Has Mr Eazy’s Account Been Hacked?

Africa sensation Oluwatosin Oluwole Ajibade better known as Mr Eazi has only been in the country for a day and already has the internet thinking his account has been hacked.







The Leg Over singer came through for the drive show and you know how crazy Mike Sheila and Kerry get. Well, looks like the trio recruited Mr Eazi today as they played D Cups and let’s just say Eazi was not ready.







The rules of D Cups are pretty simple: you either answer truthfully or sip the nasty concoction, our guest was not about to drink and God forbid probably have to miss his show tomorrow because of a running stomach, or even worse…

Eazi was dared to tweet “I love the smell of Davido’s fart” and to tag him or drink the ugly stuff. I know right? 

The Ghanaian based singer who is set to perform at the Ngong Racecourse this weekend, tweeted and the internet dust has not yet settled.









Check out the comments that cracked me up.










































































What The ****?! Episode 2 of #DCups (Watch Here)

It’s the drinking game where you ironically do NOT want to drink!

Homeboyz Radio’s drive time crew Mike Wachira, Sheila Kwamboka and Kerry Martin created a webisode (D Cups) which sees them ask each other ridiculous questions and attempting to answer them in order to avoid whatever seemingly gross concoction they manage to pour into three glasses.

The show (D Cups) which kicked off a week ago saw them feature Jump Off Freshman Barack Jacuzzi and had all four of them answer the most difficult questions like ‘who would you chipo, curve or kill?’, ‘which raper would you let sleep with your sister’ and ‘who’s the worst dressed Kenyan?’

Well they seem to have upped the stakes in this episode of D Cups, giving their concoction of death a make over (serving it in glasses and not the tumblers we saw last) and including even more difficult, incredibly awkward and some vomit-inducing questions.

Featuring #NuNairobi act Timmy Blanco, let see how well you can hold on to whatever you had for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Here’s episode two of that HBR exclusive series. 

Timmy Blanco was recently featured on a Steph Kapella  jam ‘The Man‘ but has enjoyed considerable success on his own singles, most notably ‘We Like To Party’. Listen back to Episodes of the Ignition HBR show that you may have missed out on here

Sheila Kwamboka Reveals Which Co Worker She Would Bang

What do you get when you mix the Ignition Crew, some suspicious looking substance and a special guest? The answer is…. an insane web series called ‘D Cups’.

They only just released the first episode of D Cups featuring Jump Off Freshman Barak Jacuzzi and let’s just say you find out quite a bit. 

Watch all four of them respond to questions like ‘who’d you let fart on your face’ and ‘who’d you let smash your sister’ in the first episode, the game being, either you answer the very awkward, catch 22 question or take a sip of whatever that concoction is. 

Check it out;