resemblance to DJ Khaled. Am I wrong?

Khaled actually co-produced this ROTW (Wanted You) alongside producers Ben Billions and Cash so while we enjoy bumping to yet ‘another one’ from this music maestro, here’s a bit more about Nav.

Born and raised in Canada (to two Indian parents), Nav would create music mash ups in high school, later deciding to create his own beats, which is where his road to fame started.

“I became, like, pretty much the coolest kid in high school because I had started making beats for local rappers,”

Fast forward to today, this fast rising rapper is creating waves with this ‘Wanted You’ single which features Trap Icon Lil Uzi Vert, a song where Nav raps about falling for the wrong kind of girl.

It takes over from Jacquees and Dej Loaf as ROTW this week, here’s a look at Wanted You.


A Mixtape AND An ROTW Together! Toast To Jacquees & Dej Loaf

Jacquees is a Cash Money RnB singer and well… who doesn’t know Dej Loaf? I mean… let’s just be honest…see what I did there? No? Here’s a video for reference.

These two artists have a collaborative mix-tape together and can celebrate another achievement which is that of becoming Record of the Week with the single ‘At The Club’.

Taking over from music chart topper Lil Pump, the duo’s single ‘At The Club’ will enjoy heavy week long rotation as the station’s banger of choice and why not?

It’s got a groovy feel and boasts of impeccable music chemistry with Jacquees singing about meeting a girl at the club and Dej Loaf rapping about being a ‘ride or die’ kind of girl.

Their mix-tape is aptly named ‘F**k a Friend-zone’ and in case you haven’t watched it yet, here’s the video to the single ‘At The Club’.


New Music: DeJ Loaf feat. Kodak Black – ‘All I Want for Christmas’

 On the 14th day of “DeJ-ember,” DeJ Loaf gifted her fans with new music. As part of her month-long holiday giveaways, the Detroit rapper teams with Kodak Black on “All I Want for Christmas.” The feel-good track finds her expressing gratitude to her family during the holiday season.

DeJ reflects on her childhood and wanting Jordans for Christmas. “I used to be mad upset, but now looking back, man / I’m so appreciative, man / Can’t take those type of things for granted,” she says. “Family means everything / Christmas is more than just about gifts.”

Meanwhile, her collaborator is thankful to be home. “It feel so good to be free,” raps Kodak, who was released from prison earlier this month.

“I thought it would be dope to get Kodak Black on this record so I reached out and he was with it!” explained DeJ. “So we put together something special for you. This is such a special time of the year. The time when you get to express gratitude and show love. So that’s what we did. I hope y’all enjoy it. Happy Holidays!”

DeJ is celebrating DeJ-ember all month long by gifting her fans with photos, videos, new music, surprises, and more.

Peep their Christmas jam.

Wacka Flocka Got So High He Needed Medical Attention

I thought this was going to be Wiz Khalifa before it was Flocka but from years of smoking weed Wiz probably knows his limits and Wacka Flocka just got to learn his.

Last night he was at a show in Seattle where weed is legal (how convenient) and the Turn Up God wasn’t going to pass on the opportunity to be blazed. 

Flocka was so lit he ended up needing medical attention after he ingested more weed than his body could take. We’re talking edibles and more than 20 blunts!

Looks like Flocka missed Dej Loaf’s near death experience from an edible. Lesson learnt. Or not.



Dej Loaf Reveals How She Almost Died On Tour with Nicki Minaj

24 year old princess of rap Dej Loaf stopped by HOT 97 and shared with hosts Rosenberg and Lauryn Styles about how she almost died while on tour with Nicki Minaj.

And what did she almost die from? A weed cookie! Dej told the cohosts that as the Pinkprint Tour made a stop in California, she tried a piece of a weed cookie that almost took her life. She vowed never ever to try an edible again after that experience.

Meanwhile, Dej Loaf’s latest single Back Up featuring Big Sean is currently climbing up the charts, and sits at number 22 on the Billboard Rap chart; making it her second most successful single after Try Me.

Will Somebody Tell Dej Loaf To Stop Featuring On Songs, It’s Enough Now

Hip-Hop has always had a go to person for hooks; Nate Dogg, Akon & T-Pain have all at once had a period when they did one feature after another.

Right now that person seems to be Detroit native and female emcee, Dej Loaf!

After her “Try Me” single blew up last year, Dej Loaf has become a hot commodity in HIp-Hop circles, with almost every rapper that puts out a new song wanting her on the chorus. And as much as it was fun to see her star rising when she first started getting recogniozed, I think it is safe to say that it is borderline annoying now.

This year alone she has already appeared on 6 different songs (and we are only in May btw!); on the remix to Omarion’s “Post To Be”, Game’s “Ambitionz of A Ryda” & Casy Veggies’ “Tied Up” just to name a few.

We’re not trying to knock her hustle, and i’m sure she is just making the most of the fame she now has. But Dej Loaf needs to remember that familiarity breeds contempt.

The more we hear from her, the less appealing she will become.