In It To Win It! Kenyan Singer Silayio Wows On The Voice (Videos)

For cover song addicts like myself, nothing beats watching music competitions because along with discovering amazing talent, those competitions are more often than not, home to some of the world’s best covers.

This weekend, thanks to emcee and radio show host DnG Kenya, some of us were introduced to the fact that Neema Ntalel, a Kenyan singer who goes by the name Silaiyo, is currently on the Holland edition of The Voice.

Neema (Swahili for God’s Grace) is a Kora Award winning singer and her prowess definitely shows in how she blasted into the competition singing Christina Aguilera’s ‘The Voice Within’, managing to get two of the judges to turn.


DNG’s post showed how close the two had been, writing that they’d even been neighbors growing up, and he was later joined by even more Kenyan celebrities among them publicist, journalist and blogger Anyiko who posted;

Remember Neema Ntalel? Well, that’s not really a question because she’s unforgettable! Wonder how I am just finding out that she’s been on @thevoiceofholland which BTW is the origin of the entire #TheVoice concept and franchise! She’s on her way to the Knockouts and I am praying so hard that she makes it through to the Live Rounds! “First Kenyan to win The Voice” – that’s the headline I want to see! But more so, want to see her win because she is so deserving of it! Congrats @silayio_silayio ❤️❤️❤️ I am a sucker for Voice and always loved Neema. Couldn’t be happier and prouder!

If you’ve watched The Voice before, then you know that after making it into the competition, by getting one or more judges to turn their seat(s) for you, you then go into the ‘battle rounds’, which is where you sing against another singer in the hopes that you’ll remain in the competition.

For her battle rounds, Silayio belted out (one of my favorite singles) ‘Scared To Be Lonely’ by Martin Garrix and Dua Lipa and she won!

Check it out;

Great right? Many Kenyan stars and fans have since shown their love for Silayio but perhaps none more than Jaya Awinja who appeared to have been cheering her on straight from the backstage booth.

Silayio is now awaiting the Knockout stage of the competition which, according to an instagram post of hers, is about a week away.

These Kenyan National Anthem Renditions Will Give You Chills

It’s a music piece that was written long before our independence back in 1963 and as much as we (Kenyans) might know all only the first stanza most some of the words to it, these 5 renditions to it will truly give you all the chills. 

Redfourth Chorus (Recorded as  part of a National Anthem Challenge posted by Kenyan music group Sarabi)



Dela Singer




The Nairobi Orchestra 


The Kenyan National Anthem plays quite a bit in world sporting events thanks to our top athletes and their consistent winning streak.

It has been named as one of the worlds best national anthems and these are just a few of the posts from people who heard it at the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 17.26.44



The Piano Cover To Phy’s Taboo That’s Breaking The Internet

Phy is on a great roll with two albums out, an insane number of shows booked, an exclusive CNN feature and this paino cover that’s breaking the internet.

This singer who has graced our studios numerous times before now has a piano version to her hit love song ‘Taboo’ which she has done with her producer Tim Rimbui and it’ been garnering quite the online reaction being shared over two hundred and fifty times and gaining close to two thousand likes in the few hours that it was put up.

Phy who made her debut onto the music scene doing cover songs made her sophomore album purely out of covers to jams she said she grew up listening to and that influenced her style of music (something she revealed in this exclusive #WBWR interview).

She’s really great at renditions so it really comes as no surprise that this piano rendition is incredibly amazing.

Heard it yet? Check it out;

Here Is Fally Ipupa’s Awesome Rendetion Of Sautisol’s ‘Nishike’

No one expected Fally Ipupa to kill it the way he did while singing ‘Nishike’ on Coke studio Africa season 4 yesterday that aired for the first time.

He not only nailed the Swahili but the way he rendered the performance from his dance to his vocals had everyone screaming in the building.

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